6 Product Types of Magento 2 Explained

Magento is famous for it flexibility and abilities to cover almost every needs of an ecommerce platform. In this article, let’s learn about the basic start of any Magento ecommerce store which is product. We will go into details of 6 Magento product types so that you can figure out which one suits your business the most. These six types are:

-  Simple Product

-  Configurable Product 

-  Virtual Product 

-  Grouped Product 

-  Bundle Product

-  Downloadable Product

1. Simple Product


Simple product, as it name, is the most basic product type in Magento. It is a physical item with defined attribute. Customers can not change these attributes. Each single product has its own SKU (Store Keeping Unit), price and inventory. You can read more details in Complete Guide of Simple Product in Magento


Let’s take this Driven Backpack for example. It is sold in a fixed size and material. Customer can only buy it without any changes.


Associated with grouped, bundle, and configurable products.


2. Configurable Product


A configurable product consists of many single products. It comes with various variation. Each variation is presented with a list of attribute options for customer to choose. A variation makes up a separate, simple product managed in the backend by a distinguished SKU.


Take this Mona Pullover Hoodie for example. Size and Color are called attributes at Magento backend. Buyers can choose option for size among XS, S, M, L, XL. For color, there are green, orange and purple. A combination of XS and green makes up a variation in the backend. The same go for S-orange, L-purple and other remaining possibilities.


Configurable product is known for its flexibility and can be used for various types of product. The options are limitless as you can set your own attributes or use the existing attributes provided by Magento.


There is another way to create product variations in Magento is using simple product with custom option. Custom option (or customizable option) in Magento allows to create product variations without depending on attributes.

Custom option is ideal when the inventory needs are simple because it the newly created custom options are based on variations of one SKU. Hence, you should consider carefully to choose the suitable product type. You can check out our blog Magento Simple Product with Custom Option VS Configurable Product for more details.

3. Virtual Product


If simple product is a physical goods, then virtual product is on the opposite site. It does not required to be shipped, delivered. Virtual products are often service, membership, warranty or subscription.


Let’s take a look at this VIP membership. Buyers do not need any shipping when buying the product. Custom options are also available for customer to choose different variations.


Associated with grouped and bundle product.

4. Grouped Product


Grouped product is a set of multiple associated simple or virtual products. The products can be purchased separately, or as a group. These simple products are often related or combined for promotion.


Take this Set of Yoga Sprite Straps for example. It includes 3 separated yoga strap. Buyer can add to cart all three or just only one strap.



The simple and virtual product belonging to grouped product can not have custom option. Hence, you should notice this when choosing items for grouped product.

5. Bundle Product


Bundle product in Magento is a customized product. It is a big product containing multiple simple or virtual products. For each items, options are offered for customers to choose. So what makes it different from grouped products?


Take this Sprite Yoga Companion Kit as an example. It includes Ball, Yoga Brick, Yoga Strap and Foam Roller. Buyers have to choose their options for ALL FOUR items when buying. While if it is offered under grouped product, they are able to buy only one items out of four and options for the children items are fixed.



Wonder to choose between grouped or bundle product? Dig more into our previous blog Grouped Product vs Bundle Product in Magento. Once you decided which one suits your business the most, don’t forget to follow our detailed guide to create Bundle Product or Grouped Product in Magento 2!

6. Downloadable Product


A downloadable product can be anything that buyers can download such as a file, ebook, video, software. As the customers can only download once the purchase is completed, you are able to provide samples or or trailer for them to test.


In the below image is a Beginner’s Yoga video, which is a downloadable product. It is shown with 3 trailers so that buyers will have an overview look of the inside content.


7. Conclusion

With the above 6 product types, Magento can cover most of the needs for any kind of goods to be sold in an ecommerce platform. For our upcoming blog series about product type, we will go deeper into each of them. Hence, stay tuned with us and let us know any of your questions in the comment section!

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