How to Create Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2

How to Create Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2

How to Create Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2

As you know, Magento 2 supports 2 kinds of price rules to help store owners to set up suitable promotion programs for their Marketing campaigns.


Cart Price Rule is used for applying discounts in the shopping cart based on sets of conditions. Discounts can be automatically applied to reduce subtotal for customers when they meet conditions or when they enter a valid coupon code.


Catalog Price Rule is used to directly offer discounts on the catalogs before products are added to the shopping cart. Unlike cart price rule, this rule doesn’t use coupon codes because product prices are automatically discounted on the catalogs.


In this blog post, we will introduce how to create a catalog price rule easily in Magento 2 steps by steps.

Step 1: Add New Rule

You go to the Magento 2 backend and choose Marketing on the left sidebar. Then, you choose Catalog Price Rules under Promotions.


Click “Add New Rule” button to begin to create a catalog price rule.


4 sections need to be completed when setting up a new catalog price rule: Rule Information,  Conditions, and Actions.

catalog price rules in magento 2

In Rule Information, you need to finish the following information:


+ Rule Name and Description: fill in your wanted rule name and description which are used for internal reference only.


+ Status: Select Active or Inactive status depending on your demands or promotions.


+ Website: choose the website to apply the rule.


(Please remember that catalog price rules in Magento 2 default are only applied to the whole website. If you want to apply for store view, you need an extension to support this: Catalog price rule per store view for Magento 2, for instance).


+ Customer Groups: select customer groups to apply this rule.


You set a valid time range for the rule via a calendar view in From and To box.


+ In Priority: Enter a number to determine the priority of the rule about the Action settings of other price rules that might be active at the same time. The lowest number will have the highest priority.

Step 2: Set Conditions

Most of the available conditions are based on existing attribute values. To apply the rule to all products, leave the conditions blank.

catalog price rules in magento 2

You can see a statement  ” If ALL of these conditions are TRUE“:


+ Click ALL to select ALL or ANY.


+ Click TRUE to select TRUE or FALSE.


Then, you can select product attributes to set conditions which are suitable for your promotion.


To apply the rule to all products, leave the condition unchanged. You can keep on clicking Add icon to define other conditions. To delete any condition, click Delete icon. 

Step 3: Define Actions

After setting up necessary conditions for a rule, you need to define actions for the system to apply.

catalog price rules in magento 2

In Apply: Choose one of the following options.


+ Apply as the percentage of original: The final product price is equal to the original price minus a percentage of the original price. For example, the original price is $50 and after being discounted for 10%, the final price is $50 – (10% x $50) = $45.


+ Apply as fixed amount: The final product price is equal to the original price minus a fixed amount set up in Discount Amount. For example, the original price is $100, and you set a fixed amount discount is $20, the final price is $100 – $20 = $80.


+ Adjust final price to this percentage: Discounts item by defining the final price based on percentage. For example, The original price is $100, and you enter 40 in Discount Amount, the final price is $100 x 40% = $40.


+ Adjust final price to discount value: Set the final price to the fixed amount.


In Discount Amount: Enter a number for the amount of discount.


In Discard subsequent rules: Set Yes to stop processing other rules after this rule is applied.


You click Save and Continue Edit

Step 4: Apply Rule

There are two ways to apply a catalog price rule: 


+ Click Save and Apply and the rule is immediately applied.


+ Click Apply Rules from the catalog price rules grid table.


The rule is applied in the frontend as below:

The rule is applied in the frontend as below:

An important thing you should remember is that the rules may take an hour to become available. Therefore, you need to make sure to allow enough time for it to get into the system. Moreover, let’s test rules to guarantee their correct working. Otherwise specified, price rules are automatically processed with other system rules each night. As new rules are added, Magento recalculates the prices and the priorities accordingly.


This is a tutorial about how to create a Catalog price rule for the whole website of Magento 2. It means that this rule will be applied to all store views of a store on a website. Therefore, it is impossible for store owners to set up a catalog price rule for each store view. To solve this drawback of Magento, you need to install an extension called Catalog Price Rule per Store View so that you can offer different promotions for various store views of a store.

Catalog-Price-Rules-For-Store-Views- Magento 2

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