How to Enable Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2

How to Enable Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2

How to Enable Multiple Wishlists in Magento 2

1. The drawback of Wish List in Magento 2

In the default Magento 2, there is only one wish list available for customers to add their favorite products in. As the meaning of “wish,” items there are the goods which buyers have a strong desire to buy and much interest in. But if that only list is loaded with dozens of items and causes confusion to them, then you are missing the chance for these most-likely-to-be-bought products to be added to cart.

2. An Effective Extension to Enable Multiple Wish List in Magento 2

But no need to worry, we have come up with the new Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2 Extension as a useful solution to this problem. The main module feature is to allow customers to create as many wish lists as they want and to sort out their favorites product into the suitable lists. With this function, the abandoned cart rate is expected to be decreased. We all know that it takes a whole process of consideration before customers decide to buy a product. And Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2 helps to enhance this process. Imagine that a customer is shopping for Christmas gifts. He now can set a wish list for his family, one for his lover and another for the colleagues. How can it be more comfortable than ever for him to choose? Let’s find out in details how the extension works.

3. How Buyers Can Add Favorite Products to Multiple Wish Lists in Magento 2

Allow logged-in customers to create various wish lists in Magento 2 store.

Instead of only one wish list like in the default, buyers are now free to make as many wish list as they want. Those can be formed either in My Wish List section on account dashboard or when adding new products to list. Moreover, the lists are free to be renamed or deleted.


Manage items in between lists in My Wish List section

My Wish List section in Magento 2 frontend is now displayed with all the lists created by customers. The products are shown with details of price and attributes. Quantity box and comment box are also available for each product. Buyers have full options to copy, move, remove and add to cart their favorites in between the lists.

Magento 2

Add products to wish lists by popup

Once the heart icon is clicked, a popup will be shown for customers to choose an existing list or create a new one. Then if the items are successfully added, depending on admins’ configuration, customers will be redirected to My Wish List section or continue shopping. Products can be put to the favorite list from many places in the site such as product page, category, search result, homepage, cms, shopping cart, related, cross-sell block.


Keep items in lists after being added to Cart

In the default Magento 2, after being added to Cart, items in My Wish List will be gone. However, by Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2 Extension, we improve this drawback. A wish list can be used as the bookmark for products with a high frequency of buying. Hence, at the backend, we develop a config to remain goods in wish lists even when they are added to Cart. Admin can choose to enable/disable this feature.


4. Conclusion

With Multiple Wishlist for Magento 2 Extension, we want to bring admins an effective solution to reduce abandoned carte rate and gain loyal customers. You can also check out other Magento 2 Extensions from us to boost your business. If you have any opinions or questions, please let us know in the comment. Stay updated with our blog for more great modules and Magento knowledge-base post!


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