How to Import and Export Customer Data in Magento 2

How to Import and Export Customer Data in Magento 2

Manually creating a new customer in admin takes too much time, especially when you have to finish adding a large number of customers. This blog will instruct you to import and export customer data and speed up the process using a CSV file.

Please note that to import the customer file successfully, you need to use the right CSV file structure so let’s go through the tutorial to export file first.

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How to Implement Magento 2 Export Customer Data

Go to System ⇒ Export ⇒ Export Settings to config for Magento 2 export customers.

Magento 2 Export Customer

Entity Type: Choose Customers Main File.

Export File Format: Choose CSV.

To exclude any information from the file, tick the checkbox of the attribute below. But you should keep all the fields to preserve the structure of the CSV file.

Note: you can filter the information to export, such as gender, group, age (date of birth)…

Then click the Continue button.

Magento 2 Export Customer - exported csv

How to Import Customer Data

Using the export file from Magento 2 Export customers, you can now fill it with your data and save the file.

Go to System ⇒ Import. 

How to Import Customer Data

Entity Type: Choose Customers Main File.

Import Behavior: Choose Add/Update Complex Data.

Then Select a file to import and click the Check Data button.

Wrap Up

I hope that this article on how to import and export customers in Magento 2 can help you transfer data instantly without effort.

However, besides customers’ data, there is some other data that you should import into Magento 2 websites, too.

For example, given the fact that Wishlists are equally important factors, we recommend reading the article about importing wish lists items in a few clicks.

Check out these most helpful solutions to import the all necessary data:

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  • Gilbert Rehling

    You import instruction are incomplete!
    What about the ‘Empty attribute value constant’ field?
    What is the purpose of the different selections for customer entity data?
    Why does my Import which is based on the sample file, fail validation when I select ‘Customer Main File’ but it passes validation when I select ‘Customers and Addresses’.
    Look like the default Magento Import is seriously flawed!

    • Admin

      Hi Gilbert,
      Thank you for your feedback. We will check it again and get back to you soon.