Magento 2 Import Attribute: Best Solution To Import Product Attribute

Here we will show you the best solution for Magento 2 Import Attribute. Read it now!

For eCommerce businesses, product attributes are a really crucial factor. It can provide your customers with the most detailed information on your products.

And to store owners, attributes are used for managing products easier in the backend. Each characteristic that makes a product unique should be specified as an attribute for better filtering, searching and comparing.

Therefore, this extension is an essential feature when store owners want to move their online store to a new website, upgrade to a new version or change to a new platform.

So we decided to write a complete instruction of two best methods for Import Attribute for Magento. We guarantee that this is so easy to follow.

Let’s get started!

Magento 2 Product Attributes

What Are Magento 2 Product Attributes?

A product attribute is a characteristic of a product, such as size, color, width, height, etc. 

Magento provides you with 66 default attributes and it allows you to create custom attributes to address specific needs.

You can use these Magento 2 attributes to:

  • Define product information
  • Manage each information associated with products
  • Filtering and searching product
  • Compare products in reports
  • Set up promotion

Manual Magento 2 Import Attribute

How to manual Magento 2 import attribute

The default Magento 2 supports importing and exporting products via a CSV file that contains all product information.

However, this default importing function does not include Magento 2 import attribute feature.

To import product attributes in Magento, you have to recreate them manually in the admin section of your store one by one.

manual Magento 2 import attribute

Instruction to manual Magento 2 import attribute

You can follow these steps to recreate product attributes.

  1. Navigate to Admin Panel > Stores > Attributes > Product.
  2. Choose the Add New Attribute button.
  3. Fill out the Attribute Properties section.
  4. Fill out the Advanced Attribute Properties section.

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Pros and Cons

The only positive aspect of this method is that you don’t need any third-party extensions. It means you can save some money.

But still, we don’t recommend using this manual approach.

You should know that a small eCommerce store usually has hundreds to thousands of attributes. It will take you weeks or even months to recreate all the necessary product attributes.

And the larger the store, the bigger the more product attributes it has. This method isn’t just time-consuming, it is impossible to use for stores that have a large amount of attributes.

The Best Magento 2 Import Attribute Solution

Now we will show the best method for the Magento 2 import attribute, which can save you tons of time and effort and more other benefits.

Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes

Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes

Price: $149

This import product attribute tool allows you to import and export a bulk of product attributes at once via a CSV file.

Highlight feature of this extension

  • Easily import multiple product attributes at one time via a CSV file
  • Provide the sample import CSV file for users to download and follow
  • Validate the import CSV file before importing
  • Display messages to notify errors when importing
  • Export all product attributes at once or each product attribute set into a CSV file by one click

Pros and Cons

Clearly, this automated method can dramatically decrease the time necessary for the Magento 2 import attribute process. 

You don’t need to waste weeks doing the routine processes manually. Instead, you can import all required information in just a few clicks!

What about the cons?

Well, we think the only negative aspect of this method is that you need to purchase and install a third-party extension.

However, this would definitely be a smart investment as you can have more time to focus on something more important like building a business strategy.

And you don’t need to worry about installing either. When you purchase their extension, BSS offers you a FREE 1-YEAR SUPPORT which includes free installation support!

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In this article, we have shown you the complete instruction of two easy methods for Magento 2 Import Attribute. 

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you.

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