How to Master Magento Limit Order in 6 Simple Cases

How to Master Magento Limit Order in 6 Simple Cases

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For many Magento shop owners, setting the limit order quantity limitation on their websites is an essential feature as they want to control the cost and revenue balance of their business. However, the default Magento only supports a few of these needs, most of the remaining cases need specific solutions. Let’s take a look at the most common examples of limit order quantity in Magento and how we can set the limit we need.

1. Limit order quantity per product

What Magento supports: By minimum/maximum qty allow in shopping cart function, the shop owner can set a limit for quantity allowed for each product per order. There are 2 ways to config this at the back end. For a single product, you can go to admin -> product edit -> advanced inventory. In case setting up for all products in the store, click on admin -> configuration -> catalog -> inventory.

What shop owners want and solution: Let’s take a look at some case studies to go deep into the mind of shop owners and find out solutions to archive the wishes Magento cannot fulfill.

Case 1: Shop owner X wants the wholesale to buy at least 5 items of product A while retailer can buy at any quantity.

This is a very common case when the owner wants to set the limit of each product for customer groups as each group has different sales policy. Still, Magento does not allow this configuration. But a very simple solution, in this case, is Limit order quantity per product extension. With a few steps to installing the module, now you can set the minimum/maximum quantity of each product for a specific customer group from the product page at the backend.


Case 2: Configurable product A has 3 colors (red, blue, black). Shop owner Y want to sell at least 5 items of A per order regardless of the color option. Which means the minimum total quantity of all child product must be 5.

Another typical example where Magento cannot fulfill the need of store owner as minimum/maximum qty allow in the shopping cart is applied for child product only but not configurable product or grouped product. With Minimum quantity of configurable product or Limit order qty for grouped product, this will no longer be a problem. The order quantity of products having many child products can now be easy-to-control from the backend.

2. Limit order quantity/amount per category

What Magento supports: Until now, Magento does not allow to set up the limit order quantity/amount for a specific category. Hence, this drawback needs the support from some extension to be solved.

What shop owners want and solution:

Case 3: Shop owner Z wants to set a limit quantity for category A. The minimum is 5 and maximum is 10. Which means the customer can buy any products under category 4 as long as this condition is met: 5 ≤ total quantity in category A ≤ 10

In this case, the extension Limit order quantity per category can do a big help. It allows to set up the total order quantity of products in a specific category. Store owner aiming to wholesale business will put lots of interest in this limit for sure.

Case 4: Shop owner Z wants to set a minimum order amount for category A is 1000 USD. Where customers can only checkout when the total amount of all products selected in category A reaches at least 1000 USD.

Another example where wholesale business needs help from the extension. Minimum order amount per category is the perfect choice to customize the minimum order amount for individual categories


3. Limit order amount/quantity per order

What Magento supports: In the configuration, you can set up minimum order amount for each order with the total amount after discount (including tax or not). For example, if you set up the minimum amount is $1000 the customer can only check out when their total amount reaches at least $1000. On the other hand, Magento does not support limit order quantity per order.

What shop owners want and solution:

Case 5: The same as Case 1, the shop owner now wants wholesale to buy at least $3000 while retailer has no limit in purchasing.

With a similar reason as Case 1, for the specific sales policy of each customer group, the owner tends to request for a base amount where customer group can purchase. Minimum order amount for customer group is an extension works well with this need. Together with Minimum order quantity, these two modules help the owner to get more control as well as boost up sales especially wholesale business.


4. Limit order per customer

What Magento supports: For now, Magento does not support the configuration to limit in either order quantity or order amount of individual customer. Hence, all the needs to restrict these numbers require installing extensions.

What shop owners want and solution:

Case 6: Shop owner Y wants his employees to be able to buy the products from the store at a lower price with a limit of $500 per month.

For this case, Maximum order amount per customer is a good solution to set the limit for individuals. However, there are not many extensions available to customize limitation for the specific customer. Shortly, we hope to get more and more modules introduced to the market to get a variety of solutions in this range.

To wrap up, with the diversity of the store owners’ needs, Magento default cannot fulfill all the wishes to customize limit order quantity or order amount. Some configurations can be archived by getting help from extensions. For the boosting up in sales, business owners should give a try to these worth-to-invest modules.


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