How To Create Preorder Magento 2 To Sell Out-Of-Stock Products

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In today’s eCommerce world, preordering has become more and more popular because of its benefits.

Pre-order allows you to sell out-of-stock products, which can help you increase your sales, improve the in-flow of cash and predict product demand.

Still, some store owners don’t know how to enable this beneficial feature in their Magento 2 store.

So we wrote this article as a complete guide to show you how to create the preorder Magento 2.

Let’s figure it out!


Can You Create Preorder Magento 2 In Default?

Sadly, the answer is no.

Even though the preorder feature brings many benefits to a store, the Magento 2 does not support this function by default.

Magento only allows you to sell in-stock products. When an item is out of stock, the “Add to cart button” on its product page will be hidden, and therefore customers cannot place an order.

So the only way to use the preorder feature in Magento is to use a third-party extension.

How To Create Preorder Magento 2

Among hundreds of Magento 2 preorder extensions, we strongly recommend using Magento 2 Pre Order by BSS.


Magento 2 Pre Order by BSS

Price: $79

We believe this is the best solution for preordering Magento because of its price and list of features.

At the price of only $79, Magento 2 Pre Order by BSS has all the features to benefit both store owners and customers.

And in this blog, we will show you how to set up the preorder feature with this extension.

We guarantee that it’s so simple. Just follow all the steps below:

General configuration

Enable all Magento 2 out of stock products

You must enable Magento 2 out-of-stock products for the extension to work.

Go to Store > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Stock Options, in Display Out of Stock Products, choose Yes.


Enable the Pre Order extension

After installing the extension, navigate to Stores > Configuration > BSSCommerce > Pre-Order.

To enable the extension, you choose Yes in Enabled.

In Allow Mixing Order setting:

  • Choose Yes to allow customers to add both regular and preorder products to an order
  • Choose No to only allow customers to add preorder products or regular products to an order

The Text for Pre-order Button setting allows you to edit the text to be shown on the preorder button.

The Note for Preorder Products in Cart/Order setting allows you to edit a notice for preorder products in cart/order.


The Default Message for Pre-order Products setting allows you to edit a message about preorder products to appear on the product pages.

Configs preorder for simple products

Go to Catalog > Products, then select the product you want to set as a preorder item.

Note that this Preorder Magento 2 extension only supports simple, configurable and grouped products. It does not support virtual, downloadable, and bundle products.

On the product details page, scroll down to the Pre Order configuration block.


In the Preorder setting drop-down, there are three options.

  • Yes: Turn on the preorder function for the product. The Add to Cart button is replaced by the Pre-order button, and it’s always preorder items.
  • No: Turn off the preorder function for the product.
  • When Product Become Out Of Stock: When the product is out of stock, the Add to Cart button will be replaced by the Preorder button so customers can preorder it. Another case is that the product is in stock, but customers want to order the quantity of product that is more than the available quantity, the order will be changed to preorder.

You can customize the preorder message and availability message.

In the Pre-order Button Availability From setting, you can set the time to run the preorder for the product.

Setup preorder for configurable & grouped products

To set up the preorder option for configurable and grouped products, you must set it for separate children products.

With configurable product

If a child product is set as a preorder item, the Add to Cart button will immediately be replaced by the Preorder button when buyers select that child product.

With grouped product

On the product page, the preorder message will be shown under the preorder product.



In this article, we have shown you how to create a preorder Magento 2 to sell out-of-stock products with the best Magento preorder extension.

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you.

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