Advanced Magento 2 Breadcrumbs: an Absolute Ingredient in SEO Juice!

by Stephanie Greene

Online merchants keep talking about SEO so much that you get bored … However, if your eyes end here, you still care. No need to mess with complicated and technical practices, there are dozens of small tips that can make a tremendous help to your search engine optimization efforts. Today I show you one called Magento 2 Breadcrumbs function.

Hey, Stop Exaggerate! – It’s True That Magento 2 Breadcrumbs Work.

For those do not know about Magento 2 Breadcrumbs settings, you see them almost every day on the Internet. Usually located at the top of the webpage, a breadcrumb looks exactly like a small text path of clickable links, like this one:

Magento 2 breadcrumbs
Breadcrumb trail on site

This little page navigation can be expanded according to the customer’s journey on your Magento 2 website and to your configurations beforehand.

From the SEO perspective, such the Magento breadcrumbs can demonstrate three advantages:

Offer customers a way to track their path back

On a Magento 2 website, customers can navigate their way wildly through a number of pages, a little here and a little there. That time, breadcrumbs serve as a visual aid to inform shoppers of where they are locating on site and how many actions they need to take if wanting to go to the higher-level page.

Let’s take the example of a customer who goes to Homepage ⇒ Women Category ⇒ Top ⇒ Jacket ⇒ Augusta Pullover Jacket. Now, she wants to get back to Top sub-category, what should she do without Magento Breadcrumbs?

Magento 2 breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs reduce actions on online stores

The first way: move the mouse to “Back” button and click. Not enough yet! One more click. Here she is at Top sub-category. The second way: hover on Women, wait for a second, then click Top. Three actions overall.

Now, that you see the Magento 2 breadcrumbs on product page, one-click only to send her back to the Top. It means this navigation aid makes a faster and more visual shopping experience.

Besides, the breadcrumb trail shows off the site structure which encourages browsing. For instance,  online visitors land on a product page, finding it not a good match with their taste.

However, when Magento 2 breadcrumbs get straight to their eyes, they might want to explore around the site, say, view other items under the same category. Hence, the text trail, in turn, to increase the time on page and reduce the overall bounce rate – Good for SEO!

Search engines, especially Google, love breadcrumbs

Google has recently shown breadcrumbs on the SERPs since it seems to be more attractive and informative to users. Even better, if the breadcrumbs include keywords, the search engines will get to know which page to be displayed with the searched keyword. If you take advantage of this new change, your ranking will get a significant bonus!

Furthermore, search engine robots find breadcrumbs a hint to work out your Magento 2 store structure. Even better if the breadcrumbs include keyword, As they understand your site better, they rank it higher – Sweet SEO juice!

Look good on content pages

Usually, the breadcrumb trail is short and horizontally oriented. Thus, there is no need for ample space to show it off. It means it can perfectly fit almost all of the web pages, especially on the mobile version. Wherever you want, try using breadcrumbs.

Get enough of Magento 2 breadcrumbs and feel ready to add them to your page? – Then, we will do it right away!

How to add breadcrumbs to Magento 2 Pages?

Magento 2 goes with breadcrumbs by default, meaning you do not need to set it up in advance but the breadcrumb trail will still appear in content pages such as catalog pages, product pages, CMS pages, etc. The format, as well as the position of the trail,  differs by the applied theme. However, it is normally displayed below the header.

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How to Remove Magento 2 Breadcrumbs from a specific Pages?

Though this visual aid seems fit for all pages. Some also want to know the way to disable it. Why?

We strongly recommend using breadcrumbs in Magento 2 websites which have a large amount of content displayed in a hierarchical structure, to be more specific, under logical categories and sub-categories. In other words, the single-level website with products not assigned to groups should not use the breadcrumb trail. Honesty, a bit abundant!

However, the default only supports removing Magento breadcrumbs in CMS Pages. In Admin Panel, please follow Stores ⇒ Settings ⇒ Configuration ⇒ General ⇒ Web.

Then, expand Default Page section. By default, the Use system value is marked and Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages is set to Yes.

To remove Magento 2 breadcrumbs settings from CMS Page, uncheck the box and turn this field to No.

Magento 2 breadcrumbs

If you want to remove it from category pages or product pages, you need to handle your layout XML file by adding some code pieces; please refer to here.

Final Thoughts

Wow, be impressed by how the minor breadcrumb trail can enhance your SEO effort?

This default feature can be improved for even better with Magento 2 Bredcrumbs features in our Magento 2 SEO extension, which makes the breadcrumb available for rich snippets to show on the search result pages.


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