>JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax: Are They The Same Or Different?

JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax: Are They The Same Or Different?

Sometimes you hear such familiar terms like JavaScript, JQuery or Ajax. They seem to be similar in some ways. There are some fundamental differences among three terminologies. So, what are they? To answer this question, in this post, I will show you some insights into JS, JQuery or Ajax and their relationships and some basic features that distinguish them. Let’s dive in!

What are JavaScript, JQuery, and Ajax defined?

JavaScript (JS)

JavaScript is a dynamic, multi-paradigm model-based scripting language which supports imperative, object-oriented and functional programming styles. JS completes the task on the client side in a website. In other words, it is a client-side programming language. JS has similar structure like C. In comparison with PHP, JS is different in language but the same in order of operation.



JQuery, just like open-source software, acts as the JS library that makes the HTML’s client-side scripting simpler. JQuery synthesizes all problems in JS into a library.



It stands for Asynchronous JavaScript XML which is a technique to make fast dynamic web pages. It can be understood to be a part of JS, running on JS. It can be seen as a way to replace data using a server, and update web page sections but does not need to reload the entire page.


AJAX permits web pages’ content to be updated immediately when a user acts without reloading the page. As the action is done behind the scene, the user will not recognize the process of data exchange in the web pages.

It combines several programming tools such as JavaScript dynamic HTML (DHTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language (XML), Server Side Scripting PHP, the Document Object Model (DOM) and the Microsoft object.

How can we distinguish them?

#JavaScript and JQuery

JavaScript is an interpreted computer programming language that makes websites more interactive by using web pages as a significant element. Whenever a browser parses the web page, it processes creating a tree-structure presentation in memory. With JavaScript, you can operate the components of the web page using the tree structure and make any modification (like changing content, layouts or position of the page) that other programming language can perform.

In contrast, JQueryacts as the framework of JavaScript, which has to do with common task webs. JQuery is widely used owing to the fact that it not only summarizes cross-browser compatibility problems but also underscores call-back driven JS programming.

#JQuery and AJAX

Even though both jQueryand AJAX simplifies browsing experience, and all are popular these days, their functions and operations are distinguished. While JQuery is a library to better client-side web page development, AJAX is a technique of doing XMLHttpRequest to the server from the web page and send/retrieve data used on a web page.AJAX can change data without reloading the web page. In other words, it implements partial server requests.

The main difference among the three is that JavaScript is client-side, i.e., in the browser scripting language, whereas jQuery is a library (or framework) built with JavaScript. Meanwhile, AJAX is a method to immediately update parts of the UI without reloading the web pages.

It is a way to talk to the server in the background; JavaScript is a language the browser makes sense of. At the same time, jQuery is a JavaScript framework that makes life easier for people who want to program for the browser.

#JavaScript and AJAX

JavaScript is a client-side script. When it has downloaded, it is to control a website at the client-side. The validations of JavaScript will be handled specifically on the client’s browser, and no server-side requests will be tackled. AJAX helps JavaScript to communicate with the remote script and dynamically receive the response from the server, without reloading the entire page. JavaScript is the base on which Ajax works.

The bottom line

These familiar concepts can be concluded by the following sentences which can generally cover the differences among these three terms. JavaScript is a language for programming. JQuery is a JavaScript library, a framework that helps you use JavaScript to simplify common web tasks.Ajax is a technique using JavaScript to construct an XMLHttpRequest.