Magento 2 Add Custom Attribute In Customer Registration Form – Tutorial

Quickest Way to Add Customer Attributes in Magento 2 Registration Form

Magento 2 Add Custom Attribute In Customer Registration Form – Tutorial

In this article, we will walk you through everything about the Magento 2 add custom attribute in customer registration form.

Every business starts by knowing its customers. Nevertheless, the default sign-up form, which is impossibly extendable, fails to do so. Then, online merchants keep wondering how to grow the customer database, to be specific, how to add attributes to customer registration in Magento 2.

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Here we present the quickest way. By consuming the information in this post, you can, more or less, know tips to insert/ remove new fields into your Magento registration form, which thereby will raise the efficiency of customer data collection, especially for B2B business that needs more customer information than B2C one.

Besides, you can also take a look at a package of Magento B2B extension to enrich functions (not only B2B and B2C segmentation but also many other ones) and improve B2B shopping experience. 

Let’s get started now.

1. Expanding Registration Form Is On-demand

magento 2 customer Registration form-process
You’re right to add custom registration fields for Magento 2

While many people ask how to add new customer attribute in Magento 2 registration form, some think the opposite, say, “Customers want their shopping experience as fast as possible, so keep everything short!”.

Our advice is: “Enrich your Magento 2 customer registration but make it exciting and convenient!“.

To develop a customer-focused strategy.

Being customer-focused means placing the spotlight on people who keep your online business afloat – your customers.

Accordingly, the most critical tasks are to understand their needs, provide them with the best, keep them satisfied, and to come back. The easiest way to know them right from the start is to present in front of their eyes a proper Magento 2 custom registration form.

To deliver a personalized shopping experience.

Bear in mind that online customers are hugely impatient, who don’t feel like hanging around a website that is not directly focused on them.

Hence, if you show your dedicated care right from the start, they will quickly fall for your sites. In Magento 2 customer registration form, ask them which their preferred products are, how often they do online shopping, or whether they love promotions, etc.

Nevertheless, watch out because they also hate the long-form, asking them to fill in over and over.

Now, the question coming across your mind is more specific: How to add customer attribute in Magento 2 in a user-friendly way? – The answer is the Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension.

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2. How to set up Magento 2 add custom attribute in customer registration form?

Believe us; the default registration page looks dull and inadequate to collect customer information. Creating a new Magento registration form is in need.

magento registration form

NOW, INSTALL Magento 2 Registration Login Extension to add new Magento 2 registration form custom fields

The Magento team is aware of the shortage, but they only allow adding custom registration fields for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE), not in the Community Edition (CE).

Yet, we all know that the EE version of Magento definitely is not for everyone. 

As its name suggests, Magento EE is for enterprise businesses. Thus, its cost is not affordable for small and medium businesses

So is there a solution to custom customer attributes in Magento CE?

3. Best Solution For Magento 2 CE Custom Registration Fields

The only way to overcome the CE limitation is to use a third-party extension.

Currently, there are hundreds of custom Magento customer attributes in the market.

However, we strongly recommend you to use Magento 2 Customer Attributes by BSS.

With this module, the admin can create as many custom registration fields as they want and add them to the Magento 2 registration form.

Accordingly, the golden goal of enriching customer data to develop better strategies for the targeted customer becomes as easy as ever.

Check out all the highlight features of this extension to see why we are so confident to claim that this is the best solution for Magento 2 Custom Registration Fields.

Supported up to 9 input types

You can now create and add customer attributes of 8 different input types to the Magento 2 custom registration fields extension.


Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension supports 8 different input types, including Text Field, Text Area, Date & Time, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Checkbox, Radio Button, Dropdown, and File. These newly created customer attributes will be displayed as extra custom registration fields for Magento 2.

Such flexibility gives the admin the privilege to diversify the Magento registration form display.

Here is an example:

magento 2 custom registration form

Moreover, you can also add Magento 2 registration form custom fields in the form of a selectable area, or you can require B2B customers to upload a portfolio of the company, etc.

Custom form in Magento 2 frontend & backend

Using this Magento 2 custom registration fields extension, all custom field values will be displayed on the Account Information tab of Customer Account Page. Customers can check their information or adjust it if necessary.

Besides, the admin user can manage the Magento 2 registration form custom fields at hand since there is a new Customer Attributes grid available to make necessary adjustments. For instance, it’s easy to change the sort order, change the default name and enable or disable the attribute on the frontend/backend, etc.

Customer attributes in other places

Besides including additional custom fields in registration form and Account Page of Customer Dashboard, Magento 2 Customer Attributes module also displays the attributes on many other pages in the backend, such as Customer Grid, Customer Detail, and Order Detail. 

magento 2 custom registration fields extension-backend order

Registration fields in multiple store views

Add different customer attribute values for multiple store views.

In case you run a multi-store-view website, Magento 2 custom registration fields extension makes it possible to set the attribute value for a specific store view.

In particular, when adding a new attribute, the admin can enter the attribute value with the corresponding store views. The customer attributes will be displayed depending on which store view customers have selected.

Ready to check all the features out? – Start here:


4. The Complete B2B Registration Solution

Now that you know how to add Customer Attributes to the B2B Registration form to enrich your customer database, why not optimize your wholesale customers’ experience even more? Instead of letting every guest visitor access your content and price, impose some restrictions and you will reap surprising benefits.

In addition to B2B Registration and Customer Attributes extensions, the solution offers one more essential feature: Force Login. The registration flow will be selective and smooth from the very beginning.

First, you protect your website content from not-logged-in customers. Then you ask them to create a B2B account. With customer attributes, you add unlimited fields of your liking to the form and gain more customer data to make the decision whether to approve/disapprove of their account.

In a nutshell, with B2B Registration Combo, you are entitled to:

  • Restrict guest visitors’ access to your website
  • Create a tailored B2B registration form for wholesale customers
  • Add unlimited customer fields to the form
  • Auto-assign B2B customers to their group
  • Freely activate/reject accounts based on their information.

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Final Thoughts

In short, all customer attributes will support order fulfillment and customer management. Hence, using our Customer Attributes extension is the best solution for the Magento 2 add custom attribute in customer registration form.

Get advanced features of the EE right in EE at a reasonable price, not to mention the premium policies such as FREE installation, FREE 1-year support, and FREE lifetime update. What else to be hesitant about?

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