How to Change Default Store View in Magento 2

by Anna Nguyen

In Magento platform, store owners can create multiple websites, stores as well as store views. That helps you approach more markets. However, the use of them is still a question for most website admins.

All necessary information is shown with details in this blog. Check how to change the default store view Magento 2 firstly and the amazing tool for pricing strategy now!

Why should you leverage Magento 2 multiple store views?


Multiple store views in Magento 2 is a common way used by many store owners. But why is it referred to? Find the answer with 3 benefits of Magento 2 multiple store views below:

  1. Reach out to international markets

Store owners can customize their website storefront to display content in consumers’ native languages and price information in their local currencies.

This provides a friendly shopping environment for customers from internationally, improving the possibility of conversions on a global scale.

  1. Minimize cost

E-commerce platforms with several stores share the same code and database.

Your developer won’t need to create code specifically for each shop, which reduces development expenses.

Without needing to engage a developer, you will also be able to open new shops or modify ones that already exist.

  1. Separate product range for suitable market

You can classify your product into different small categories in different store views for customers to easily find their wanted product. It brings personalized experience for each customer.

Sales would benefit if you could direct customers to their selected products as quickly and with as few clicks as possible. 

Check out Step By Step Guide To Create Magento 2 Multiple Store Views here!

Guide to change default store view in Magento 2

The default Magento 2 store view is USA with USD currency. If you want to change default store view Magento 2 to your country or another one, let’s follow the 2 easy steps below:

  1. In the backend, go to Store > All Stores.

In the Store grid, choose the Store you want to change the default store view for.

  1. For Store Information section, choose the store view to set as default in Default Store View configuration.

Don’t forget to Save this change.

Apply price strategy (Geographical Pricing Strategy) to Magento 2 store view for profit maximization

That is a shortage if you do not leverage multiple store views to optimize profit. Therefore, we highly recommend you apply Geographical Pricing for your business strategy.

About Geographical Pricing Strategy

Geographical pricing refers to a pricing strategy in which a company adjusts the price at which it sells a specific product on a geographical basis, applying different prices in some locations than in others. It’s often utilized to cover shipping expenses or convey a sense of exclusivity, uniqueness, or distinction in the local area.

Which is the biggest benefit of geographical pricing strategy?


We all have to confirm that geographical pricing is a crucial strategy for profit maximization target. 

You can tailor prices according to different markets and localities. It takes into account the demands, needs, and interests of regional consumers. By lowering pricing where consumers are willing to pay less while taking advantage of the ability to raise prices where consumers place a higher value on your items, you may avoid making a loss on your products.

Supported tool – Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing extension

You can change the default store view in Magento 2. However, both product prices and base currency are similar in every store or store view. It is difficult for store owners to implement pricing strategy.

With Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing, all becomes easier and simpler within several configurations.


Try the demo: Frontend  |  Backend

Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 enables administrators to quickly set up base currency for each store view and to set different pricing for the same product on each store view of the Magento store.

4 main features of this module:

  • Set up different prices per store view in Magento 2, including special prices and tier prices
  • Set up base currency for each Magento 2 store view
  • Customers checkout with the base currency of their store view conveniently
  • Set up various special prices for a product per store view of Magento 2 store

Install Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 now to get the fastest way for revenue maximization!


Magento 2 change default store view is easy but leveraging magento 2 store view for better business revenue is not simple. 

In this article, we have guided you to change the default store view Magento 2 and also suggest a method to optimize your profit. We hope it works best for you!

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