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Magento 2 Guest Checkout – All The Pros And Cons That You Must Know!

If you are wondering whether or not you should use the Magento 2 Guest Checkout feature in your store, then please read the content below!

According to the report by Kissmetrics, a required account creation before checking out is the reason to drive nearly 500 out of 1000 online customers away from purchasing right at the very first step.

Hence, the idea behind Magento 2 Guest Checkout option is to make it the most convenient for online shoppers to checkout without registering or logging in the website. Instead, those guest buyers have an option to sign up for an account after checkout completion.

However, we didn’t say this is a must have in your store. Instead, we will give you a clear look at this feature by showing you all of its pros and cons, and let’s you decide if you need it.

Now let’s get started!

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What Is Magento Guest Checkout?

magento guest checkout

Guest checkout is a feature that allows a customer to purchase without logging into or creating an account.

It means that business doesn’t restrict visitors from checkout. 

From the customers’ perspective, this is so convenient for reducing excess actions like creating an account and logging in to complete their orders.

Moreover, this Magento feature also allows customers to create an account after finishing their purchase. 

Magento 2 Guest Checkout Setting In Default

In Admin Panel of the default, please follow Stores ⇒ Settings ⇒ Configurations ⇒ Sales ⇒ Checkout and expand the Checkout Options.

By default, Checkout As Guest functionality is auto-enabled. For Magento 2 disable guest checkout, unclear the checkbox and set Allow Guest Checkout to No.

You can also set the store view to be applied to this Magento Guest Checkout feature.


Remember to click on Save in the end so that Magento 2 disable guest checkout is applied.

In fact, the guest checkout does help to increase the conversion rate. However, from the sellers’ perspective, guest checkout costs a valuable chance for further marketing.

Before finding the best solution to the Magento Guest Checkout problem, let’s take a moment to discuss the potential benefits and possible limitations when it comes to guest checkout.

Advantages Of Magento 2 Guest Checkout You Should Never Miss


On the plus side, Guest Checkout in Magento 2 is the hassle-free tool to get engaged with new buyers and boost the total order volume.

There are four main benefits of Magento 2 guest checkout:

Saves customers’ time and effort

Shopping via the internet is inherently a “lazy” practice so obviously, customers prefer the fastest and most straightforward experience. 

When they decide to purchase, it means they want to take the quickest path to get their order. It should also be the objectives of any e-commerce merchants. 

Magento 2 Guest Checkout saves customers’ precious time filling out the complicated registration page first. Instead, they can head the checkout process directly.

Improves the customer’s shopping experience

Not only does the guest checkout process speed up the ordering process, but it also lives up to the expectation of customers. 

Online shoppers want to buy items rather than make the commitment of account creation as they are concerned about the identity secure and data exploitation problem or they don’t desire to get a million emails each day. Hence, Magento Guest Checkout is the essential function to enhance the experience for those guests.

Decreases shopping abandonment rate and boosts sales

The request to create an account first undoubtedly lowers the conversion rate since it interrupts their shopping flow. Hence, providing guest checkout as an alternative will reverse this unwanted trend. Despite not collecting data, with Magento Guest Checkout, you obtain a buyer and a sales.

Disadvantages Of Magento Guest Checkout That Push You To Think Twice

guest checkout

On the downside, Magento 2 guest checkout can make it inconvenient for both store owners and online buyers.

Store owners exchange the opportunities to market their products further

Customer data is of the essence of any business. On using Magento 2 Guest Checkout, the sellers lose touch with those guests for several important marketing activities such as email campaigns, newsletters, promotion notification, or customer services.

Customers lack the means to keep frequent track of their purchase

From the view of online buyers, Magento 2 Guest Checkout seems perfect at first. Nevertheless, they won’t be able to review and track their orders. Magento 2 Guest Checkout also makes it hard for the future reorder as there is no way to save the purchase details.

Magento 2 Guest To Customer Extension – The Ideal Solution To Magento 2 Guest Checkout


Magento 2 Guest Checkout functionality is worth considering to bring up the customer experience to the new level. However, you are still hesitant because of the several remaining cons. We strongly recommend using Magento Guest Checkout but in combination with Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension. Let’s have a quick look at the key features of this Magento 2 auto-convert guest to the registered user’s module.

Auto-generate the new account for online shoppers using Magento 2 guest checkout:

Guest users only have to complete the checkout process filling out some required information. Magento 2 Guest to Customer features will do the rest based on the configuration in the Admin Panel. Accordingly, if the customer checkouts with a completely new email that hasn’t been assigned to any registered account, then a notification email will be sent to the guest email, together with a new account and password to be used later. Any previous order under the guest checkout email, as if, is also recorded to the new account.


Support a guest management grid to record all unregistered guest information for later actions.

Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension will solve the headache problem of store owners: there is a lack of management over the guest information. Instead of the auto-converting guest to customers, the sellers can pick any guest users from the grid to manually turn into customers or assign them to the specific customer groups.


GET DEMOS HERE >>> Magento 2 Convert Guest To Customer Tutorial with images and detailed explanation

Instantly send the guest user email to notify of the automated account creation.

New accounts are auto-generated and sent in Magento 2 guests to customer notification emails to the guest inserted emails. In the backend, feel free to set up email information and customize the template to deliver the professional message to the guests.


Update the previous orders by guest checkout email in the newly converted account page

Any purchases prior made under the guest checkout email, if any, are also assigned to the newly created account. This guest checkout email is the same as the email receiving the account creation notification. In that way, customers find it easy to manage their orders or place the reorders as wanted.

Final Thought

If customers don’t have time to create an account, just do it for them by using Magento 2 Guest Checkout extension. Customers feel convenient while shopping and are encouraged to come back. At the same time, the store owners can get a larger customer database for further marketing purposes as wished.

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