Tip To Steal Today: Magento 2 Convert Guest To Customer After Checkout

by Stephanie Greene

Shoppers love fast checkout as guests. Merchants desire registered ones to leverage data. Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension satisfies both.

Customers lie at the heart of every business, and converting more and more buyers into loyal consumers is the daily effort of all merchants.

To do this task, please take guest checkout customers into serious consideration. They are people who were interested in purchasing from your Magento 2 sites, but for most of the time, felt enough of new account fatigue. 

From the seller’s perspective, you suffer as “I desire to get in touch with those shoppers and lead them into repeat customers, but can not find any solution!”

Here’s the secret: You do have one way or another. Today we introduce Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer after Checkout extension which will live up to your expectation.

As it names, this module supports converting guest checkout users to registered customers so that you can widen the customer database effectively as well as build higher customer loyalty.

Does Default Magento 2 Allow Converting Guests Checkout Customers To Registered Customers?

The default does not support this function. 

Guests who purchase from your website without creating accounts are usually unable to manage their orders. Hence, they might forget your sites quickly.

So how to retain them and get more sales? 

Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension is an ideal solution.


Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension by BSS

Price: $79

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the developer team of this extension – the BSS company – is named Adobe Bronze Solution Partner for their contribution to the Magento eCommerce business community.

That means their extensions are amazing, and this extension is not an exception.

Using this module, store owners can better approach customers for more marketing actions in the future. Moreover, it also helps guests to quickly sign up without experiencing a complicated registration process on the website.

Highlight features:

  • Automatically create accounts after checkout for Magento 2 guest checkout users; or
  • Manually convert and manage guest users in the grid as wanted
  • Immediately inform guest users of the account creation via email
  • Smartly save previous orders under same the email to the newly created account

Continue reading to find out how to take advantage of this awesome extension:

How To Convert Guests To Customers In Magento 2

Once being enabled in the admin, Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension provides two ways to convert guest checkout customers to registered customers: automatic or manual method.

Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer backend Demo

Automatically convert guest to customers in Magento 2

magento 2 convert guest to customer

When you set Yes for Auto Convert to Customer Config, any guest users who buy products and check out without logging in are automatically converted to registered customers with a new account created. You can select a customer group to assign converted customers in the backend. All converted customers are shown in Customers grid table view.

Manually convert guest to customers in Magento 2

magento 2 convert guest to customer extension - not auto convert

If you want to preview guest users first then convert into customers yourself, set Auto Convert to Customer to No. Therefore, every guest checkout is displayed in the Guest Management. Then, you can convert single or multiple guest customers to registered customers and assign them to the wanted customer group.

magento 2 convert guest to customer - guest management

Here is the frontend demo link for you to test functions of Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customers extension.

Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer

Assign previous orders to new converted customers when they use the same checkout emails

Not only does Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension turn guest purchase into the registered one, but all previous orders placed under the registered email will be assigned to the new converted account for easy management.

Send notification emails to converted customers

After converting guest checkout customers to registered customers, a notification will be sent to those via email to confirm account information including email and password.

Here is the example of Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer email:

magento 2 guest to customer extension - notification email


In this article, we have shown you the best tip to steal about converting guests to customers.

As we mentioned, Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer extension is the best solution to help convert guest checkout users to registered customers. This function can help customers to save time for registration and also enable store owners to build a close relationship with their customers, instead of letting them only purchase products and never come back again.

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you!

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