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How To Enable & Disable Guest Checkout In Magento 2 Effortlessly

by Trang Tran

The checkout is the last step that significantly impacts whether or not customers complete the conversion. Hence, it is usually given priority in optimization. It would be better to enable guest checkout in Magento 2 to provide a quick process.

A quick checkout process is also necessary to take good care of your consumers, especially brand-new ones. They select your company to visit out of dozens or hundreds of sellers. 

Let’s improve it with only minor adjustments to get more customers. Check out the detailed guide on how to enable/disable guest checkout in Magento 2.

Guest Checkout & Does Magento 2 Support It?

What is guest checkout?

Guest checkout is a unique feature that encourages new customers to checkout without creating an account. 

According to the Baymard Institute report, about 24% of customers said they would abandon their cart because you require them to create an account. Thus, including guest checkout is a way to solve this problem. By helping customers to check out quickly, you can speed up the buying journey and increase customer satisfaction. 

From a customer perspective, it’s helpful to minimize actions to complete the order. Besides, applying checkout without login can protect customer information and quick checkout for their favorite store items.

Benefits of offering customers to checkout as guest

Quick checkout

Customers usually have to navigate another page to create an account during checkout. Thus, although it increases their time on your website, you can’t optimize the conversion rate or expand their cart. In fact, this extra time can also annoy customers.

Ideally, with guest checkout, your customer only needs to fill in basic information such as name, email, address, phone number, etc. To reduce checkout time more, consider having one single-step checkout, which can minimize the number of clicks. 


Enhance the ability to convert customer

Stores shouldn’t ask customers to sign up immediately when they visit the store for the first time and seek to make a purchase. It will demonstrate that you are only rushing to win their loyalty. Additionally, people are still hesitant to share their personal information with your store because they believe it would be inconvenient and a waste of time.

Pew Research Center shows that 84% of shoppers want more control over how their data is used. Besides, 79% of customers in America feel concerned about how companies use their data.

These data allow us to conclude that customers these days want businesses to assure of securing their personal information. Mainly with a new store that customers visit for the first time, they are unwilling to give all their data. Hence, providing guest checkout is an assurance here!

Moreover, regular customers can use this technique to expedite checkout whenever they need to purchase products quickly.

Generally, this feature will cause the store conversion rate to increase steadily with new shoppers and devoted clients, thanks to all the alluring advantages above.

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Expand the loyal buyer list

When visitors can try your products and have the option to check out, they are more likely to become clients. It demonstrates that you offer the chance to both dependable and infrequent customers.

In addition, after customers have bought something from your store, they are more likely to trust your company and place another order. In no time, your store will have more devoted patrons.

It would help if you minimized barriers at the checkout stage for new customers to improve customer happiness. In this final stage, no more annoying redirects or popups will prompt users to register.

Does Magento 2 support guest checkout?

Magento 2 default has already supported guest checkout. After finishing the checkout process, it also allows your customer to generate the customer account directly on the checkout page.

However, Magento 2 doesn’t include auto-converting guest checkout customers to registered customers. This leads guests who purchase from your website usually be unable to manage their orders. Hence, they might forget your sites quickly.

If they want to create an account, they still need to fill out passwords, which takes time. On the contrary, when you install Magento 2 Guest to Customer extension by BSS Commerce, clients who make purchases and check out without logging in will automatically become newly registered users.

In addition, all previous guest orders will be assigned to the customer account, which is helpful for them to check order history even before having the account. 

Step-by-Step To Enable & Disable Guest Checkout In Magento 2 

#Method 1: Via Magento 2 backend 

As mentioned above, Magento 2 default has a guest checkout configuration. After checkout, it also has a button for guests who want to create an account with that email. 

There are 5 steps to enable or disable guest checkout in Magento 2:

Step 1: Go into your Magento 2 backend

Step 2: At the admin panel, navigate to Stores > Settings > then choose Configuration.


Step 3: Click the Sales section and then the Checkout option.

Step 4: At the first box, configure the Allow Guest Checkout field:

  • Choose Yes to enable guest checkout in Magento 2
  • Choose No to disable guest checkout in Magento 2
  • Step 5: Everything is done when you click on the Save Config button at the top of the screen. 

#Method 2: With a Magento 2 extension

As you can see, enabling guest checkout by default in Magento 2 is straightforward. Yet, there are some limitations. For example, you cannot immediately convert guests to your customer. Besides, even if customers create an account after checkout as a guest, they cannot manage their previous orders.

Thus, utilizing Magento 2 extensions such as Magento 2 Guest to Customer by BSS Commerce is a perfect solution. 

Customers can quickly create an account through email confirmation. Your consumers do not need to perform any additional navigation for this kind of registration. The checkout and account registration information will be made simultaneously since they say there’s nothing better than slaying two birds with one stone.

Undoubtedly, you can enable or disable this guest checkout feature to convert guests to registered customers automatically or manually. Also, this module will automatically save previous orders under the same email to a new account.

Ideally, it not only makes the checkout process easier and quicker but also gains customer information after. 

How does Guest Checkout Look on The Magento 2 Frontend

The default guest checkout in Magento 2 will look like this:


While using Magento 2 Guest to Customer by BSS Commerce, the newly created customer account is automatically linked to the prior orders.

This Magento 2 extension recognizes the email and assigns the order to the registered account if the customer places an order using the registered email but forgets to log in.

Furthermore, your customer will receive this email template as the following image:



There’s all the information to enable and disable guest checkout in Magento 2. In addition to the default function, you should leverage third-party extensions to seamless the process. And Magento 2 Guest to Customer by BSS Commerce is a unique and valuable solution for all e-commerce enterprises. Nothing can stop you from achieving your conversion rate objective with this feature added to your checkout step.

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