Magento 2 Hide Price Extension FAQs

[11 Hot FAQs] No Confuses of Magento 2 Hide Price Extension

Magento 2 Hide Price extension is a good solution for B2B store owners to make product prices invisible to some specific customers. It’s also included in BSS Commerce B2B Solution Magento 2, combining with other modules to resolve tons of B2B issues from the login to checkout.

During our support, we’ve received various queries from clients and followers. Hence, we decide to generate a list of frequently asked questions related to hiding prices in Magento to explain in more detail.

Magento 2 Hide Price Extension FAQ

1. Are Hide Price extension and Hide Price/ Call For Price extension the same?


GO TO PRODUCT PAGES >>> Magento 2 Call for Price and Magento 2 Hide Price to have an overview of the two!

No. Hide Price for Magento 2 is developed as the standard version of the Hide Price Call For Price extension because it only focuses on function hide price, not combining both hide price and calls for price function, so they are not the same.

2. Does Hide Price extension have any difference from the Call For Price extension?

Yes. Hide Price Magento 2 extension allows admin to disable Add to Cart button and price separately while Hide Price/Call For Price extension only hides both prices and Add to Cart button at the same time.

Besides, the Hide Price Magento 2 extension supports using custom URL while Hide Price/Call For Price extension only applies the custom message.

3. Magento 2 Hide Price if not logged in, can I?

magento-2-hide-price-if-not-logged in

For those who want to set up Magento 2 hide prices unless logged in: “Yes. You can enable Magento 2 Hide Price for NOT LOGGED IN customer group” and set a custom message as “Log in to see price” with a custom URL link to Customer Login Page. Save the configuration, then Magento 2 hide product price unless logged in is in effect.

4. Can I show the price for wholesalers and hide prices for the other customer groups? 

Yes. In Global Config, choose desire Magento Hide Price action, and apply for NOT LOGGED IN, General and Retailer customer group (meaning Magento 2 hide price if not logged in or Magento 2 hide prices unless logged in), and set the Hide Price message as “Price only available for wholesalers.”

The product price will only be displayed for the customer with the wholesale account.

5. Can the extension hide Add to Cart button but still show the price?

Yes. Magento 2 Hide Price module supports both actions of hiding price and Add to Cart button at the same time and hiding price and Add to Cart button separately. So it is easy to show the price and disable Add to Cart button.

6. How can I show a custom URL when disable Add to Cart button?

Please go to Product Edit Page => Hide Price tab => set Hide Price action (Hide Price and Add to Cart button or Show Price and Hide Add to Cart button) => enter Hide Price message and apply for customer group => set Hide Price URL.

Make sure the URL is a full link, for example, to redirect the customer to the Login page.

7. Can Magento hide price for some products only?

Sure. In each Product Config, there is an additional tab named Hide Price; you can choose hide price action, set message, apply for customer groups, and enter custom URL.

8. If a product belongs to 2 categories, but only one cate is set with hiding price config, will that product’s price be hidden or not? 

Hide price action is still applied to that product, so the product’s price will always be hidden in that case.

9. Can the extension hide the price for a whole category?


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Yes. Go to Stores => Configuration => BSSCommerce => Hide Price => General Config => choose category in Apply for Categories.

10. Is it possible to hide price for a category but still enable price and Add to Cart button for some products in that same category? 

Yes. You need to apply hide price in Global Config and disable hide price for the selected product in Product Config (Product Edit Page => Hide Price Action => choose “Disable”).

11. Product config and global config, which one is more prioritized? 

Well, the Hide price Magento 2 extension applies to hide price function for both Product Config and Global Config, but the Product Config has a higher priority.

For example: If a product is set with hiding price action A in Product Config and the category with that product is set with hiding price action B in Global Config, then that product will follow action A.


Hopefully, the detailed answers above are enough for you to get an insight into hiding the price in Magento 2. Also, some kinds of settings like “Magento 2 hide price if not logged in” cannot cause trouble for you anymore!

In brief, all questions lie in the following infographic:


If you have more questions for the Hide Price Magento 2 extension or even Magento 2 Hide Price/Call For Price extension, please feel free to contact us or leave the comment below.

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