Magento 2 Hide Price Call For Price Extension FAQs

Magento 2 Hide Price/Call For Price Extension FAQs

by Van Nguyen

Hide Price/Call For Price for Magento 2 extension has recently been receiving a significant number of questions, so this post is dedicated to providing answers for the most frequently asked questions.

We’ve demonstrated selective questions in the infographic below:

Here is the full version of all asked questions:

1. Can you clarify two main configs of the extension?

There are two significant configs: Hide Price config and Call For Price config. Hide Price config enables to hide price and replace Add to Cart button with a custom message. Admin can customize message text depending on their intention.


Call For Price config allows to hide price and display an Inquiry form for the customer to submit their request. Admin can change the layout and content of the form as wish.

2. How to hide price for all products site-wide?

Go to Configuration, select Hide Price or Call or Price config in Priority, choose all categories in Apply for Categories and enter text for the config.

3. Can I hide the price for a whole category?

Yes. Navigate to Configuration, in section Hide Price Global Config or Call For Price Global Config, select which category you want to enable hide price in Apply for Categories.

4. Can I enable Magento 2 hide price function for customer groups?

Yes. Go to Navigation, in section Hide Price Global Config or Call For Price Global Config, select which customer group you want to enable hide price in Apply for Customer Groups. You can apply this to category or product.

Actually, we have developed a module called Magento 2 Hide Price that focused on Magento hide price for some products and guests, which is tailored carefully to the B2B needs. If you’re running a site for wholesalers, then don’t skip this. 

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5. How to customize the Call For Price form?

Call For Price form or Inquiry form is created to obtain customer requests. It consists of different fields, for example, name, email, phone number, comment. You can easily customize these fields by navigating to Configuration > General Config > Inquiry form

6. Is it possible to hide price and Add to Cart button for some products while show price for other products?

Yes. It is easy to apply the hide price config for specific products. Just navigate to Catalog > Find product > Go to Edit Product Page > Enable Hide Price config.  The add to cart button will also be disabled if hiding price is activated.

7. Is it possible to encourage customers to send a price request when the product price is hidden?

The Call For Price config allows you to replace Add to Cart button with a Call For Price button. When clicking this button, an Inquiry form will be displayed to obtain price requests and customer contact information. The button text and form layout/content are customizable depending on your business strategy.

8. Can I hide product price for non-registered users?

Yes, Magento 2 Hide Price/Call For Price allows full admin control to hide the price of any product from non-registered users or guests. If customers haven’t logged into their accounts or haven’t created accounts yet, price and Add To Cart button will be automatically hidden from them. You can show a custom message such as “Please log in to see price” to remind the customer to log in.

9. How to show product prices for only wholesalers and hide prices for all other groups?

Go to Product Edit Page of the product you wish to hide the price. Choose Hide Price config, multiple select Not-logged-in, General, Retailer in Apply For Customer Group, and enter text to notify the customer, for example, “Price only available for wholesalers.” By doing this, you can hide prices for all customer groups except for the Wholesale group.

10. How long can I hide the price for a product? Is it possible to permanently hide the price for some products?

The price of products you configure will be hidden until you disable that hide price function, so it is possible to hide price for some products permanently.

11. Can I hide the bundle product prices in Magento?

Yes, you can hide the bundle product price. Hide Price/Call For Price for Magento 2 extension allows hiding price for all product types supported by Magento.

12. How does admin receive a notification when customers send price request?

If there is a price request sent through Inquiry form, an admin will automatically receive a notification email that announces the price request from the customer. You need to enter your email in Configuration > General Config > Email notify admin.

13. How to view details of customer requests in the backend?

Go to Customer Inquiry List > Find the request > Click View in Action column > Inquiry Information. You can also enter the price for the request and send an email to the customer from here.

14. How can I change the template to email the reply price request sent to the customer?

Go to Configuration > General Config > Email Template (located behind the option Email Answer Customer Inquiry)

If you still feel uncertain about why should store owners hide product price in Magento, don’t hesitate to check this blog:

Magento 2 Hide Price/Call For Price extension guarantees to support admin with the best tool to hide price for each product, category, and customer group. The combination of Hide Price Config and Call For Price Config is an outstanding feature that cannot be found anywhere else on the Magento marketplace.

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