How to Use Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists To Import Export Wishlist

by Van Nguyen

The shopping experience is one of the most important concern every Magento business is always on the way to optimize and improve for their customers. During the purchase process, Magento supports stores a function called Wishlists to help customers to easily save their favorite products for more consideration or more easily finding out when it needs. However, default Wishlist is just a very simple feature and needs more improvement to bring the best experience for not only buyers but store owners about wishlist management issue.

In this blog article, we will come up with our new combination to cover limitation of default wishlists and also provide a complete solution for both customers and store owners when working with wishlists.  

Overview of Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist and Import-Export Wishlist Item extension

Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist extension helps customers to create a lot of wishlists instead of only one as default. Customers can select products to add to each wishlist or multiple wishlists at one time via a popup.


While Multiple Wishlist extension emphasizes increasing customer shopping experience, Magento 2 Import Export Wishlist Item helps admin or store owners to quickly add products to wishlists or export them via a CSV file. It is especially useful when store owners make a new website, migrate from another platform or upgrade sites to new versions.

Why do you need to install Import Export Wishlist extension with Multiple Wishlist extension?

As mentioned before, the main function of Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist is to allow buyers to create many wishlists to add products. However, in some special cases such as changing or migrating websites, store owners need to manually create previous customer wishlists on the new websites. Also, if customers ask stores to create wishlists for them, it is time-consuming to do for one by one. Therefore, Magento 2 websites which already installed Multiple Wishlists should have Import Export Wishlist Items extension to save much time and effort by quickly importing products to wishlists or exporting to CSV file.

*Note: Magento 2 Enterprise also supports multiple wishlists.

Import products to Multiple wishlists via a CSV file

This CSV file can be downloaded from the configuration of the module, and you can easily complete information about products and wishlists. Multiple wishlists of Magento Enterprise Edition or multiple wishlists of this extension, you will enter wishlists to add products in the wishlist_name column. Hence, after preparing the CSV file, products are imported to multiple wishlists just by one click.

magento 2 import export wishlist - magento enterprise

After importing, store owners can go to customer accounts and go to wishlist to see wishlists and products which are already added.  

Benefits of Using Import Export Wishlist Item for Multiple Wishlists

It is obvious that Magento websites using Multiple Wishlist extension and Magento 2 Enterprise Edition will take time to create wishlist manually. Therefore, the biggest benefit of this combination between Multiple Wishlist and Import-Export Wishlist Item modules is to save time, effort and even costs for store owners. They just prepare a CSV file including information about both products and wishlist names; everything is done with one click.  

Ready to install Magento 2 Multiple Wishlist and Import-Export Wishlist Item for your Site?


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