Must-have Import/Export Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 Site

Must-have ImportExport Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 Site

Must-have Import/Export Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2 Site

If you are a store owner and worry about how to do Magento 2 Import Export product reviews, we are HERE to help!

Import Export Product Reviews is an exclusive feature for Magento that enables the import and export product reviews to feature via a CSV file on the store backend. This is a beneficial tool to maintain the impression by displaying old customers’ reviews on the new store

Limitation of Product Reviews function in Default Magento 2 

The ratings and reviews feature accessible in Magento 2 by default; however, it is limited. A summary, for example, is provided to provide an overview of all feedbacks, which may be confusing to customers. Alternatively, because administrators have no control over who can write a review, spam content is a significant problem.

Go into more details; in the default Magento 2, the admin can only import/export Advance Pricing, Products, Customer Main Files, and Customers Addresses from/to a CSV file.


Import functions in the default Magento 2

Product reviews cannot be imported/exported via a CSV file, but  Magento 2 allows admin to edit the reviews: status, which stores view to be displayed in, ratings,… However, if a user wants to add reviews to a new website or export reviews from an existing site, he has to do it manually and one by one repeatedly. Therefore, this process often takes him a lot of both time and effort to complete.

BSSCommerce has created the new Magento 2 Review Extension in response to the demand for an advanced and useful review system in Magento 2. The module’s main aim is to improve Magento 2’s default product review and rating functionality. The large amount of feedbacks will make it easier for buyers to get useful information.

Customers are also urged to participate in more product reviews. This Magento 2 product review extension is worth a try if your conversion rate is heavily reliant on prior buyer reviews.

An Effective Tool to Import/Export Product Reviews for Magento 2

Due to the mentioned limitation of default Magento 2 about import and export function, an effective solution has been developed to deal with those problems called Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews extension.

This extension allows store owners to import/ easily export multiple product reviews at one time quickly and simply via a CSV file. It will assign reviews for customers, approve or disapprove reviews, import reviews into wanted stores or give ratings for products and other things via the CSV file. Besides, when store owners want to get all available reviews on their Magento websites, exporting feature of this module can function for it. 

With Magento 2 Import/Export Product Review extension, therefore, businessman save not only a lot of time but also many efforts. Moreover, less human resources are required, and even they can do it by themselves without depending on IT experts. 

How “Import/Export Product Reviews Extension for Magento 2” Works?

Once the extension is installed, reviews can be exported from existing websites to a CSV file by only one click. Moreover, store owners can also easily import reviews from the CSV file to another Magento 2 site. These functions can be managed in some sections of the backend.

To start, click System. Then under Data Transfer, select Import/Export Product Reviews. In the backend, admin can:

Quickly import multiple product reviews without spending much time and efforts


Import/Export Product Reviews in the backend

There is a notice before an admin can import product reviews to a  new Magento site. He needs to prepare a CSV file with enough necessary information (this CSV file should not exceed 2MB) to upload when clicking on Choose File.

For users’ convenience, Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews extension provide a CSV sample file in the Download Sample File link so that users can get it and follow to reduce errors.  In this CSV file, there are required data fields needing to be filled in such as review titles, review details, status, customer nicknames, product SKU and rating options. The admin has to complete these fields to import product reviews.


A standard CSV file

Display notification after importing products reviews in a CSV file into Magento 2 sites

After the admin imports reviews for a Magento 2 website, there are messages to notify about uploading CSV (successfully uploaded or not) and the number of rows(reviews) that are inserted. The system also warns the admin if there is any invalid row or information added to the CSV file.


System notifications after importing reviews

After being imported, reviews can be managed in four sections in the backend:

  • Admin → Product page →Product reviews  
  • Admin → Customer page → Product reviews  
  • Admin → Marketing → User content → Reviews  
  • Admin → Report → Reviews

Export product reviews of Magento sites into a CSV file

With this extension, admin can not only import reviews to a Magento 2 site but also export available customers’ comments into a CSV file. Once the product reviews are exported, their related data such as customer nicknames, review status, review titles,… are all included in that CSV file. This helps to save a lot of effort in case store owners want to quickly move these reviews to another Magento 2 sites (because he doesn’t need to create a total new CSV file).

Easy to use in the backend

The Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews extension is very simple to use. Therefore, it is suitable for all Magento users; even non-experts can perform actions without any difficulties.

After being imported, detailed information of reviews are presented in the Review Tab: Reviews titles, ratings, review details, customers’ names.

Other Magento 2 Import Export extensions you may take more concerns for your websites:

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In summary, the Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews Extension is a must-have extension for your Magento 2 store if you don’t want to waste your time dealing with hundreds of reviews one by one manually. Moreover, there is a very convenient thing that it’s possible for you to configure even when you are not a tech-savvy.

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