Magento 2 – Why Meta Tag Won’t Work (And How to Optimize It for SEO)

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This article is all about Magento 2 meta tag template, why it doesn’t work and how to make it work!

Custom meta tags SEO – you’ve seen these words before, no doubt. For a chewy bit of SEO tactics, this term has a tremendous amount of traction in online business. However, meta tag is still a challenging and radical idea. 


Today, let’s clear the mist around this and have a deep dive into Magento meta tag – the must, the meh and the mundane.  We’ll also give an SEO meta Magento app that can take care of your SEO professionally and thoroughly.

I. Magento 2 Meta Tag.

1. What is the Meta tag?

Meta stands for metadata – the type of information to describe other information. Let’s say you search for a book in a library. The number of pages, author, published year – all of them are metadata.


The tag refers to its nature – short and to the point. Together, meta tag tells search engines what your page is about. Notably, you can’t see these data on the frontend but rather in the source code.

2. Types of Magento 2 Meta tag.

There are 3 main types of SEO meta tag in default Magento 2:

  • Meta Title: Name of the page
  • Meta Keywords: Search keys for the page
  • Meta Description: Short indicator of pages’ content

You should spend time and do regular updates on the title tag and meta tag description SEO. These two are the most important and recognizable tags that affect your search ranking.

On the other hand, Google has confirmed years to years that they ignore the meta keywords. Therefore, you can mask this one using Magento 2 default. At the end of the day, these might short up your crawling and indexing in one way or another.

II. Is SEO-Friendly Meta Tags Important In Magento 2?


Yes, it is. Meta tag SEO-friendly is what Magento 2 aiming for. In fact, every year, every SEO strategy list always has this technical SEO tactic.

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That’s why the default has several SEO options to better and faster the process of adding metadata. This not only helps the internal search but the internal one as well.

III. Setup A Magento 2 Meta Tag.

Before getting help from SEO meta extension, let’s look at what Magento 2 has to offer. This is how to use meta tags to improve SEO.

1. Meta Title

Meta title will be shown as the title of the product site in search results. You want this to be short but impactful.


Make it about your products and slip in trophy phrases. A good Magento SEO page title will ensure a better rank in search engine results.

Here is an SEO Magento meta tag example: Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand Name. 

2. Meta Keywords

As mentioned before, Google claims its negligence toward meta keywords. However, we can not confirm this doesn’t help your site in any way, shape, or form.

Hence, you’re free to add meta keywords as you please. However, do not treat this tag as an accordion to push in your Magento keywords. Don’t cloud your metadata with tags that don’t reflect your business.

3. Meta Description

Within the Magento meta tag, this one comes second in terms of SEO importance along with Magento SEO page title. These 2-3 short sentences appear under your title and influence the searchers to check out your site.


Meta tag description SEO length recommended for description is 160 characters for PC and 130 for mobile. However, Google can pull a reverse card any second and present another snippet from your site.

Nevertheless, the meta description is where your Magento keywords shine. But firstly, let’s put one thing out of the way: words don’t have meaning without context. Therefore, try to incorporate them into sentences that sell your page.

For a sample meta tags for SEO:

Action-encouraging words and grammar + primary keyword and secondary keyword.


4. Mass Settings for Product Meta Data.

The best SEO-friendly meta tags tactic is automation. Because you can’t physically create and modify metadata for thousands of products and masking this information is the way to go. Luckily, Magento 2 got you covered to generate a vast of Magento SEO page title and meta description.

In Backend Magento 2, go to Stores ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Catalog ⇒ Catalog ⇒ Product Fields Auto-Generation.


The default Magento 2 meta tag supports 3 placeholders: {{name}}, {{description}} and {{sku}} (others have not yet been supported). Granted, custom meta tags SEO length is also applied here. Also, everything you mask is on a global scale.

Moreover, this convenience only applies to products created after you enable it. Existing, imported, migrated, added-by-code will not be affected by this auto-generation.

5. Meta Data for Categories, CMS Pages and Homepage.

The steps and rules are similar to create metadata for products, you just need to find the right place:

For Categories: Catalog ⇒ Categories and create a new category. Navigate to Search Engine Optimization

  • For CMS pages: Content ⇒ Elements ⇒ Pages and select Search Engine Optimization.
  • For Homepage: Content ⇒ Page ⇒ Homepage ⇒ Page Information (similar to CMS pages)

A textbook perfection that is SEO-friendly meta tags can be archived. However, you might run into a situation where your meta tags don’t perform as you wish.

IV. Why Meta tag Won’t work?

Google randomness and subpar metadata

Here is the kicker, you can only suggest search engines “Hey, this is *meta title* and *meta description*, rank my site for this”. Matter of fact, Google (and other web crawlers) decides how to present your site on the listing page.

So, there might be a chance your Magento SEO page title or meta title and meta description are not compelling enough for search engines to identify your website. In order to better your odds on how to write meta tags for SEO, we will give you a 1-2-3 checklist:

  1. One focus keyword only
  2. Pay attention to SEO meta tags length (120-160 chars)
  3. To be safe, put the Magento keyword as the subject of the 1st sentence

Outdated metadata

Unlike printed materials, online content, trends, and users change rapidly. Magento keywords go out of style quickly, as a golden one can turn into an empty buzzword in seconds. Therefore, if you don’t update your metadata, it’s not gonna work in your favor.


Do your research, jump on the trends, frequently check and refresh your meta tags. That right there, is SEO.

Plugin or code malfunction

There are chances that the plugin you use to add metadata did you dirty. Or maybe the code behaves strangely due to a 3rd party SEO meta extension and other modifications you added.


In this case, make sure to check these two very carefully. An SEO meta extension or Code Audit can grant your safety at this front.

V. Tips To Optimize Magento 2 Meta Tag.

Take advantage of ChatGPT Magento 2 extension to auto generate SEO-friendly meta data for your store! 

Improving meta tag with Magento 2 default offers

Let’s start simple. Maximizing the use of the default Magento 2 meta tag in 4 steps:

  • #1 Generate a title tag
  • #2 Write a relevant Meta Description Tag
  • #3 Dedicate to mobile users
  • #4 Proof-read and re-write (if needed) with professional help

Each step requires through-out research on the market and your customer database. To ease this process, check out these 9 brilliantly simple ways to hack SEO for Magento 2.

Optimizing meta tag using Magento 2 SEO Extension

Now, let’s move to advanced mode. Previously, we have identified some of the short-comings that the default SEO meta tag generator has i.e: scope limit, product-origin limit,… That’s why BSS developed an SEO solution that helps you conquer those obstacles. Turn in for our take on Magento meta tags:

Add metadata smarter, subtler and faster

We tackle one and every single inconvenience that mass settings lay upon your online shop. Our module allows you to create Magento meta tag generator templates. You can choose type, scope, and set rules for the templates easily.


Moreover, there are more variables to add to your metadata masking form for your custom meta tags SEO. Tracking this process can also be done with Magento 2 SEO extension.


In terms of keywords fulfilling, we make it SEO-friendly with Image ALT Tags. Understand the need for this add for higher Google Image ranking, we give you the option to mass-apply ALT Tag to all visual content on the page.

Guide web crawler to index the site

Robot tag is generally considered indifferent but it definitely has its moment. In order to get Google better index your site, you need to leave out unnecessary internal links.


The tag acts as a translator and tells web crawlers to ignores the sites that you deem deserved this treatment.

Fast check with SEO Toolbar

This bar gives you the first-hand report on how your site performs SEO-ly. Based on that, you can modify and tweak the SEO meta tag generator as wishes.

Indicate SEO approval with SEO Report and Audit

We’ve told you what needs to change, now let’s move on how to make these changes count.


In the backend, the module extends the SEO sector in capacity and ability. Visual cues and text suggestions help you to optimize SEO meta tag quicker and easier. Sample meta tags for SEO are unnecessary when you can type in and check them at the same time.

This comes in handy because sooner or later, each of your products will require its own SEO make-over.

Furthermore, an SEO audit on your page is introduced with clear communication about what needs to be changed. This result will guide you on how to use meta tags to improve SEO.


And as any excellent SEO solution should, we give you a dashboard grid of SEO Report for easy storing and managing.

VI. In Conclusion

We’ve run through the entirety of Magento 2 meta tag template and answer all surrounding it. Meta tag in Magento 2 is significant and it can mark up your SEO subsequently. But there are a few holes in the hull in this boat.

The default can’t cover every demand of you and your metadata can turn into a complete waste of time. Therefore, we give you solutions in both default and extension department that better you chance of capitalizing on meta tags.

Outside of being a Magento meta tag generator, BSS Commerce’ SEO Extension also acts as an excellent SEO assistant on every front.

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BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and Magento 2 web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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