5 Creative Examples For Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock

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Check out 5 creative examples to inspire you to write your Magento 2 notify me when in stock.

While most eCommerce stores focus heavily on abandoned cart emails, order confirmations, and welcome series, they often overlook a simple yet effective type of email that can bring in lots of additional revenue.


As you can see in the statistics table above, back-to-stock is the email type with the highest open rate. Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock is a goldmine waiting to be tapped.

The idea is very simple.

When a product is sold out, we can assume that the product is pretty popular and liked by many shoppers.

And you can drive more demand for your products with stock alert email marketing.

So today, we will show you how.

In this article, we will show you the five best stock alert email examples and why they work well in turning subscribers into buyers.

Let’s go!

5 Creative Examples For Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock


When it comes to design and copywriting, most stock alert emails lack creativity. Many of them just have a simple subject line – surely you can guess it – “Back in Stock.”

Of course that there is nothing wrong with being straightforward in the subject line. But just think about it. How many similar emails are your subscribers getting every day? How to make your email stand out in their inboxes?

Anthropologie has the answer. They sent the email with the subject line “we call this feeling Déjà Oooh,” and below is their full email content.


The wordplay in the subject line grabs the customer’s attention and makes them wonder what feeling they call “déjà oooh.”

In the email, Anthropologie focuses on a single product: its bestselling dress that is now back in stock. The word best selling adds more social proof to this email. And the 2 CTA buttons make it easy for the customer to click through and buy the product.

When the customer clicks the button, Anthropologie has a very clever way of displaying the number of people viewing the product in real-time to increase urgency.


Then in the rest of the email, Anthropologie recommends another product that goes well with the dress:


Notice how the brand invites you to pair your dress with these earrings, assuming you’re going to buy the dress rather than something boring like “frequently bought together.”

Overall, Anthropologie’s email is a great example to follow if you want to promote a top-selling product.


When thinking of back-in-stock emails, AYR is one of the first names that come to our minds.

It is not only because AYR is a big fan of using scarcity in their email marketing but also because they often send back-in-stock notification emails.

Maybe even too often.

However, they are aware of that. 

Check out one of their back-in-stock emails with the subject line “BACK IN STOCK”:


This is a unique back-in-stock email example. In the email, AYR explains why its products often sell out. They reframe a frustrating consumer experience into an environmentally responsible corporate action by doing that.

Now that the customer knows AYR produces in small batches, they would not want to miss out on the restock because “waiting sucks.”

In another back-in-stock email, AYR uses the social proof-infused subject line “3,000 person waitlist”:


This time, they inform you how fast these jeans sell out. Since it has happened many times before, it will likely sell out again, just as the CTA button suggests.

AYR’s email is an ideal example to follow if you are producing in small batches or you are selling handmade or limited products. Be honest and explain what people should expect from your store.

Frank And Oak

It is one thing to have your favorite product back in stock, and it is another thing when it comes back with a discount.

Frank And Oak double the excitement in their stock alert email where they announce a favorite product is back and it is on sale.


All the more reasons to purchase the best selling shorts.

If the customer is not convinced yet, the short and compact product description continues to motivate the customer.


And they don’t stop here. Next, they recommend a top to pair with shorts.


In this part of the email, Frank And Oak give the customer ideas for how to wear the new shorts and subtly cross-selling at the same time.

As you’ve seen in this example, even if you are promoting a product in your back-in-stock notification emails, you can still sell other products. 

Learn from Frank And Oak to make relevant product recommendations in your back-in-stock emails.


Tarte has a whole other approach to Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock email.


They use an all-caps subject line with the sidenote “for now,” which hints at scarcity.

In the email, Tarte brilliantly uses a GIF to show the product in context instead of a still image.


It helps subscribers visualize the product. It also acts as a reminder of what it exactly is and what it does.

To highlight scarcity once more, they say that the product is back in stock but not for long.

Better yet, the CTA “Tape Back Time” underlines the benefit of using the product rather than asking the customer to shop.

In the rest of the email, Tarte includes a customer review and a claim about the product’s effectiveness:


The testimonial and the clinical study add further social proof and persuasiveness to their email. It certainly is not a tactic used by most eCommerce brands.

The point is that you should remind customers of the capabilities and benefits of the restocked product, and support it with a review if possible.

Violet Grey

Other back-in-stock email examples in this article promoted only one popular or best-selling product. 

While that works well for most online stores, it is not the only way to go in the back-in-stock notification emails.

Take inspiration from Violet Grey, a brand that specializes in high-end makeup and skincare:


Violet Grey sent the email with the subject line “Try Again?”. And in the email, they put together all their back-in-stock products rather than highlighting one product.

In the reminder, they also feature a few restocked products with images and descriptions.


What we love the most about this email is its short and crisp body copy.

Similar to AYR, in the beginning, Violet Grey explains why these products often “fly off the shelves.” As people spend more time at home due to the pandemic, at-home treatments are becoming more popular and causing Violet Grey’s products to sell out.

Notice how they add that there are “no guarantees” that the products will stay in stock for a long time. You better hurry and click that CTA button.

And after the customer does that, Violet Grey takes them to a dedicated landing page with all back-in-stock products:


Whether the customer has “been waiting for these” or not, Violet Grey cleverly takes them to this page with their popular products and aims to convert them.

You can replicate Violet Grey’s email strategy if you restock multiple products from the same category or brand.

Best Extension For Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock

Although default Magento 2 supports the stock alert email function, it has many limitations.

So to optimize your Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock email, we highly recommend you to install the Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension by BSS.


It is a terrific tool to utilize your Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock email.

INSTALL NOW: Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock by BSS!

Below is its full list of features:

  • Enable stock alert email for not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send back in stock email
  • Manage stock subscription in the Customer Account
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page, and search result page
  • Allow stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product


As we mentioned, Magento 2 Notify Me When In Stock emails are a goldmine waiting to be tapped. If you use them right, they can drive many more sales to your store.

So take inspiration from these five creative examples in this article and improve your back-to-stock emails now.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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