How To Send Review Reminder To Customers Via Email in Magento 2

How To Send Review Reminder To Customers Via Email In Magento 2

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1. Limitation of “Email” function in Magento 2 default.

As you may already know, the default Magento only allows sending customer emails to confirm orders, invoices, shipments etc, but not to remind customers to leave reviews about their purchased products. Thus, in order to request for feedbacks, store owners may have to send emails or messages manually. This will costs lots of time and effort, and the effectiveness cannot be measured and ensured. The lack of customer reviews could be a big disadvantage for any business since customers are now relying more on reviews to make purchase decision.

2. An effective tool to send requests and encourage customers to write product reviews in Magento 2

In order to help store owners overcome difficulty in collecting feedbacks from customers, BSSCommerce has developed an advanced extension – Review Reminder for Magento 2. No more sending one email at a time or filling customers’ email list manually, store owners now can send multiple emails to many customers automatically just by configuring in the backend. Furthermore, admin can even encourage customers to write reviews by sending them coupons as a reward. Having a good number of product reviews will increase the customer interaction as well as store reputation, which will lead to a boost in sales performance.

Following that, you can also consider how to manage Magento 2 reviews, including add, delete, etc to avoid negative reviews.

3. How “Review reminder for Magento 2” works

Now let’s take a closer look at detailed features of this extension.

How Review reminder can be configured in the backend

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Store owners can set a timer for sending the first review reminder email after certain days. This function helps customers have enough time to use the products before being able to give the most accurate comments, but not too long before they lost attention to those products. Admin can also decide which customer group will receive reminder emails to avoid unnecessary disturbance to other groups.

review reminder magento 2 generla config

There are also other options of reminder emails for admin to customize such as email sender, email template, BCC and so on.

review reminder magento 2 email config

After reviewing the first product on the store, there will be a coupon code sent to customers via email. Price rule for coupons can be configured in backend path Marketing Cart Price RulesReview Reminder Cart Rule. Admin can decide options such as coupon usage, condition, discount amount and so on, like a regular price rule. You can visit our blog about How To Create Shopping Cart Price Rules in Magento 2 for more details. Email Templates for coupon email can also be changed and customized in Marketing Email Templates.

review reminder coupon option magento 2

Easy to manage customer orders and reminder email

Admin can manage orders and emails via a detailed grid in Review Reminder Logs. There are many available view options such as email, date of order, status, sent count, order number, actions and so on.

review reminder grid magento 2

How a reminder email looks like in customers’ mailbox

A detailed email will be delivered to customers for each order with information such as order number, date & time of the order, ordered items and quantity. The email includes links to each product of the order so customers can conveniently leave their feedbacks about each item in the order.

review reminder email template magento 2

Review reminder will automatically deliver a coupon code to customers after they submit their first review on the store.

review reminder magento 2 coupon template

4. Conclusion

With Review reminder for Magento 2 extension from BSSCommerce, the process of getting product feedbacks will be much easier and save lots of time, as a result, your customer interaction, as well as store reputation, are enhanced. Gradually, the sales and brand awareness of your store will grow higher and higher in the future.

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