Top 71 Magento Third-Party Tools To Build Your Perfect eCommerce Site

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To create a wonderful business for all necessary tasks, you need to increase the efficiency of your Magento store by integrating 3rd party software or services.

However, there are thousands of Magento tools available offering different features for business and you probably don’t know which ones are necessary for your online store. 

That is why we provide you this article of good third-party solutions to help you easily build your own Magento business.

Magento Debugging and Development Tools

Developing an eCommerce website or a web application and Magento requires some tools to assist problems like debugging and development tools. We can place a hold on the domination position within your business. To avoid some issues while using Magento, you can find a bunch of third party solutions below!

These tools will help you to track down problems or keep going on the site.  


  1. Commerce bug 3 ($99.95) is one of the debugging extension tools for every developer. Commerce bug allows your store to quickly, easily add what you need to do and do it such as adding new features or fixing things.
  2. Magento Debugger: is a Chrome extension, which lets developers debug the Magento store in an easy and fast way. This extension helps store owners access the database queries, models, blocks and the reset password function if you need it. 
  3. Magento Debug: is another Magento Debugging tools. This toolbar shows developers all the information about Magento modules on and off, RAM usage and finds the problems in Magento Enterprise full page cache debug. 
  4. Mgt Tool($49): this extension is used for analyzing your Magento shop and find possible performance bottlenecks. Many professional developers and frontend guys use this tool due to its advantages such as you can see how the blocks are rendered and which templates are used.
  5. EcomDev PHPUnit: this tool is built to test modules, models, and blocks. This extension allows the admin to find configuration issues, errors in rewrites and check if a module behaves with a set of incoming data.
  6. Easy template path hints: developers use it to enable or disable the template path hints (along with block name) for both backend and frontend with ease in a secure way. Just by query strings, this Magento extension 2 is really helpful for debugging from pages or transactional templates.
  7. N98 Magerun CLI Tools: is a great CLI tool, like a Swiss army knife for Magento developers. It is based on Symfony console package, which provides some handy tools to work with Magento from the command line. If you want to install Magento system magerun, it’s very useful to follow the command using.
  8. Aoe Advanced Template Hints: is a simple extension that extends the default Magento Templates Hints. By adding more information on each block, this extension offers advanced template hints, including all blocks, module names, nesting info, and methods available for the CMS page ID.
  9. Aoe Magento profiler: is a more useful tool that helps the admin debug and weed out performance problems easily. It is free to use and provides the nested tree structure that expands and collapses sections and blocks. This extension takes a long time to load but you can cater to an optimized website for your store which is needed to focus. 
  10. Connect Direct Download: is a Chrome extension without pear. It makes Magento easier when it can automatically add direct download buttons from Magento pages.

Magento Migration and Version Checking Tools

When you are considering moving your shop to the new server, you might need Magento migration and Version checking tools to migrate your Magento install up to date. By keeping track of required updates, developers will need these six tools below:


  1. Version Check for Magento ($10): this extension determines what version they are running, and only works with Magento’s Community Edition. This tool indicates whether the version is in use is outdated so that you can improve detection in the future version for security.
  1. Up to Date: is one of the Chrome extensions running on any websites ( Drupal, WordPress and Community Edition). This extension can keep the version status of your web applications on track. 
  1. Magento 2 Database Backup (from$99): is an extension to save important files, directories, and data backups in the cloud. It can be accessed easily anytime, anywhere via the Internet. For security, it is totally safe, and you never have to worry about losing your data.
  1. Moving tool 2.0 ($45): is a migration tool from serving to another server. This extension makes users comfortable with scripting languages to transfer files and settings between Windows PCs, Also available from CodeCanyon.
  1. CMS and Configuration Migrator (€195): this extension can get you an overview of the changes needed and push them in Magento data setup in your installation.
  2. Import/Export Orders (From $99): allows the admin to export/import orders data, including all customers and guest information, without distortion or lost files. 
Up to date

Magento Catalog Management Tools

To make product management easier, faster and more efficient, these tools let you drive into the architecture of a Magento page to ensure that the management and arrangement of the product are the most effective. 


1. Tigermin ($60): it is an easier and time-saving way when the admin adds products to the “must-have” list. This extension quickly finds and edit products by searching for custom attributes.

2. Store Manager (free trial; regular versions from $249): this extension is an exceptional and good tool. You must have this tool if you’re managing a large catalog of products, many customers, or a high volume of orders in bulk. This solution makes Magento store management much easier and quicker.

3. Mass product actions ($139): this extension increases the efficiency of catalog management. It helps to instantly change prices, manage attribute sets and categories, spread custom options and images, and related products.

4. Product Manager ($399): This extension will get you in terms of time, effort, impact and ability to influence your organization. You can have Excel to edit your product catalog and sort a list using customize views.

5. Product Manager Toolkit (from $249): this extension is a must-have for all store owners. It makes extra functionality on the product grid which allows you to apply mass actions to multiple products at a time. You can improve your product management performance by editing all product data right on the product grid.

6. Multistore Search Fields (€9): allows you to select the attributes to use in the advanced search per website/store view.

7. Admin Product Grid (from $129): is used for editing products directly from the grid such as New product attributes, Grid columns, edit attributes within the grid – no reloads.

8. Bulk Image Uploader (from $99): The module allows you to import images và assign to multiple products. When you want to collect the necessary images, you can now get multiple images for different store items imported and assigned in bulks.

9. Age Verification (from $89): is effective for cores, rating reviews, search results, and social metrics. This extension would help stores prevent identity fraud, deal with legality while protecting users from accessing unsuitable sites.

10. Image Optimizer ($30): this extension will increase your page speeds by the way of optimization. Using this free online extension, your page will increase page speeds and will also improve conversion rates, sales, and sign-ups. This can optimize all your images from a single page using Bulk Scanner and optionally convert your images to the best file format.

11. Image gallery ($79): This extension offers certain features to manage such albums easily. Instead of adding one by one item/ album to the gallery, you can save your time by importing CSV files to the site to create multiple albums/ items at the same time. This extension allows to display a gallery page and customers can find the image and galleries related to your company.

12. Social Media Product Update (€145): is one of the best social extensions from hundreds of social share extensions in the marketplace. This is an effective tool that can easily help customers to share favorite products with friends and relatives on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn and all other networks supported by BufferApp. 

Magento Scheduling Tools

You may need to track down some problems by purchasing these extensions below. Magento Scheduling Tools aim to visualize the timeline and to get some deeper insight into what’s going on behind the scenes and shed some light on what might be going wrong. That will help you understand Cron tasks running in the website background with Magento.

1. Aoe Scheduler : this module manages your schedules tasks and cron jobs whether they are firing, completing and successful or not. Aoe scheduler extension visualizes the timeline and gets some deeper insights into what might be going wrong on your server.

2. Centerkom Scheduler: This extension helps your admin to manage your scheduler tasks. You will have a simple tool to show scheduler and cron from Magento, in one place. This extension shows your code, expression and all information about the execute time, current status and messages in cron.

3. Cron Scheduler : This extension allows you to manage existing and custom Cron tasks directly from the Magento 2 back office. 

Marketing, Reporting and Analytics Tools for Magento

The better you know about clients, the more you gain from a marketing strategy. These extensions will help store owners improve their site, processes, and messaging. These analytics drive eCommerce store performance by understanding what their customers are doing within the store.


  1. Razzo tool (from $29): extracts high-quality data through intuitive graphs and dashboards. Through the usage of their integrated API, this solution connects to your e-commerce platform and helps you get an instant overview of your Magento store.
  2. Market Segmentation Suite (from $199): This extension is based on customer purchase history, demographics, spending, and engagement. Market Segmentation suite allows creating multiple segmentation rules and applying them to several customers at the same time. It’s clear that a better targeting with a useful tool item can create a good marketing campaign. 
  3. Customer Attributes (from $99): allows you to extra fields to the user registration screen in Magento. 
  4. Customer Purchases (from $99): this extension can easily monitor your buyer’s purchases directly from the customer information page. With the Customer Purchases extension display customer’s orders in a single list in the admin area.
  5. Google Analytics: is a free Google service that is built into Magento. With this tool, the admin can monitor traffic and collect data from your website. Running a business, one of the biggest factors in traffic. Hence, it is crucial to analyze the website’s traffic and conversion ratio. 
  6. Sweet Tooth (from $59/mo): this extension can simply increase your income. It is used by eCommerce around the globe to set up a customer loyalty program. As an extension for Magento, it is highly customization on how customers spend their points, a referral program that is the ability to exchange products for points. This extension is paid, but worth. The cheapest cost $59 per month, and it contains up to 1000 loyalty points transaction per month.
  7. Product Sales Information (€145): this extension gives you a real overview of the lists of items sold such as how much you sold in the last month. 
  8. Product and Profit Ratio (€9): compute the profit and profit ratio for each product after entering its net costs, store owners can calculate the price based on the lowest price value. Advanced Reports (from $159): a perfect tool that represents data like financial performance reports, stock levels regularly.
  9. Promotion Rule Banners (€245): this extension allows you to schedule promotion in a long period along with multiple locations and banners based on the catalog and Shopping cart price rules.

Magento SEO and Navigation Tools

Magento SEO is an important part of doing business online, everyone knows that!. Nowadays, search engines become cleverer and you have to optimize your store to hit the top of search results. And we’ll happily assist you: 


  1. SEO suite (from $149): the extension interferes with the native Magento SEO tool. You can use more than 20 templates to optimize metadata on multiple store pages and solve duplicate content issues. To make life easier for developers, the plugin will create SEO tools for optimizing category, product reviews, and layered navigation pages.
  2. SEO Layered Navigation Plus ($99): an extension, fits in a large store with a great number of products. This module is a user-friendly navigation system. It is fully configured for each aspect of the layered navigation blocks so that you can have exactly how you want it. Besides that, price and search filters come along with handy widgets.
  3. Improved Navigation ($139): this is an essential tool for improving product search filtering on your Magento store. You will provide users with a quick and easy way to find products with numerous filtering options. Some main functions such as navigation menu and variety of filter updates optimize the store for mobile devices to improve customer experience and update the page with no reloads.

Magento Email Tools

The development of Email becomes a huge advantage for e-commerce stores to attract shoppers to potential customers. These following tools will improve sales for the store.


  1. Custom SMTP (from $99): is used to deliver emails in eCommerce stores. This module helps you to promptly set up and send emails to customers in the blink of an eye. Every outgoing email is saved in a grid for better management.
  2. Custom Form Builder Flexibleforms (from $159): creates responsive contact forms with multiple templates, themes and customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. Contact Form Builder flexible forms are the best tool for quickly arranging a form for your clients and visitors.
  3. SMTP Pro: is the best free, open-source SMTP solution for Magento. It gives merchants a chance to prevent email from going into the junk/spam folder of recipients.
  4. MageMonkey: is used for MailChimp and Mandrill. It allows you to sync customer data with your MailChimp account. It’s currently the most up-to-date and fully-featured Magento extension for Mailchimp integration. You will also need Mandrill (available through MailChimp login) to power your Magento transactional emails. The extension will take care of sending Products, Orders, Carts, Customers, Promo Codes and Subscribers to Mailchimp cloud allowing the use of all the features.
  5. Follow Up Email ($149): can be used as an email marketing automation platform, the extension has a lot of options to send your emails directly through the platforms and categorize responses. The extension has a lot of options and triggers that fire off emails to entice them back or just to say thank you. 

Magento Order and Shipping Management Tools

In running a Magento 2 eCommerce retail business, you have to deal with hundreds of orders every day. Magento Order and Shipping Management are designed to make the order fulfillment correct and fast. Let’s consider these extensions for commerce order-processing automation speed.

  1. COD and Invoice Payment (€9): is a type of transaction in which the recipient makes payment for a good at the time of delivery. 
  2. Maximum Order Amount (€155): functions only on the frontend area since we want to limit the order amount of customers. Hence, this helps to stop running up large debts that customers can not pay.
  3. Order Management (from $149): is developed for the admin to manage and classify the orders quickly and easily from numerous records with tags orders and filter them according to the labels you’ve assigned.  
  4. Backorder Status (€95): when the orders are out of stock at the current purchase, so back- orders will work in this case. This extension provides the admin with a tool to display custom stock status for products or add custom stock status, products type for back-orders in your Magento store
  5. Multi-shipping (from $199): Magento’s multiple shipping is powerful in itself. This extension is an add-on for sellers to follow this shipping method. Buyers can choose a separate shipping service from different vendors in the same order.  
  6. Smart Grid Actions (€95): this extension allows the admin to add the specific grid to speed up repeating tasks in every order handling. This smart actions are not only available for the sales/ order grid but also works with Genmato pending orders extensions. This grid extension a great tool for speeding up the efficiency of your admin.
  7. Package List PDF(€95): this extension is configurable from backend which instantly creates a PDF of the items to fulfill an order. This tool also works with Genmato Pending OrderGrid and Google CloudPrint extensions.
  8. Multi-Warehouse Management (from $189): equips your shop with an advanced Magento 2 warehouse management tool. If you have many warehouses in different multi-location, this extension is here to help you control your inventory and easily split inventory/order on a website or a store view level. Security is completely ensured when you can grant different access levels in each warehouse.
  9. Easy Order Pick & Pack (€395): use a clear view of your orders with status. When ordering items in your warehouse, you will have to spend time finding your order and make sure it is the right one. This plugin is compatible with a barcode scanner, so it reduces the product mismatch risk when the order is prepared.
  10. Pending Order Grid (€125): This is a must need for any Magento store, because it makes shows you the orders that need to be shipped, filtering out all orders that are already shipped or canceled.
  11. Address Label PDF (€95): creates an address PDF format and defines the label size, page size, field location, layout, and page background. 
  12. Uncancel order: is a great tool for uncancelled orders with easy and free installation.
  13. Direct Debit SEPA (€155): collects and manages payments through an online dashboard, or by connecting GoCardless to partner integration. It is a Europe-wide Direct Debit system that allows merchants to collect Euro-denominated payments from accounts.

Integration Tools for Magento

Everyone knows that Magento is a huge eCommerce while WordPress, Facebook, MageMonkey,etc..and other platforms become partners with Magento. It is blogging and makes their tasks much easier.  


  1. WordPress integrated Search: this is the number one blogging and content management system for Magento 1 and Magento 2. WordPress extension will help your customers to make informed purchasing decisions and prevent shopping cart abandonment. Each time your customer uses your Magento search form, they will see the blog search results as well as the product search results. This extension search for your Magento product.
  2. Mage Monkey: connects blogs Magento with MailChimp and Mandrill.
  3. Facebook Connect and Like: enables fast and easy customer registration and login with their Facebook identity.  It allows liking any page in your shop.
  4. Stock Update Push: you could flag all orders that have been sent to the ERP (update a custom attribute against an order). This allows you to track orders that Magento knows about, but the ERP doesn’t. It also pushes the new product quantity to an external URL when a new order assigned.
  5. Google Cloud Print for PDF: Google Cloud Print makes it easy to print to printers using old-fashioned paper, but it shines when used as a capture tool for digital information, especially for Magento. It is time-saving because you can print your PDF directly from Magento admin to the printers.

Export Tools for Magento

If you need to transfer data from your old store or back up some important information to restore in your future- an export tool is what you need to resort to.

  1. PDF Catalog : is used to present a printed PDF as it needed to be converted from your Magento. It is a simple and powerful tool for creating the catalog, building fliers, data sheets and promotional posters for Magento shops.
  2. Data Feed (from €95): configures your data feeds with the Data feed manager. It allows you to export/import patterns into and from Magento 2 admin. Your data feed will be listed according to IDs. For each data feed pattern, you will find the name of the file, its path as well as the link to the data feed file. 
  3. Orders Export Tool (from €95): This plugin allows you to export all the orders data from your Magento admin into XML or TXT/CSV files. These files can then be transferred into your CRM/ERP software or can be used for reporting purposes. The way this extension deals with the orders data is very simple

Inventory Tools for Magento

  1. Inventory Management (from $99/mo): the extension is the right solution to help you arm your stock status and allows any stock information to be auto-refreshed in the exact time.
  2. Inventory log: this extension keep the log of product inventory for every single transaction.  

Hopefully, these tools will help developers and admins connect your eCommerce store to external third-party services and give customers more options and improve user experience. These third-party extensions are already chosen by top eCommerce development companies around the globe.

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