5 Sales Boosting Tactics: Challenges, Tips And Magento Apps For It

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Boost your sales x10 times with these sales tactics and the best Magento apps to apply them!

As an online store owner, we believe that your only and ultimate goal is to boost sales.

That’s why almost every day, a new sales tactic seems to pop up. And you easily can be lost in the matrix of those strategies. There are too many marketing approaches, and each approach needs specific Mageto apps and tips to handle.

So in this article, we will discuss the 5 best sales tactics and the best Magento apps to boost your sales significantly.

Let’s explore them!

Why Are Your Sales Low?


First of all, let’s get to the bottom of the biggest question: Why are your sales low?

If your store is running smoothly and you’re overall satisfied with your sales and just want to boost it even more, then you can skip this part.

But if your sales are low no matter how hard you try, then maybe it is because of one or two reasons below:

  • No upsell and cross-sell: Upsell and cross-selling can motivate your customers to buy more than they plan and bring you more extra sales, so ignoring these two will be a huge loss.
  • No driving repeat purchase: You should know that acquiring a new customer can cost four to five times more than retaining an existing customer. So instead of only focusing on new customers, you should take care of current ones.
  • Lack of trust: When you are new to a market, or you are selling new release products, people would have doubts about the quality.
  • Poor website performance: Slow loading speed, poor design, lack of content, etc., are some reasons that can bring down your sales.
  • No communication with customers: It takes time to build a good relationship with your customers, so you need to find ways to communicate with them frequently.

So what is the solution for these problems? Check out the sales tactics to solve them in the next part.

5 Boost Sales Tactics And The Best Magento Apps To Apply Them

Product recommendations


The first tactic is the one that Amazon has successfully applied in their strategies and made it a gold standard for eCommerce businesses. 

Product recommendations aim to expand customers’ shopping carts by using algorithms to predict and present related products that customers are most likely to be interested in.

It is an extremely useful strategy for upselling and cross-selling.


You need to make sure your product recommendations serve both your customers and your strategies.

Your best sellers sometimes have nothing to do with what customers need or cannot trigger them enough to make them buy more.


  • Only show relevant products: Don’t show unhelpful products. It will make your recommendations untrustful to customers, and they won’t care about it anymore.
  • Display a limited number of recommendations: We think 5 to 10 recommendation products is the optimized number. Too many can make customers confused.

Best Magento apps


Magento 2 Customers Also Bought/Also Viewed by BSS

Price: $79

Customers Also Bought/Also Viewed Magento app by BSS is the best extension to set up relevant product sections in the product page or cart page.

This extension generates your customers’ real view browsing and purchases history to show suggested products.

It also allows you to display two separate suggesting blocks: Also Bought (based on buying behavior) and Also Viewed (based on viewing behavior)

Loyalty programs


A study shows that loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. And according to InMoment, 60% of loyal customers will make more frequent purchases.

So running a loyalty program in your store to retain customers is one of the most effective methods to boost sales.


In this competitive eCommerce environment, every business wants to create their own loyalty programs, so it is hard to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, to build a loyalty program, you need to set up a reward management system, and it is quite hard and time-consuming if you are not tech-savvy.


  • Create communities: Building a community where you and your customers can interact frequently is one of the best ways to retain customers.
  • Apply tier rewards: Set a tiered loyalty program based on spending level and offer different benefits or discounts for each customer tier to motivate them to buy more and stay longer.
  • Surprise gifts: Give customers surprising incentives to bring out the wow effect and make them more excited and impressed.

Best Magento apps


Magento 2 Reward Points by BSS

Price: $199

Points are a great incentive to make customers return to your store and to convert visitors to our regular customers.

Reward Points by BSS allows you to reward your customers by point for several actions (registration, first order, purchase, review submission, birthday, etc.

It also encourages customers to spend these points on purchasing products so they can buy more and the store owner can earn more.

You can also limit the valid period of reward points to urge customers to come back to use up their points soon.

Cart abandonment reduction


Cart abandonment is one of the most headache problems for store owners 

You have offered interesting products that customers want to buy, but for many reasons, in the end, they don’t complete the purchase. 

Understanding and fixing those reasons that lead to cart abandonment is very essential. If you can recover left-behind carts, your sales will increase enormously.


As we mentioned above, there are many reasons that lead to cart abandonment. To recover abandoned carts, you need to apply multiple tactics at once.

However, the main idea to reduce cart abandonment rate is reminding customers of the abandoned carts so they can come back and finish their checkout.


  • Send multiple reminder emails: Use email chains to convert customers better. But consider the email sending frequency carefully to avoid bothering them.
  • Offer appealing deals: Don’t just remind them of the abandoned cart. Also offer them some exclusive offers to motivate them to finish their checkout.
  • Enable wishlist feature: Allow customers to create a wishlist for products they are not ready to buy right away so they can save it in a separate section and return later.

Best Magento apps


Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2 by Mageplaza

Price: $79

Abandoned Cart Email extension by Mageplaza allows you to configure abandoned cart emails with ease. You can generate unlimited emails in the backend with the specific time, sender and email template.

You also can apply coupons in the email and make it personalized for each individual customer.

Increase engagement


Building a close relationship with your customers is an amazing way to boost sales in the long term.

Businesses are now making use of all possible platforms to reach their buyers, including social media.

Besides, customers tend to trust social proof more than whatever the brand says. Hence, product reviews are really good for your business. 


Customers may not have time to comment, share or rate a product. 

You need to give them motivation so they can spend time engaging with your brand and leave useful reviews for the next visitors.


  • Give rewards: Offer small rewards such as free gifts or extra points to motivate customers to interact with you.
  • Include rates information to search results: Display the products’ ratings in the search results so visitors can check them easily.
  • Respond to your customers: Don’t let the conversation happen in only one way. Remember to reply to customers’ comments to show your appreciation.

Best Magento apps


Magento 2 Advanced Review by BSS

Price: $99

Magento 2 Advanced Review extension can enhance your store default review with extended features for customers.

It allows customers to add specific pros and cons to their opinions about the items. And they can freely choose among the list of pros and cons from previous shoppers or to create new ones themselves.

You can also set up explicit custom rating values to separate each rating factor.

This extension also visualizes the product rating ratio with a rating summary graph so customers can check the review quickly without reading comments.

Sales promotions


If other tactics don’t work, then offering extra motivation is your ultimate move.

In fact, 93% of customers want to have good deals by using discount codes or coupons.

There are many sales promotion campaigns you can create: discounts, deals, free delivery offers. etc.


To make your sales promotion campaigns work, you need to make them look appealing and easy to understand. 

Another challenge is that shoppers will use as many promotions as they can in one transaction, so the admin needs to prepare for complex promotions applications.


  • Use your best sellers or latest products: Creating deals for these items is the easiest way to attract customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Limit availability: Scarcity is always a good card to play, as it can trigger immediate decisions.
  • Consider suitable campaigns: Use A/B tests or past results for better management and future strategy building.

Best Magento apps

There isn’t any Magento app that can cover all sale promotion campaigns for you. You will need multiple tactics and multiple extensions, and a lot of creativity.

LEARN MORE about sales promotion ideas and the best Magento apps to apply them here!


In this article, we have shown you the 5 best sales-boosting tactics with detailed challenges, tips and the best Magento apps to apply it.

We hope this blog can help you choose the best strategies to x10 your sales.

Good luck to you!

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