5+ Common Magento Checkout Custom Field Problems Causing Revenue Loss

by Trang Tran

E-commerce stores are fully aware of critical challenges during the checkout process. Due to high fraud rates and chargebacks, online commerce is substantially more expensive for firms. Since the epidemic, this has gotten worse, with a 31% spike in chargebacks since 2020. So how does Magento checkout custom field come into play?


Meanwhile, low checkout conversion and high cart abandonment rates indicate squandered significant revenue potential. While e-commerce cart abandonment rates have never been favorable in previous years, they are expected to worsen in 2022 for most industries.

Luckily, we have a Magento checkout custom field as a solution for almost issues causing revenue loss. How? Let’s dive into the following factors.

Unprofessional, Dated Design

When we meet someone for the first time or visit a website, the first and most crucial impression is always visual. Even if your store is entirely legitimate, a terrible first impression can often dissuade clients from making a purchase.

Since first impressions are created in 0.05-0.1 seconds, you don’t have much time to persuade your prospects. 

Customers will not be enticed to shop at an online business with an unprofessional appearance. Customers will be hesitant to engage with your site if the design is blatantly antiquated, breaks apart, missing graphics, and buttons are nowhere to be found.


This type of design not only degrades the customer experience but also communicates a message. It indicates that you cannot maintain or fix your website, implying that your organization is experiencing difficulties. And no one will want to buy from a company that does not make an effort to appear trustworthy.

A customer will enjoy a smooth checkout experience if the site is tidy and well-designed.

Your checkout page is one of the important places where a robust design can make or break a sale, so read our tips to customize Magento checkout page for best practices!

Bad User Experience

The loss of user experience is frequently due to aspects that the user should not have observed in the first place.

This case could indicate that your checkout page isn’t personalized and that you do not care about your customers. However, with Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field, you can use additional fields to show your concern for customers through a personalized. 

Besides, according to data, 53% of visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to open. Thus, a seamless checkout process encourages speedy purchases.

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On the other hand, not mobile-friendly and breaks down on a small screen is also a problem on check out page. According to recent studies, a brief look at the numbers shows that by 2021, 54% of all retail e-commerce will be completed on mobile devices.

Or perhaps your website is cluttered with irrelevant pop-ups and auto-carousels that serve no function because they are not tailored and serve to distract the visitor.

Typically, navigation, up-sells, relevant product offers, and other similar features should be naturally delivered to the customer, rather than interrupting or detracting from their experience.

Too Much Magento Checkout Custom Field 

In recent years, nearly all research on cart abandonment rates has established that the third most common reason people quit their cart – behind high/unexpected prices and forced account signup – is that the checkout procedure is too complicated.


Most eTailers ignore this crucial fact: individuals will only go through a lengthy process if the perceived value of the goods they want to buy is high.

A complicated check-out can be perfectly justified and catalyze the IKEA effect in the case of complex products where the client spends a significant amount of time researching, comparing costs, and choosing the most acceptable solution.

You have to customize the checkout page with fields that can gather customer data while reducing unnecessary sections. By this, you need Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field, which helps you modify the default Magento checkout page. It is also easy to disable fields when required. 

Remember that your customer expects an effortless, speedy checkout if they want to buy minor appliances, food, clothing, or other relatively low-value, everyday things.

Check out Customize Checkout Page In Magento 2 to learn from the ten best implementation examples.

Payment Failures (and Uncertainty)

Imagine that: After reviewing things in your cart and the shipping methods, you’ve entered your billing information, and everything appears in order. When you press the check-out button, nothing happens. The website goes down.

Is the order confirmed? Or is the transaction complete? 

Have you ever experienced something similar?

If you answered yes, you can quickly put yourself in the shoes of a consumer who has had payment difficulties. The outcomes are confusion, frustration, angry emails in the support inbox, and transaction abandonment.

To prevent this situation, always ensure that online customers can pay safely and securely on your site – that the service does not crash, that payments are processed correctly, and that orders are completed and tracked simultaneously.

Doubtful Voucher Codes When Checking Out


Many of them leave your website to seek coupon codes when customers check out. Your customer may not bother to redo the check-out procedure if they don’t discover it straight away, or you may find the thing cheaper elsewhere. 

Hence, you may always be aware of what your consumers are experiencing during the checkout process if you include a feedback button during the transaction. Exit feedback, prompted by mouse movements, might help you determine why your consumers depart during the checkout process.

There are various ways to assist your visitors during this process, from the Magento checkout custom field to minimizing or even deleting the header and footer on checkout pages to help reduce distractions. It also means that the voucher codes must be visible during checkout. 

Having straightforward navigation is beneficial to your company’s openness and converting visitors into buyers.

Lack of Security and Privacy Leaks


Data breaches are one of the most catastrophic events for online companies. Thousands, if not millions, occur each year, ranging from minor eCommerce sites hacked by backdoor-exploiting bots to significant scandals. 

There was news about attacks that leaked millions of user data from organizations and services, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Parler, Pixlr, T-Mobile, Microsoft Exchange, ClubHouse, and GEICO in 2021 — the list goes on.

According to Chuprina, 21% of consumers are afraid their credit card data will be stolen, and 19% believe their confidential data may be misused. 

As a result, never sell a product without a guarantee — it will appear suspicious and create doubt in the minds of potential customers.

Additional Charges

We have already mentioned the first common cause for cart abandonment: your store can confront users with unexpected or unexpectedly high prices at the end of the checkout process.

Of course, if your online store caters to foreign customers, some regional characteristics may come into play; account for shipping costs and customs. 

However, if you don’t communicate your prices clearly, you’ll lose a lot of purchases over the internet. Fortunately, the remedy is straightforward.

Don’t worry. There is a solution for you. Always show the total price, including tax and any additional charges. Indicate shipping costs throughout the checkout process, not just at the end. Also, there are no hidden fees.

Lack of Support and No Live Chat

If you don’t give customer support, you not only deny help to individuals who have already purchased anything from you, but you’re also potentially alienating potential customers.

Customers will have a lot of queries, especially if your product descriptions and attributes aren’t clear. They will simply walk away and not make the transaction in the first place if they experience terrible customer service.

According to Ameyo’s research, “57% of customers would rather contact companies via digital media rather than use voice-based customer support.”

Thus, try to provide a live chat on the website, or if not, a support email can also help. You can set up live chat in a few hours, significantly enhancing your user experience.

Unclear Confirmation Page and Email at the end of the Purchase


Last but not least, a specific landing page for your customers is a critical step. While it’s essential to manage your customers’ expectations and keep them informed about the next steps in our journey, an email for each stage is not preferred.

For example, thank you for your order; your carpet is being prepared to be shipped to you right now.

An email confirmation follows this. There are numerous issues to consider in this step. Spending some time crafting the appropriate confirmation emails is well worth the effort. 

Furthermore, customer feedback can also benefit the checkout process. You might include a feedback survey in your emails so that your consumers can provide input on the procedure. You may then optimize to their needs based on the information gleaned from these surveys.


There are many challenges if you only use the default Magento checkout, which any store can use. Magento checkout custom field is a better choice.

However, you have to provide the appropriate fields to gather information and reduce as much as possible all distractions. Besides, security is also a critical factor in determining whether customers make a purchase or not. Don’t forget to put a trust badge or guarantee on the checkout page. 

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