Customize Magento Checkout Page: 7+ Tips To Improve Conversion Rate

According to studies, the average cart abandonment rate was 80% in 2021. It leads to hundreds of billions of dollars in lost sales. Another way, most consumers who add an item to their shopping basket do not purchase it. You can’t afford to lose that kind of money. Luckily, you can recoup billions in lost sales by doing Magento customize the checkout page.

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It would help to optimize your checkout because recovering a few of those sales could make a significant difference in your business and provide you with the income you require to grow.

To be more specific, let’s dive in now!

Why Your Customer Abandon Cart At Checkout Page?

Before you find a way to improve the checkout page conversion rates, you must know why many customers abandon their cart.

We can summarize in following reasons:

  • First, customers dislike being shocked by shipping fees and other unexpected charges.
  • It’s also a red flag if they can’t figure out the pricing upfront.
  • It’s a turnoff to form an account to make a purchase.
  • Complex checkouts deter customers.
  • According to most studies on shopping cart abandonment, many people don’t trust the website they’re purchasing on.

According to Statista’s research, shipping is a significant issue, whether it’s a lack of guest checkout, uncertainty regarding shipping prices, or slow arrival.


(Source: Statista)

Nevertheless, several folks are simply browsing or studying and are not yet ready to purchase. For some, lousy site navigation is also a turnoff.

All of these flaws might turn off potential customers and cost you money.

However, you do not have to lose money at the last stage. Instead, use our advice to improve your checkout process and increase revenue. Here are the Magento customize checkout page improvements we recommend.

How To Improve Conversion Rate At Magento Checkout Page?

According to research, the average cart abandonment rate is slightly around 80%, costing e-commerce businesses $18 billion every year. In other words, sales have been lost. Hence, it would be best if you did some Magento customize checkout pages to reduce these abandonment difficulties and enhance the conversion rate.

Use exit-intent

Exit-intent popups are among the most successful techniques for online retailer e-commerce sites to recover abandoned carts. This cutting-edge OptinMonster technology detects when users are about to leave your site and sends them a personalized message just as they are ready to go.

Ideally, it will help you reduce dozens of cart abandonment. Proof that Wild Water Adventures recovered $61,000 in sales and converted 160 leads by displaying this message to abandoning visitors.


To show your exit-intent popup effectively just on the checkout page, use exit-intent with our page-level targeting tool. You can also get people’s attention by doing the following:

  • Posing a problem
  • Offer a coupon to encourage them to go shopping
  • Requesting that they register so that you can offer them a voucher

On the other hand, you can capture email addresses to make future email marketing easier. Coupons are popular, and they’re an excellent way to entice visitors back to your site or send follow-up emails after they’ve left. 

Offer guest checkouts

According to the Baymard study, 24% of customers abandoned carts because they had to create an account to shop. That’s a significant amount of potential customers.

And the solution is straightforward: provide a guest checkout option so that visitors can shop without creating an account.

It is, without a doubt, easier for you when customers create an account. This allows you to connect with them in the future for marketing purposes.

It is reasonable to offer an additional discount as an incentive to create an account. You can also inquire, as Asos does below:


In the end, it all relates to personal preference. Mobile users, who are more inclined to favor a guest checkout option, are also affected.

If you worry that these customers may not take the necessary steps to order more of your products, we have a solution to covert Guests to Customers for you. 

Magento customize checkout page

Magento customize checkout page tips are essential that almost Magento stores are generating to make the checkout pages more personalized and seamless.

It will pay off to get the layout of your payment page just right. Users dislike crowded websites, especially on mobile. As a result, one of our most popular web design recommendations for this year is minimalist design on mobile.

Minimize headers and footers

Your visitors should only be looking at the online checkout on your checkout page. Remove the navigation header and footer menus, and replace them with information on shipping and payment processors or trust signals like your TrustPilot rating.

Choosing the proper fields

According to research, the fewer fields clients must fill out, the higher the checkout’s UX performance rate, i.e., the more probable the customer will be able to complete the transaction swiftly and efficiently.

According to the same report, the top 60 US and EU online shops have an average of only 5.1 checkout processes. Allowing visitors to click a box whether their billing and delivery addresses match and offering a guest checkout option are two of the most acceptable ways to implement this suggestion.


(Source: Baymard)

Thus, you have to choose appropriate fields that can help you collect important data and not annoy customers.

With Magento customize checkout page module, you can easily customize the default checkout page with more valuable fields. TRY THE DEMO NOW!

Contain multiple checkout buttons on your product pages

It is a fundamental CRO (conversion rate optimization). Customers are more likely to act if they spend less time hunting for those buttons or ‘conversion points.’

Include approximate shipping dates

That word, transparency, comes up again. You’ve already gotten the user’s zip code and phone number, so the very least you can do is give them an estimated delivery date. This method may seem insignificant, but it adds to priceless brand trust.


DOWNLOAD Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field to easily customize the Magento checkout page with the estimated delivery date!

Show the checkout flow

Showing visitors where they are in the checkout process is an excellent method to lessen visitor dissatisfaction. You can get either number of the steps or use a progress bar to accomplish this. People are more inclined to stay if they can see a visible indicator that they’re making progress.


Furthermore, use analytics and testing to determine where your checkout flow needs improvement.

As we’ve seen, analytics can reveal where you’re losing clients. A/B testing will also assist you in experimenting with different approaches to keep them on your site. 

Highlight customer reviews

According to the Statista chart, 40% of customers abandon baskets because they’re only looking. And 38% leave the checkout page to do some product research.

Occasionally, visitors require assurance that they are making the correct choice. Customer feedback can assist with this.

Have you ever noticed that most products on big internet merchants come with a star rating? This also occurs at the cash register. It’s a terrific approach to reassure customers that they’re making the right decision.

Consider this Magento customized checkout page example:


Add an upsell

Don’t only focus on getting customers to complete the current deal regarding checkout page optimization. Encourage them to purchase even more.

An in-cart upsell is one way to accomplish this. It can be conducted by:

  • Showing customers items that are related to what they’re already purchasing
  • Offering an upsell immediately following a purchase

Consider the following scenario:


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Offer a down-sell

A down-sell is an option if clients do not complete a transaction and do not respond to an upsell. This can help to develop trust by giving the shopper a budget-friendly option.

If your customers look at a specific item and then return to hunt for a cheaper alternative, it’s time to offer a down-sell. This information can be seen in Google Analytics’ Behavior Flow report, which tracks users’ movement through the site.

Use mobile-friendly design

Did you know that mobile commerce sales will reach $3.56 trillion in 2021—22.3 percent more than the $2.91 trillion it registered in 2020?

As a result, you’ll lose business unless you customize Magento mobile checkout page usability. To make your checkout page mobile-friendly, do the following:

  • Make sure your mobile checkout is functional.
  • Streamline the checkout process.
  • Checkout as a guest
  • Use auto-fill to show the checkout progress
  • Make mobile payment options available.

Some of these optimizations have already been addressed, but they’re especially critical for mobile checkout.

The conclusion

You can not avoid cart abandonment; however, you can decrease the rate by doing Magento customize checkout page. 

In general, you may now design a user-friendly checkout page. While there can be single-page or multi-page checkout, your process must be quick and straightforward, with no cost-related surprises that may turn users. 

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