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Top 5+ Best Magento eBay Integration Methods

​​Connecting Magento with eBay can significantly grow your business by combining the strengths of the eBay marketplace and the Magento platform. There are numerous Magento 2 integration solutions for eBay, each differing in price, features, and customer support. To make the best choice, list the essential data you need to sync and confirm that the chosen solution supports all your requirements.

In this article, we will introduce the Top 5 Best Magento eBay integrations to consider.

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How does Magento eBay integration work?

Magento eBay integration provides an efficient method for presenting your products on eBay. It simplifies the linkage between your eBay and Magento stores, facilitating smooth product inventory management.

Upon a sale on eBay, the stock levels in your Magento store are automatically adjusted. Bidirectional synchronization ensures that any modifications to synchronized product details, except stock levels, are updated consistently between both platforms. This guarantees that your product data remains consistent and current across both eBay and Magento.

Magento eBay integration is like giving your business a big boost. Here’s how it helps:

  • More Sales: Since eBay is widely known, connecting with it through Magento means more people can see and buy your products. This can lead to increased sales and more money for your business.
  • Easy Order Handling: The integration brings all your order information from eBay and Magento into one place. This makes tracking and handling orders from different places where you sell your stuff easier.
  • No Inventory Hassles: The system automatically updates your inventory on eBay and Magento. This way, you don’t accidentally sell things you don’t have or miss out on selling things you do have. It’s all about making your customers’ shopping experience smoother.
  • Save Time and Money: Using Magento eBay integration, you can set things up so that data moves between the two without you having to do it manually. This saves you time and resources, letting you focus on more critical parts of your business.

What steps to take before creating Magento and eBay integration?

Here’s what you need to do before hooking up Magento with eBay:

  • Gather Your Store Data: Get all the info about your store, both online and offline, organized in Magento. This step is crucial before connecting with eBay. It avoids mix-ups and makes handling inventory, orders, and customers easier. Syncing data across different channels is a breeze using a Magento 2 POS system.
  • Plan Your Data Sync: Figure out what kind of data you want to move between Magento and eBay. Decide if it’s a one-way street or a two-way exchange. Also, think about how often you want this data to sync—whether it’s happening in real-time or on a set schedule. This planning helps you pick the right connector that suits your needs perfectly.

5+ Best Magento eBay integration solutions

After considering advice from our experienced professionals with extensive work in Magento and system integration, customer feedback, and our thorough examination of each Magento eBay integration’s features, we have compiled the top solutions listed in ascending order of prices. Continue reading for more information to determine which solution aligns best with your requirements.

eBay Integration Add-on for Magento by Firebear Studio

eBay Integration Add-on for Magento by Firebear Studio

The Magento 2 eBay integration addon, created by Firebear, is a user-friendly module. It lets you smoothly connect and share information on Magento eBay integration. This includes products, categories, orders, prices, shipping details, and billing information. The addon makes it easy to map product attributes and categories, and it supports automatic and manual data updates.

Key Features

  • Supports two-way data sync between eBay and Magento 2.
  • Syncs various information like products, categories, orders, prices, shipping, and billing details.
  • Allows for automatic or manual updates of data.
  • Simplifies the mapping of products and categories between Magento and eBay.

Get in touch with Firebear to obtain specific details about pricing.


  • Installation is free
  • Receive a six-month support period.
  • Highly adaptable to meet your specific needs.


Before utilizing this addon, it is necessary to install Firebear’s Improved Import and Export extension.

eBay Integration for Magento by Store Manager for Magento

eBay Integration for Magento

Store Magento eBay integration is a tool created to assist Magento store owners in efficiently running their online businesses. Like Firebear’s situation, if you want to use their eBay Magento integration plugin, you must set up the Store Manager for Magento first.

The Magento eBay integration provided by the Store Manager for Magento makes it easy for you to take products from Magento and put them on eBay. This addon lets you link product categories between the two platforms automatically or manually. Additionally, your products can be seen by a broader global audience since eBay integration for Magento supports various regional eBay stores, such as those in the U.S., Spain, Australia, and more.

Key Features

  • Transfer items from the Store Manager product list to eBay effortlessly.
  • Automatically link Magento categories to corresponding eBay categories.
  • Assist users in scheduling the synchronization of products to eBay.
  • Empower users to customize exported fields, such as descriptions and images.
  • Provide the option to select specific regional eBay stores for your products.
  • Allow users to adjust auction settings, including auction types and prices.
  • Support personalized product presentation through built-in scripting.


  • Standard: $399
  • Professional: $699
  • Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise): $1,999


  • Capable of handling multiple eBay profiles, enabling users to switch between various eBay accounts effortlessly.
  • Requires a single payment.
  • Swift synchronization of data.


  • You must acquire the Store Manager for Magento software to utilize the addon.
  • Each add-on license key is valid for use on a single PC.
  • Orders need to be imported manually using this addon.

eBay Marketplace Integration – Magento 2 Extensions by Knowband

Ebay Marketplace Integration - Magento 2 ® Extensions

KnowBand’s Magento 2 eBay connector connector is well-regarded for its strong features and effective Magento eBay integration process. This module smoothly syncs products, orders, and inventory between Magento and eBay. It simplifies bulk product uploading through different profiles, allowing users to adjust prices and include various shipping methods for eBay stores. The KnowBand team is known for providing quick and dedicated support to assist with any issues.

Key Features

  • Connect Magento stores with the eBay marketplace.
  • Synchronize product attributes and categories between Magento and eBay.
  • Sync order details from eBay to Magento for easy management.
  • Allow bulk product upload using multiple profiles.
  • Support listing products on regional eBay stores.
  • Enable users to define and add multiple shipping methods for eBay stores.
  • Allow users to adjust prices for products listed on eBay.
  • Manage products and shipping options on eBay directly from the Magento admin panel.
  • Sync products to multiple eBay sites under a single eBay account.


  • 6-month support: $80
  • 1-year support: $100


  • Easy to use.
  • Support is quick and beneficial.
  • Simple to set up.


Encounters occasional glitches.

Ebay Magento 2 Integration [Advance] by Ced Commerce

Ebay Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) Integration [Advance]

Making eBay and Magento work together seamlessly is made simple by CedCommerce’s eBay Magento integration. This extension synchronizes orders, products, prices, and inventory between the two platforms. It also supports many-to-one category mapping and bulk listings, making product displays on eBay fast and accurate. The connector includes features like profile-based product uploads and email notifications for new eBay orders.

Key Features

  • Sync orders, products, prices, and inventory between Magento and eBay.
  • Allow mapping multiple Magento categories to a single eBay category.
  • Automatically import orders from eBay to Magento.
  • Regularly sync inventory to keep it up to date.
  • Maintain real-time updates for products and their details.
  • Support bulk product listings on eBay.
  • Enable profile-based product uploads.
  • Provide notifications for new orders and rejected products.


  • Magento Open Source: $699/year
  • Adobe Commerce: $1,099/year
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud: $1,499/year


  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • Can be customized according to preferences.


  • Require assistance from developers for installation and configuration.
  • Charges apply for support services, including updates.

M2E Pro

M2E Pro

M2E Pro is a native extension for Magento that simplifies the transfer of product, inventory, and order details between Magento and eBay. This connector makes it easy to list products, set selling rules, and manage orders, streamlining the sales process and boosting sales.

The Magento eBay integration with M2E Pro includes compatibility with eBay Guaranteed Delivery, allowing you to provide exceptional services by ensuring your customers receive their desired products within a specific timeframe. The extension also allows connection with Amazon and Walmart. For businesses with total monthly sales of $1,000, M2E Pro offers a free plan for integrating Magento with Amazon and eBay.

Key Features

  • Real-time stock updates and synchronization of product changes.
  • Track and process eBay orders directly from Magento.
  • Maintain current marketplace product listings with rankings and sales history.
  • Allow one-at-a-time or bulk product listings from Magento to eBay.
  • Create and apply quantity and pricing rules for marketplaces.
  • Support selling products on 30 eBay marketplaces.
  • Compatible with eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery service.
  • Integration capabilities with other marketplaces, including Amazon and Walmart.


  • Starter plan: $0 – $79/month
  • Business plan: $159 – $399/month
  • Enterprise: $799 – $1199/month


  • Can be easily tailored to your needs.
  • Offers a 30-day trial period.
  • Customer support is available around the clock.
  • User-friendly.
  • Provides outstanding customer service.
  • Comes with well-detailed documentation.


  • Encounters occasional errors when listing new products.
  • Finding items with synchronization errors is not straightforward.

Magento eBay integration with Magento Expert

For those who are not tech-savvy, it’s better to get help from Magento experts who will help you integrate eBay with your Magento quickly and effectively.

With more than 10 years of working in the eCommerce industry, BSS Commerce has been providing the appropriate solutions for every request from customers. In Magento 2 Development Services, BSS Commerce offers Magento site owners a variety of services ranging from Magento maintenance & optimization, Magento Integration including Magento eBay integration, to building a Magento 2 from scratch. Connect BSS Commerce now to leverage your store with eBay integration.

Benefits of Magento eBay integration

Selling on online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon is a common strategy for retailers looking to grow. When you choose Magento eBay integration, it opens up your products to a bigger audience worldwide. This integration also simplifies business owners to handle orders, products, and inventory across various selling platforms.

As of April 2023, according to Statista, eBay was the second most popular marketplace. In the second quarter of 2023, it had about 132 million active buyers globally. So, teaming up Magento with eBay means your products can be seen by a larger audience, potentially boosting sales and revenue.

Moreover, with Magento 2 eBay integration, all your orders from eBay show up in one place on the Magento admin panel. This makes it easy to keep track of and manage orders from different channels efficiently. The integration also takes care of syncing inventory between Magento and eBay, giving you a clear view of stock levels and reducing the risks of selling too much or too little. Plus, keeping your product details consistent across all channels becomes a breeze as the integration can sync changes or updates automatically.


Imagento’s eBay integration can significantly boost your business. It brings in more revenue and gives you more control over your business operations. In this article, we’ve highlighted the top 5 Magento eBay integrations. Consider your needs and budget to choose the best one for your business.

If you’re seeking ways to simplify online and offline selling, synchronize data across sales channels, and centrally manage inventory, talk to BSS Commerce, our experienced eCommerce and retail experts. They can provide a customized solution for your business.

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