7 Tips And 3+ Magento Extensions Store To Win eCommerce With Photos

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Here is a full list of the best tips and some recommended Magento extensions store for it to use up the full power of product photos to win eCommerce!

Undoubtedly product photos and website pictures play a significant role in the success of your business.

Because online shoppers do not have the benefit of seeing the product in real life, they are reliant upon those photos to decide whether to buy your product. 

If you want to make a sale, you need to fully optimize your eCommerce photos.

And to help you with that, in this article, we will show you some tips and Magento extensions store to show outstanding images on your website.

Let’s get going!

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7 Tips To Win eCommerce With Product Photos

Provide up to 8 images per product


You know what they always say, a charming product picture is worth a thousand words.

Showing professional product photographs make your products and stores more appealing and engaging to potential buyers. 

Product photos help online businesses in displaying the genuine appearance and feel of what they sell. And another important thing is product images influence return rates.

In fact, reports show that 22% of customers return goods because the product does not match the images on the website. 

However, one image for one product doesn’t do your product justice. You should list multiple images for each product.

Showing more photos of a product will help customers visualize better how the product will look in real life, thus enhancing the purchase experience.

And research has proven that 8 images are the most optimized number of images you should show.

Use white or plain product background


Have you noticed that most online stores utilize a white backdrop in their product photos pictures? Why do they do that?

Statistics show that 76% of product photos have a basic white background. And white product backgrounds are especially popular among entrepreneurs.

The color shows the ageless, uncluttered, clean, and elegant. It has the aura of sophistication and makes the items seem sleek and professional.

On the technical side, a basic white backdrop makes the photographs on a product page seem uniform. It helps emphasize the product’s real colors and reduces the file size.

Capture the details

A high-quality picture that can be zoomed in to clearly see a specific part of the item gives customers a better impression of the products.

Also, photos of a product from various perspectives help customers understand the complexity of the product.

Detailed pictures can quickly convey facts to customers.

Use lifestyle photography


Lifestyle photography refers to a product in its natural environment. 

A lifestyle product photo is an excellent method to strengthen your brand identification while also improving the appearance and vibe of any eCommerce platform.

Simply said, to customers, lifestyle product photos are much more fascinating than practical product photos. Not only can it show what your items look like, but it also conveys the personality of your brand. 

There are three forms of lifestyle photography:

  • Portrait lifestyle photography: A photograph of a person. Showing a model using your product is highly beneficial. It allows buyers to readily visualize themselves in the model’s position.
  • Candid lifestyle photography: The gold of this type of lifestyle photography is to capture photos at the moment. This is usually not good for marketing because you should carefully set up the shot to have a controlled image.
  • Flat lay lifestyle photography: This is a very new and popular type of product photography these days. It has a good impact on product marketing. Flat lay photography is taken from above, catching the objects stacked flatly below in an appealing presentation.

Optimize product photos

Images are the major contributor to overall page size. Large and under-optimized photos will slow down the loading site and drive customers away.

Studies show that online shoppers will leave a website if it takes too long to load and will not come back to a slow-loading site.

So it is obvious that you should optimize your product photos for faster loading time. You can optimize them by resizing the photo, using a short and to-the-point picture name, optimizing your alt properties, selecting the appropriate picture format, etc.

Ask customers for actual photos for review


Saying customer reviews are influential is an understatement. Even a half-star difference in the review and push your customers away.

And according to a new survey, 62% of people say customer photos influence their purchase decisions.

That’s why you should ask for feedback from your customers with actual photos if you want to boost your sales.

Design a persuasive hero banner

Most online retailers have one significant feature: a huge featured picture or a set of images prominently exhibited on their website.

These pictures are called banners or carousel images, and they play a crucial function for eCommerce stores.

A hero banner is the forefront representation of what the brand is all about and what the brand is selling.

3+ Magento Extensions Store To Show Incredible Photos On Your Website

Magento Extension Store Gallery

magento extension store gallery

Magento 2 Gallery allows you to create an image gallery from scratch. You can upload images, add new albums, and configure each image and album, layout and display effect.

The fact is not many customers know how to mix and match products, especially when it comes to fashion. And to make your store more appealing to customers, you should be their consultant.

With this extension, you can add images and videos to show your customers how to use your products perfectly. A photo/video gallery is an advanced form of utilizing product visuals to boost sales and establish client trust.

Moreover, you can create multiple albums on different topics and manage them easily.

This module provides you with different layouts with various transition effects so you can quickly choose the most suitable option for your website.

It allows you to optimize the metadata of each album to make SEO work effectively, too.

And it is highly responsive on all devices.

Magento 2 Promotion Bar & Banner


Magento 2 Promotion Bar is a great extension to let store owners create and customize the most attractive promo bars and banners on their website.

You can create numerous banners and promo bars to inform customers about all specials and deals you offer.

Thanks to the WYSIWYG editor the app provides, becoming a “designer” has never been this easy. You can customize the message, fonts, colors, etc., to create a banner or promo bar that matches the look and feel of your brand.

This module allows you to display your promo banners on six pages, including the home page, product page, category page, shopping cart page, checkout page, and other pages.

And it is highly responsive to any device.

Magento 2 Product Images by Customer


Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension allows your registered users and guests to upload their real-life product images to your websites.

Many eCommerce shoppers claim that only product images provided by shop owners aren’t enough for them when considering making an online purchase.

In fact, people usually choose to shop in-store because they can confirm the items’ quality.

That’s why you need this module to show your previous customers’ review images to increase social proof in your store.

 This module allows you to manage customers’ uploaded images and choose to approve, disapprove or delete one or multiple images. You can fully decide which customer images are suitable to display.

Magento 2 Lazy Load Extension Store


Magento 2 Lazy Load allows loading images when customers scroll down the pages to reduce loading speed on your website.

This extension will make your website more SEO friendly. Some lazy load modules may harm your SEO, but BSS, the developer team of this extension, has included better code strings to optimize SEO.

Not only that, it can enhance the customer experience with the rocket loading speed and eye-catching image transitions.

And if you want, you can set up product images of the next scroll to be loaded before they appear on the screen. For example, you can set up the threshold as 300, so the next product images will launch before customers’ current scroll of 300 pixels.


In this article, we have shown you tips to take full advantage of product photography in your store. And you can apply them with our recommended Magento extensions store too to increase the chance to win eCommerce with photos.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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