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Promotion Bar for Magento 2

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension provides the best solution to design and set up promotion banners for your e-commerce store.
  • Create and manage promotion bars in the backend grid
  • Display eye-catching banners on 5 different positions of any page
  • Restrict promotion bars display for specific customer groups and store views
  • Design the promotion banner with WYSIWYG editor
  • Set starting date and ending date for displaying the promotion bars
  • View multiples promotion bars in an attractive slider with various features (autoplay, auto close, pagination, previous and next button)
Community: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x
      |      Enterprise: 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x

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Whenever you need to run a promotion on a website, it is very time-consuming to upload sale banners for each page manually. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension simplifies the process by automatically displaying the promotion banners on specific pages in a set time period.

Key features of Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension

  • Easily create and manage the promotions bar


Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension allows you to create and set up the display of the promotion bars all by yourself. For example, this extension supports WYSIWYG editor to tailor the design and content of the promotion bar. You can also choose background color and set the height of the banners.

You can add new, view and make any adjustments to the promotion bars in the Manage Promotion Bar grid in the backend.

  • Support 5 different positions on all pages to display promotion bars

You can display the promotion bars on various pages, such as Homepage, Category Page, Product Page, Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page and other pages. Then you can choose one of five positions that Magento 2 Promotion Bars supports:

+ Top of Page

+ Above Menu

+ Under Menu

+ Above Page Content

+ Under Page Content

  • Use conditional rule to display promotion bars (customer groups, store views, start date/end date, priority)

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension allows you to apply various conditions to display the banners. You can select starting and ending date for the banners and choose which promotion bar is prioritized in case several bars are displayed.

You can also configure to show the promotion bars for specific customer groups and per store views.

  • Show multiple promotion bars in an eye-catching slider


Promotion Bar for Magento 2 extension provides the slider with convenient features to display multiple promotion banners at the same time.

Customers can click on the previous/ next button or use pagination bar to see all banners in the slider. The slider automatically transits based on the autoplay speed set by admin. Customers can manually close the promotion bar or they can automatically close after a period of time.

Why Magento 2 Promotion Bar is your must-have extension?

  • Run online promotion campaign easier with Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension

Whenever holiday season comes, your online store needs to prepare the promotion campaign in advance. Although using sale banner seem quite basic, it is actually an essential marketing action to announce the deal for all customers visiting your site.

Manual uploading promotion banner image for each page is impossible and takes a large amount of time and effort. Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension replaces the manual tasks with the automatic banner display. All you have to do is set up the banner and choose starting and ending date. The promotion bar will be automatically shown on the set date, then removed until the time expires.

  • Boost sale thanks to prompt and eye-catching promotion banners

The eye-catching banner draws customers’ attention to the promotion offers. The advertising message is fully conveyed through the text and image you use for the promotion bar. The best thing is that Magento 2 Promotion Bar even allows designing the banner all by yourself.


  • the support is good
    I bought it and get installation service for free. They fix the conflict with other modules very quick.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by John Parrish on 05 January 2018
  • Wonderful display!
    The promotion bars are displayed nicely on site on the starting date. I only have to set up, the module do the rest of work. This is efficient and far better than the manual work. Good extension!
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Rachel on 26 December 2017
  • I love it
    The extension works exactly as the advertising. This is truly a good one for our upcoming year-end promotion.
    verified buyer
    Reviewed by Andrew K. Ellis on 20 December 2017
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Release Note

  • v1.0.0: First Release