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by Charlie Ly

Of course, you want to care for each of your customers. We all do.

They can be first purchasing contacts or loyal customers for years, but they all need a business that concerns giving out content that is reserved for them personally.

But as the business grows, so is the customer database, and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to send similar content to all of them, one by one. Automation helps you build relationships with your customers, give them the impression that you are looking out for their personal purchasing journey, and take loads of repetitive works off your table for you.

Automation also plays a part in recapturing lost revenue, with abandoned cart series that will help in customer remaking the decision on their purchase.


What is Marketing Automation

Magento automation allows the technology to take over your marketing task and deliver richer and more customized interactions with your potential buyers. The statistic shows, from the 2018 report, that 80% of customers prefer to buy products from a brand that offers a customized experience.

Marketing Automation will help your business in:


  • Understanding your customers


When utilizing marketing automation, you will have an insight into customers’ behavior through statistics in pattern reports, and your buyer will be more likely to come back, as they feel that the service you bring to them is customized.

You can also use marketing automation to reach out to your audience, and tell them that you care by personalizing the automation content on their big days such as birthdays, etc.


  • Planning your complex strategies


When you use automation, you can plan more structured plans, like using a drip campaign as a  tool to maintain the interaction with customers. A drip campaign is a series of automation emails sending to customers at usual intervals.

Moreover, you can include further complexity to your drip campaigns, because the Mailchimp automation campaign allows custom messages in different segments in your audience depending on their interest.

If you want to find out more about marketing campaigns and how you can set them using Magento 2 Mailchimp:

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  • Allows you to concentrate on more important tasks at hands: 


86% of professionals stated that marketing automation helps them become more efficient and productive. They can focus on catering to the contents they give to their customers when the mundane and repetitive tasks were taken care of by machines.

When the works like automatically sending email campaigns were performed by computers, human resources can be utilized in resolving issues and inquiries for customers, which keep them happy and loyal to the brand.

Magento 2 Default vs Mailchimp:

Magento 2 Mailchimp is an integrated marketing tool for Magento websites to utilize the marketing features offered by Mailchimp, including creating Mailchimp automation emails, a Mailchimp automation campaign, Mailchimp abandoned cart emails, and more.

But Magento 2 Default also provides its own set of Magento automation marketing features, not to mention business owners can insert extra features by using Magento automation extensions. In the following section, we will discuss the features that Magento automation default and Magento 2 Mailchimp has, then draw a conclusion to which automation platform is the best option for business owners.



Magento 2 Mailchimp automation is divided into small sections, automation emails, automation series, E-commerce automation, and Date based.

The biggest win for automation in Mailchimp is: they have all-in-one integrated Magento 2 Mailchimp in one go purchase, while Magento Default requires extensions for each section, and it is complicated to install and learn to use them all.

Automation Emails


Mailchimp automation emails were actually also present on all the later parts, as even for abandoned cart, or tagged contacts, Mailchimp will still send an email to your customer, therefore we will only discuss the purpose of emails’ content, and what triggers automation emails to be sent to customers.

Email your tagged contacts & Subscribers Activities

When a subscriber is tagged for a special offer or follow up event, then they will receive a message that you design for tagged subscribers. And for subscribers’ related activities, Magento 2 Mailchimp has email templates covered automation triggered by:

  • A new subscriber
  • Subscriber’s information updates
  • Subscriber sign up from a Mailchimp pop-up

For more details on the automation email templates for subscribers, take a look here.


Compared to default Magento automation, Magento 2 Mailchimp has more templates dedicated to subscribers’ activities.

E-commerce Automation

With ecommerce websites, automation in Mailchimp can recapture the lost revenue by sending out Mailchimp abandoned cart and abandoned cart series emails. You can personalize the customer’s buying journey by targeting new and repeated buyers, sending discounts, and re-engage customers that haven’t purchased from you for a while, give brand-customized receipts, etc.



Abandoned Carts & Abandoned Cart Series

Mailchimp abandoned cart emails were sent to ask customers to reconsider their decision with the cart that they didn’t go through to purchase the first time. You can either set an abandoned cart email or an abandoned cart series.

Abandoned cart email: Triggered 6 hours after a customer leaves an abandoned cart in your store.

Abandoned Cart Series: Triggered after 1 hour, 1 day, and 3 days after the cart was abandoned to encourage the customer to finish their purchase. Compared with Magento 2 abandoned cart, the time for an abandoned cart series is longer, which helps customers don’t feel like they’re being rushed to finish their purchase.


Product Follow Up & First Purchase

In order to keep customers coming back and purchase more products, automation in Mailchimp includes Follow Up & Thanks for first purchase customer automation emails. The follow-up emails will be triggered when your contact purchases an item from your online store. A follow-up message can be sent depending on specific products, a random product, or a category that was chosen.

You can send a thank you for the first purchase series to customers who buy your product for the first time. When they purchase the second time, they no longer receive this email series. This can make new customers feel appreciated and coming back to buy more.

It’s worth noting that follow-up and first purchase are features on Magento 2 Mailchimp, and not Magento 2 Default. Mailchimp automation campaign does have an edge in ecommerce marketing automation in the variety of email templates for each step of the customers’ shopping process.


Date based

Date-based Mailchimp automation emails are what made a business special with customers. Mailchimp sends email to your contacts on their birthday, anniversary, or any other event that falls on a date that’s saved in a subscriber’s audience field. Subscribers can receive the date based emails on a recurring basis if this date repeats every year.


Magento Default

Magento automation default is rather limited in functions, but it still offers over 30 email templates for business owners, as well as abandoned carts email, and email series. And Magento 2 platform is compatible with many extensions, which makes it possible to install extensions for the features that you need.

Automation Emails

Magento 2 Default allows you to set automation emails, and you can also customize the templates, change variables, and visual looks if you know programming to a certain level.

You can find the templates management grid under the Marketing > Communication section. From there, you can add new templates and customize one for your own store.



If you want to take a look at Magento Automation Default email templates, then:

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Abandoned Carts

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart is quite limited in Magento Default, but it still includes two automation options: Abandoned Cart Program, and Abandoned Cart Email Series.

The Abandoned Cart Program will check if the cart is abandoned, and then enrolled in the program with the options provided from 15 minutes to 12 hours. After the time provided over, customers will receive an email about their abandoned cart and if they want to proceed and finish their purchase.


The abandoned cart series is divided into two groups: customers and guests. Both groups have three emails within the series that’s going to be sent, and a short time delay after cart abandonment to only 60 minutes. This is a limitation for Magento 2 Abandoned Cart because, with such a short period of time allowed, customers will feel like they are being pressured by the seller to make a purchase. This can leave unpleasant feelings and prevent customers from coming back to your online store.

If you want to compromise Magento Default limitation in abandoned carts by using Extensions, then:

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Which is the best automation tool for you?

Which is the-best-automation-tools-for-you

We will give a result after considering the aspects between the two marketing automation tools: Magento 2 Mailchimp and Magento 2 default.

First, Magento 2 Mailchimp has more options and automation templates in terms of supporting subscribers’ activities. Second, while both tools have abandoned cart series, Mailchimp allows longer delay time, which gives customers space to do other activities before coming back to their decision in purchasing products, helping them not feel pressured. Magento 2 Mailchimp even does include the follow-up and first purchase automation emails, which helps customers have a more welcoming feeling.

Finally, automation in Mailchimp gives you the opportunity to personalize your brand with your customers by celebrating their memorable dates and events.

Overall, Magento 2 Mailchimp is much more diverse in terms of features because they’re a provider focused on marketing. Magento extensions can make up for that lack in feature, but you will not be able to access all functions within an account, and the process of installing them is complicated.

If you’re a business favor quick and efficient, then Magento 2 Mailchimp is for you.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Magento 2 Mailchimp is a better option than Magento default and extensions for three reasons: it’s more robust in features, more focused in terms of marketing, and all features are packed within one out-of-the-box platform. If you want to know more about Magento 2 Mailchimp, or Magento extensions, then reach out to us, and we will assist you anytime.

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