Magento Popup Plugin: Popup Hacks And Examples To Grow Email List

by Trang Tran

You’re probably familiar with pop-up forms. This is, without a doubt, what makes many individuals say they despise pop-ups. However, they are effective. They’ve been shown to convert at a higher rate than less-annoying forms. And Magento store owners show no signs of giving up on this growth strategy, especially using the Magento popup plugin.

However, there is a proper and wrong way to accomplish it, like most things in life. So, this post will explain how to use pop-up forms correctly, including best practices and recommendations for creating a layout that converts.

How Effective Magento Popup Plugins Can Be

Sumo analyzed 1.7 billion popups and found that the average conversion rate was 3.09 percent. Compared to the 0.58 percent average email opt-in rate for a static inline form.


Source: Sumo

To put that into perspective, if your website receives 100 visitors every day, employing a popup, you’ll get 92 new members to your mailing list at the end of the month. In comparison, an inline form generated only 17 new subscribers.

Even more impressive was discovering that the top 10% of the best-performing popups had a conversion rate of 9.28 percent on average. 


These studies demonstrate the potency of popups. They’re also successful since placing the CTA in front of visitors’ faces clarifies what you want them to accomplish. Plus, you make it simple for them – there’s no need for them to scour your page for the sign-up form. Instead, it emerges out of nowhere in front of them.

On the other hand, popup forms have gotten a poor rap due to their attention-grabbing and distracting character. Many individuals, including website visitors and designers, find them invasive and bothersome. However, this is because you don’t always use popups correctly.

As a result, you need the Magento popup plugin to create stunning popups for your sites and also manage to show up at the right time for the right customer group.

Best Practices For Using Magento Popup Plugin To Grow Your Email List

Show the popup forms when visitors are ready to see them

It’s tempting to slam your popup in a visitor’s face as soon as they arrive at your site. After all, you don’t want to lose out on obtaining their email address before they depart, do you?

Consider it from a visitor’s standpoint: they’ve just arrived at your website and want to read the information that drew them first. Interrupting them right away will irritate them, and they will simply close the form out of annoyance.

Instead, encourage your visitors to interact with your content. Wait until a suitable time to deliver your message and request the necessary action.

However, when is the best moment to do something?

Around 50% of your typical time-on-page is a fair rule of thumb. If your visitors spend an average of 2 minutes on your page, show your popup after 60 seconds. Your CTA will be seen by your most engaged visitors and those most likely to join up. It means you won’t irritate people who will likely leave fast anyway.

In Google Analytics, you can see your average time on page stats. To get metrics for each page on your site, go to the Behaviour report, click Site Content, and then All Pages.


Then, in your Magento popup plugin, choose to display your popup depending on timing, utilizing 50 percent of the page’s typical view time. Ideally, Magento 2 Popup module can help you set the start and finish dates depending on when you run the campaign. As a result, the popup appears and disappears at the arranged time. Furthermore, if you’re running multiple popup displays simultaneously, you’ll need to specify priority.


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Last but not least, allow a few seconds between when a visitor first comes on your page and when your popup appears. Don’t show it right after a visitor arrives on your page.

Personalize Magento popup

Don’t make your popups look like everyone else’s. Personalization is at the top of our priority of popup hacks since it can make all the difference.

  • Provide a quiz: Because they provide individualized information based on how the user answers, quizzes are one of the most tempting lead magnets. 


  • Personalize by Referral source: Let’s imagine a visitor came to your page due to a guest post you made for a specific website. Perhaps you were recently featured someplace, and you want to make the most of that traffic by tailoring your departure messages to that particular audience.
  • Hide popups from existing subscribers: Using the Magento popup plugin to select targeted customer groups. 

>>> Magento popup plugin will break the limitations and help you set up a suitable popup for each customer group to interact with.

Align your popup message with the content on the page

Your sign-up form will likely be higher if you can make your mailing list contextually relevant and appealing to the material on your website. Consider these Magento 2 force sign-in extensions for better results!

For example, Octopus Blog has a pop-up of free Email Design Lookbook in exchange for their email address. This pop-up form is only used on this page.



Because it is the only article in which this offer applies. The post is about email design. And the free eBook we’re giving away is a compilation of professionally designed emails with takeaway ideas to help readers create their own.

They reasoned that visitors would read the post if individuals were interested in designing better-looking emails. Hence, Octopus’s lookbook will be helpful to visitors if they wish to create more stunning emails.

They could advertise this Email Design Lookbook in other posts to increase sign-ups, but will someone reading an article on increasing email opt-ins from your site be interested in this content? Is it even worth interrupting them to find out?

Apply the same logic to your website, and align the message or material offering in your pop-up form with what’s on the page. It improves the likelihood that website visitors will sign up for your mailing list because they have previously demonstrated an interest in that issue.

This could indicate that you have a variety of pop-up forms on your website. That, though, is a positive thing. It shows you’re genuinely focusing on what’s important to your audience.

Using Magento 2 Popup, you can access five fascinating animations to pick from for popups: 3D Unfold, Zoom, Zoom-out, Horizontal, Move and Move from Top. Also, popups with these effects can appear in various locations. It includes the top left, top center, top right, middle left, middle center, and middle right.

Check out 7+ Popup Ideas For Websites & Examples For Flying Results! for more information.

Make sure the popup form is responsive to all devices

Mobile traffic accounts for between 55 percent and 68 percent of annual global website traffic, depending on which report you consult. As a result, it’s safe to assume that a sizable portion of your audience accesses your website via a mobile device.

This emphasizes testing how your mobile visitors interact with your pop-up form. Also, make sure that your format is mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly pop-up form should include the following features:

Make it simple to depart – the close button should be prominent and visible so that mobile browsers may return to the page quickly.

Keep form fields to a bare minimum – the fewer questions, the less space the pop-up form takes up on a mobile screen, ensuring that your popup just shows the most critical information.

Include a prominent call-to-action button that allows potential subscribers to quickly input their contact information and join your mailing list.

Here’s an excellent example of a mobile-friendly pop-up form:


Source: Privy

Your store will prominently display the close button, making it simple for visitors to return to the website. Instead of taking up the entire screen, there is space between the form and the background page. There’s no need to scroll down to fill out the form or read the material included because it fits within the screen.

Regarding the space, they take up on a phone screen and the visibility of the escape button, the form built-in BSS Commerce’s Magento popup plugin is responsive with all devices such as a mobile, tablets,…

Give the valuable offers

People enjoy winning prizes and receiving gifts. You can utilize a variety of offers in an exit popup to entice visitors to stay. Now let’s look at some of our suggestions below.

  • Offer a content upgrade: You may also provide value by offering free or exclusive material or early access to events. Publishers, bloggers, and consultants, in particular, should be aware of this.
  • Offer a discount: This is frequently a discount for a visitor’s first purchase for an e-commerce brand. In exchange for an email address, fashion company Kate Spade, for example, offers visitors 15% off their next purchase.


  • Provide free shipping: Did you know that the most common reason for shopping cart abandonment is delivery costs? If you include free shipping in your exit popup, you’ll be able to reclaim 44% of shoppers who were about to quit their baskets. Exit popups with free shipping are a no-brainer. However, there are two approaches that you can use.
  • Bring more value: Some clients may be leaving because the product you provided was insufficiently sturdy. If you believe this, give them a more advanced version of your product (known as an upsell).

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