Why Magento Popup Works And How To Take Advantage Of It?

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Here is all you need to know about Magento Popup to take advantage of its full power on your website.

How to get your visitors’ attention without interrupting or annoying them?

That is one of the biggest concerns of any marketer. And it is more and more difficult to do it because customers’ attention spans continue to shorten. 

Marketers are constantly discovering fresh tactics to do it. But perhaps the best approach is a very old-school way – popup.

You might think that “popup” is such a cringe-worthy term. And you’re not alone, popup is indeed very annoying. But it works. Well, it works, when you do it right.

So in this article, we will break down why certain popups are so effective and best practices for using them.

Now let’s go!

What Is Magento Popup?


A popup is an overlay window on a website that displays a special offer. 

Usually, popups are used to promote discount codes to first-time visitors and encourage them to opt-in to an email list.

But popups can also be used to recommend products and content for returning visitors through behavior-based targeting. 

For example, popups can be triggered based on factors such as whether they’re a first-time visitor, what pages they visited, how long someone’s spent on a particular page or how much they’ve scrolled through. 

Why Is Magento Popup Important?


As we mentioned above, popups have been a cornerstone of digital advertising for about two decades. 

When done right, popups go hand in hand with increased conversion rates, more leads, and greater revenue. 

Almost all major eCommerce brands have some form of popup strategy present onsite and that is no coincidence. 

Also, popup designs have come a long way. From colorful, eye-popping popups to subtle, minimalist opt-in popups. Popup ads can be both enjoyable and inviting for visitors.

The beauty of popups is that they can produce immediate results for merchants. 

Popups allow you to collect email addresses from your visitors and learn more about how your leads behave.

And Magento Popup tools help you create your popups as a quick DIY win in a matter of minutes.

How To Use Popup The Right Way


The bad reputation of popups is due to so many online brands misusing them for years. You can’t just slap popups on your website and expect legit results.

Through behavior-tracking and intelligence tools, popups allow you to connect with your visitors and attract more leads. 

However, like any other marketing channel, popups need to be fine-tuned and optimized with your customers in mind.

So here are some Dos and Don’ts to create an amazing Magento popup campaign:

  • DO promote more than just deals. Discounts codes and coupons are not all popups are capable of. You can consider using popups to recommend products, new content, or introduce time-sensitive offers.
  • DO present popups that show your brand voice. Ideally, your popups should concisely highlight your brand’s personality and present a friendly invitation to take the next step, not just screaming “BUY NOW!”
  • DO make your popups feel distinct from the rest of your website. Through design and color scheme, you can win the undivided attention of your visitors while sticking with your existing branding.
  • DON’T interrupt visitors before they have had a chance to browse the website. Abrupt popups are jarring and unlikely to leave a positive first impression. 
  • DON’T display irrelevant or multiple ads for the same visitor in one session. Imagine someone keeps asking you the same question again and again or egging you on when you have told them you’re not interested. That’s exactly what repeat popups feel like to your visitors, so avoid doing so in your store.
  • DON’T present the same popup to every visitor. Instead, personalize your popups and create messages for each visitor group (for example: first-time visitors, repeat buyers, abandoned customers, etc.)

Long story short, popups should be created with the customer’s experience in mind. Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes and think about which popup would encourage you to opt-in and which would turn you off.

Setting Proper Popup Goals

Goal-setting is key to not only figuring out which kind of popups you should create but also how to measure their success.

Let’s look at some major Magento popup goals:

Drive more sales


When shoppers are hesitant to pay full price when buying from a new store (this is especially true among younger shoppers, a discount popup can provide a push for them to finish the purchase.

Grow your list

Opt-ins don’t just happen by accident, you need to ask for them.

If your ultimate goal is to grow your email list or newsletter subscriber count, popups represent an excellent opportunity to gather email addresses and loyal fans. Moreover, popups can help grow your social messenger and SMS lists, too.

Generate leads


Popups can boost your form submissions to generate leads to nurture via email marketing. Opt-in popups are particularly powerful for brands that offer lead magnets such as free courses or ebooks, serving as the starting point for your drip campaigns.

Improve customer experience


Popups and their associated analytics can also teach you a lot about your target audience. For example, it lets you know which products drive the most opt-ins. 

The more you know about the customer experience in your store, the easier it is to optimize it. 

Popups are a valuable source of direct customer feedback, too. You can use a popup to ask visitors on how they found you, or hook them up with a quiz to redirect them to an appropriate page. 

No matter how you roll your visitors out, you are constantly learning more and more about your audience.

The Best Magento Popup Extension

By default, Magento doesn’t support the popup feature. You can still create a popup using code, but it’s very challenging to do it and impossible to customize it.

It’s a really big drawback because you need to do a lot of work for the popup to make it work, as we said earlier.

Thus, installing a Magento Popup extension is a must. And we know it is hard to find the most suitable extension since there are hundreds of extensions on the market. 

So hereby, we want to introduce the best one: Magento Popup by BSS.


Guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this module.

The BSSCommerce has been named Adobe Bronze Solution, a strong proof of the quality of their extensions.

At the price of only $119, Magento 2 Popup has an incredibly long list of features.

This module gives admins full control to create and manage attractive Magento popups.

Admins can easily set time, position, place, and other display rules for the popup depending on their purposes.

Magento popup extension by BSS can help you gain visitors’ attention and boost sales more effectively.

Check out its full list of features:

  • Create many different types of popup
  • Set up display rules 
  • Target popup to specific customer groups and store views
  • Show the popup at up to 6 positions
  • Offer six fascinating animations for popup
  • Config valid date, the cookie expires, timer for popup display
  • Responsive for all devices


Magento popup is at the same time an annoying and amazing advertising tool.

It works, but it only works if you do it right. Through personalization and targeting, you can use popups to learn more about your audience and to create great customer experiences.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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