7+ Best Practices For Magento Product Stock Alert Email

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Hereby we want to introduce you to 7+ best practices for Magento product stock alert email to optimize your stock alert notification.

It’s not a secret that shoppers will get disappointed if the product they are looking to purchase is out of stock. But then there will be a sense of excitement when that product is back in stock.

I can relate to this very well. Not long ago, I wanted to purchase a new-released smartphone. But when I looked for that smartphone on Amazon, it was unavailable. I searched on other websites as well, but it was out of stock also. So, I subscribed to get the stock alert notification about it.

A few days later, I got the notification that the smartphone was available to buy. I opened the email without wasting any more time, clicked on the buy now button, and purchased the phone.

This is where the role of the Magento Product Stock Alert Email becomes crucial. A single stock alert email can bring you huge revenue. Marketing Sherpa’s study shows that stock alert emails have around a 22.45% conversion rate.

If you don’t notify your shoppers when the product they want becomes available again, they will likely search for the same product on other websites.

So in this article, we will introduce you to 5+ best practices for Magento product stock alert email to enhance your email campaign.

Let’s explore!

What Is Magento Product Stock Alert Email?


A Magento Product Stock Alert Email is an email that is sent to shoppers who have subscribed to receive updates on an out-of-stock product. When the product is available again, the shoppers are notified via email about its availability so that they can purchase it as soon as possible or before it goes out of stock again.

Many shoppers can miss out on the purchase if they aren’t notified, and it eventually leads to some lost revenue.

The sole purpose of the Magento Product Stock Alert Email is to boost your sales. In addition, it helps you drive more traffic to your website, encourages customer retention, helps you understand your customers more, and builds a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Magento Product Stock Alert Email Best Practices


In this part, we will talk about 7+ best practices for Magento Product Stock Alert Emails.

For a stock alert email, keep the following points in mind:

Do not remove out-of-stock pages

It’s never a good idea to hide the out-of-stock product pages from your website. How can visitors even know that the product is just out-of-stock?

If they browse your website, search for the product and find a 404 page, they will think that the product is never available in your store. Moreover, it will leave a negative shopping experience.

The concept of Magento product stock alert email will not even work if out-of-stock product pages are not visible.

So, just include an out-of-stock tag on the product and place a “Notify me” button so your customers can leave their email addresses to get notified when the product is back in stock.

You can also take advantage of the exit popup, so when a visitor wants to exit your website after seeing that the product is out of stock, the popup will appear, asking them to get a notification via their email address once the product is back in stock.

Notify subscribers as soon as possible

The last thing you want is your customers landing on an out-of-stock product page again. So it’s crucial to notify customers as quickly as possible when you restock the product.

Grow your email list


Many of your customers might haven’t subscribed to your newsletters or promotional emails. Thus, having a newsletter checkbox along with the stock alert subscribe option can help you grow your email list further.

Not only is it beneficial to send Magento product stock alert emails, but you can target those users in other email campaigns as well.

Write a persuasive subject line

Customers will be excited to know that the product they want to buy is back in stock. Increase their excitement by writing a compelling subject line.

Because the subject line can only show some limited words on the customer’s inbox, it must start with “Back in Stock,” followed by the product name. This will immediately make it clear to your customers what the email is about.

After that, you can use the call to action like “Hurry, selling fast,” “Grab it ASAP,” or “Limited Stock Available.” They are highly effective in creating urgency.

Short and crisp Magento product stock alert email content

Customers would want to purchase the product as soon as it is available. Don’t let them waste their time reading the email. Only write the necessary information in the body.

Here are some most important things that you should include in the email content:

  • Use the product image: Visuals tend to make the customer’s purchase decision stronger. 
  • Write a short and persuasive text: Use a large and bold font to highlight the main point. Include the reasons why the product sells quickly
  • Use an alluring CTA (such as “Shop Now” or “Buy Now”), and the CTA should be clearly visible.

Promo hot-selling or relevant products

There is a high chance that your customers have already purchased the product in another store or lost interest in it. However, it doesn’t mean they’re a lost lead.

You can still promo hot-selling or relevant products to motivate them to return to your store and might make another purchase.

Email follow-up


It’s likely to happen that your customers miss out on your Magento product stock alert email due to some reason. Hence, it’s recommended to send a follow-up email after a while if the product hasn’t gone out of stock.

It will push customers to purchase the product once they realize that they missed the opportunity to get the product in the previous email.

You can also inform your subscribers when the product quantity is low or when a customer has added the product to the cart and then abandons the cart to make them purchase it before it goes out of stock again. It also helps to reduce cart abandonment.

Magento product stock alert email on wishlist items

Many shoppers add the product to their wishlist so that they don’t have to search for it again when they return to the store. Wishlist items also indicate that the customer has the intent to purchase them.

So, if a wishlist item goes out of stock, you should remind the customer when it is back in stock. Notify them that the product they wanted to buy is now available for purchase.

Magento Product Stock Alert Email Best Extension 

The default Magento supports the stock alert notification function, but it has many limitations.

So to further optimize your Magento product stock alert email, hereby, we recommend you install the BSS Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension.


This is an amazing tool to enable Magento product stock alert email in your store.

First, it allows you to enable the back-in-stock notification for any customer groups, even not-logged-in customers or guests.

The module also allows you to display the “Notify Me” button on any page (product page, category page, search result page).

And you can manage customer subscriptions effectively via a grid.

Another amazing feature is the Product Subscription Tab ( available to logged-in customers only). On the Customer Account Page, your customers can check information about products they have subscribed to and choose to stop getting notifications.

INSTALL NOW: Magento 2 Out Of Stock Message by BSS!

Full list of features:

  • Enable stock alert email for not-logged-in customers
  • Automatically send back in stock email
  • Manage stock subscription in the Customer Account
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page, and search result page
  • Allow stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product


Magento product stock alert email is crucial to drive shoppers back to your store and encourage them to purchase. And your stock alert email is far more impactful if you use the tips we show you in this article to optimize it.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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