Magento vs Laravel

Magento vs Laravel: Which Framework Excels for eCommerce Websites?

by Robin Tran

Finding an ideal framework for eCommerce Websites is easier said than done. These frameworks may look trivial but play a significant role in the progress of any e-commerce site. Out of all the top-notch frameworks available in the online world, selecting the finest is surely testing.

Starting an e-commerce site may seem beneficial, but as the website grows bigger, it invites trials. Thus, firm owners must look for a reliable framework to suffice their firm’s needs. The most suitable frameworks available today are Laravel and Magento. However, which is the finest? To discover this, you may have to take a look at their insights. So, keep reading this Magento vs Laravel article to grasp more knowledge about each of these frameworks and locate the best!

Why does your E-commerce website need these frameworks?

Writing bare PHP codes is lengthy and difficult. Not every developer has the time and patience to complete it. Thus, most users prefer using these frameworks to complete their PHP codes with ease. In addition, PHP formatting delivers services like designs, templates, formatting, and more. These frameworks can also manage content and enable a user to access data at any time easily.

Thus, selecting the correct framework is very crucial. On the other hand, the wrong choice can damage your entire site and cause a significant loss of time and hard work. Thus, recognizing the merits and flaws of each framework before picking one is essential. Both Magento and Laravel are leading frameworks in the market today. Yet, the big question is, which is the most reliable framework for your E-commerce site? The answers are not far!

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Magento Vs Laravel: The top-notch E-commerce framework today

So, what is the difference between Magento and Laravel? A few points that will help you gain better insights into these frameworks are listed below. Read each of these factors well to select your reliable framework. The points have been listed after deep study and research. So, ensure you consider each one of them closely.

#1. Technology

Technology is the first thing when comparing Laravel vs Magento 2. Undoubtedly, Magento has had an unbeatable status of providing advanced features. And when it was launched, Magento was a leading performer in the online world. However, being up-to-date is very crucial to sustain online.

Laravel has all fresh new concepts to suit your needs. And so, it is a more suitable option if you want a solid framework with modern technology.

#2. MVC Structure

Laravel vs Magento - MVC structure

Considering MVC, we can clearly state that Laravel is a clear winner. The framework has a very user-friendly interface and can be accessed with minimal knowledge. On the other hand, Magento has a more complex structure that needs proficient skills. Many developers claim that Laravel is much easier to use than Magento. So, if you want ease and liberty, Laravel is your ideal pick.

#3. Ease of Availability

Magento has been available in the market for over a decade now. It is a very popular framework used for E-commerce websites. Thus, Magento is a clear winner in terms of availability as the framework is easy and accessible compared to Laravel. Thousands of developers choose it as their first choice for platform development all over the world, and the framework is open-source, hence it is easily available and scalable.

#4. Budget-friendly

Another crucial factor to consider when comparing Magento vs Laravel is budget. Though prices depend on the package and customizations that you select, Laravel is cheaper than Magento. Yet, it is a new framework, and so many developers prefer not to depend on it. Thus, developers prefer investing in Magento over Laravel for reliable results. So, Magento has a preference here.

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#5. Well-stocked libraries

Both frameworks have a great set of presets and libraries available for their users. However, Laravel is at a benefit here for its easy work. Magento also has its own presets but does not permit a lot of modifications. Thus, Laravel is a suitable framework for accessing more libraries and features.

#6. Simplicity and Ease

Troubleshooting and debugging are certainly annoying while working on a website. Every developer wants perfection and hassle-free tasks. Bugs slow down your performance and affect results. Laravel has a plus here, as Magento truly suffers in this sector. The continual need for debugging makes it a less suitable option for most developers. Laravel is easy to understand and decipher. With this framework, you will face fewer issues and get swifter results.

#7. Security

Security is very critical for your eCommerce website’s progress. However, here both Magento and Laravel are open-source frameworks and easily susceptible to hacking.

However, Laravel provides various mechanisms to secure websites. Some of the features are given below: Password Storage Laravel offers a class called “Hash” that supports safe Bcrypt hashing. In addition, Magento also provides a Security Scan Tool that enables merchants to regularly monitor their sites and receive updates about known security risks, malware, and unauthorized access

#8. Support and Preference

When distinguishing between Magento vs Laravel for eCommerce, support and preference emerge as crucial factors to consider. Magento has a massive appeal and certainly higher support. Magento has better community support than Laravel to solve issues. On the other hand, many developers claim that Laravel is much easier to use than Magento. So, if you want ease and liberty, Laravel is your ideal pick.

#9. Coding

Magento uses complex SQL scripting, whereas Laravel is an easier ORM-based coding system. Thus, Laravel has a more manageable database administration. In addition, web developers understand Laravel codes easily, making it a reliable framework for most users.

#10. SEO friendly

Laravel makes more SEO-friendly websites in comparison to Magento. The framework is developed to provide ease in this sector and assist in better performance. Laravel helps in generating SEO-friendly URLs that have profound impacts on links, rankings, and websites.

Magento is SEO friendly but there are some points where it lacks and needs to work on such as duplicate content, non-optimized HTML sitemap, non-optimized product images, issues with titles and descriptions, etc. If you’re struggling to optimize your website for search engines, this Magento SEO guide is here to help you.

#11. Testing Compatible

Another perk of the Laravel framework is it delivers real-time tests. Many frameworks today miss out on this unique feature. Testing is essential to check on your website’s performance and make amends to improve. Thus, this is a vital prospect you must look at in a framework. Magento employs a variety of testing methodologies to assure the quality of its products and code.

#12. User’s Choice

In the long term, Laravel proves to be a much more cost-effective solution for developers than Magento. Hiring developers with experience in e-commerce MVP development and other MVC platforms and providing them with Laravel training is a more cost-effective solution than using Magento.


You must have chalked out the most reliable eCommerce framework by now. When it comes to Magento vs Laravel eCommerce comparison, the results are clearly in favor of Laravel as the newly developed framework is a user-convenient option. In addition, Laravel is effective and grants more freedom to its users. Yet, the battle between the two frameworks is never-ending.

Magento has been an established and successful framework for decades. So, if you are using Magento, switching to Laravel can be time-consuming. For this reason, you can rely on BSSCommerce’s top-class Magento 2 migration services to perform your eCommerce data migration seamlessly. We are a Magento 2 eCommerce development company that has been working in the eCommerce industry for +11 years.

Pick the right framework and boost your E-commerce business now. We recommend Laravel as it is speedy, user-friendly, and is also SEO-friendly. So, think no more and start working on your E-commerce site today!

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