Top 5 mobile app development technologies you should not miss in 2024


For the eCommerce crowd, “Mobile App Development Technologies” is going to be the buzzphrase of 2022. One can easily predict this based on all the latest mobile app development trends. Furthermore, as the global pandemic continues, there has never been a time when smartphones play such a big role as they do now. The mobile app, therefore, is an area that every eCommerce business should zero in on, to make sure their brands emerge on top.

That is going to be the main topic of today’s article. Let us help you catch up on the top 5 most attention-worthy mobile app development technologies in 2024. We’ve also brought out professional advice that you don’t want to miss – stay tuned!

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The Potential of Mobile App Development

The Potential of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development, despite no longer being a newcomer to the digital world, is still holding many great, unrevealed potentials. Here are some statistics to prove that:

  • In 2021, mobile apps were expected to reach 258 billion downloads on all platforms. This number equals about a 45% increase since 2017.
  • Also, in 2021, according to the experts, mobile apps would create a benefit of, approximately $156 billion
  • The mobile app development technologies are blooming at an incredible speed, considering that thousands of new apps appear on the market every year. There are now nearly 2 million apps available on Apple’s AppStore. With Google Play, the number doubles: almost 4 million apps at your service.

Impressive, right?

Why is Mobile App Development important?

With that being said, there’s no doubt that understanding mobile app development technologies is going to be the key to eCommerce successes in the future. Especially when every brand has at least one app of its own today, and COVID-19 lockdowns are contributing to that propensity: the mobile app market is expected to generate $693 billion by the end of this year.

Why is Mobile App Development important

If you want your business to thrive, keeping track of the most recent mobile app development trends is a must-do. The above statistics have shown us that mobile apps provide us with the most diverse opportunities to engage with a global and endless clientele. This, in time, will expand your business to an incredible scale. 

You should know about these technologies because…

Increase visibility

mobile apps Increase visibility

As we’ve mentioned previously, with billions of downloads on different app stores, mobile apps can approach all types of customers from all around the planet. Through an original app, eCommerce brands have the chance to be visible and promote their names with much wider customer ranges than ever before.


Another great thing about mobile apps is their variety of abilities. Almost every app can now perform multiple tasks, sync with other platforms within the same system, and provide users with immediate access to products, information,… at a real-time pace. It’s doubtlessly impossible for customers to forget your brand if you always stay right at their fingertips. Just make sure your app’s system is friendly enough, and you’ll be fine. This also brings us to the next benefit of mobile apps: Upgraded accessibility. 

Many other ways to make your eCommerce brand more visible are:

Improve accessibility

mobile apps Improve accessibility

Your smart devices are constantly inside your pockets, which means your apps are, too. Mobile apps are now designed to get you exactly what you want and interact with you even under less-than-ideal situations. For example, eCommerce mobile apps can still serve without the Internet, so your shopping adventures would never be interrupted. Other platforms like websites can definitely not do the same, as they take more time to access, are complex, and require stable connections. 

By applying mobile app development technologies, an eCommerce business possesses the ability to reach out to customers and partners 24/7. You can now perform such tasks as managing mail with clients, generating discounts and other sale tactics, posting on social media sites, etc., through a few simple clicks. Stay in touch with your audience has never been this easy.

Boost the sales

According to a recent report, nowadays buyers are likely to spend more time  – and as a result, more money – on mobile apps than on traditional websites. 

mobile apps Boost the sales

Some of the most appreciated features of a mobile app that help sales are:

  • Speedy loading process
  • Nice visuals/designs
  • Social media shortcuts
  • In-app payments and shipping
  • Feedback sections

As you can see, as long as you’ve got a good app representing your brand and providing a great user experience, the brand’s performance is surely going up. Play your mobile app development technologies cards right, and there’s no way your sales will not go through the roof.

Strengthen the brand-customer bond

Mobile apps bring out great chances for brands to maintain the relationship between them and their customers. 

Firstly, with mobile apps, the downloaders – who are also the customers – will get a customized experience from the brand. This is an incredible way for brands to follow how the users spend their time on such apps and develop strategies to perfect that entire process. Satisfying user experience equals satisfied customers, which ensures the return rates later on.

Second of all, most mobile apps these days come with social media options. Every customer can easily share their reviews, opinions, feedback, or even reports on many different platforms. This offers amazing materials for marketers and business owners to study the buyers, and come up with what the customers want or need accurately.  


Mobile apps, in many ways, act as a communication channel between brands and customers and build a direct, honest relationship for both sides. They assist in building a community around the brand, reinforce the brand identity, and eventually create a spirit called “brand loyalty”. This specific loyalty of a certain clientele for a brand is what facilitates businesses to bloom to their full potential – both sales-wise and reputation-wise. 

Avoid these mistakes to keep your brand-customer relationship going strong:

There’re 4 highly convincing reasons why knowing about mobile apps is essential to growing your eCommerce company. All you need to do now is work on the creation of your app – one that is unique, effective, and engaging. And you surely can’t do that without certain knowledge about mobile app development technologies. One of the best ways to start would be to understand what mobile app development trends are taking over in 2022. 

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Top 5 Mobile App Development Technologies of 2022


mobile app ar vr

The first names on our compilation are AR & VR – the fascinating technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. During the past couple of years, AR & VR have made their way into the mobile app development scene and proved themselves amazing add-on features that every app owner desires. With AR & VR, users will get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind, totally immersive experience. The global success of Pokemon Go has shown how much these technologies work with today’s mobile app fans.

Having caught on to this upcoming direction, many huge brands are now applying AR & VR to their mobile apps development technologies. The demo furniture showroom for customers to envision their future home of IKEA, and the virtual makeup that imagines customers’ looks after using products from L’Oreal are two colorful examples. 

In 2022, our prediction is that the biggest break in AR & VR in the mobile app development area would be from the giants. At this moment, Apple, Google, and Meta are all investing a great deal into improving these two techs. Google has recently released “Live View”, a Google Maps feature that provides users with real-time simulations of real-world directions. Apple also jumped to the top of this race with “LiDAR”, a photo-capturing advancement described as “AR at the speed of light.”

Therefore, we believe that AR & VR are going to lead the mobile app development trends in the next months of 2022. A study from Statista backs us up on this prediction: they have calculated that the market of AR & VR will rise to around $209 billion in 2022. You, our dear eCommerce business owners, should definitely utilize these mobile app development trends and upgrade your user experience right now.


mobile app blockchain

A little fun fact: The worldwide market of Blockchain will likely hit $20 billion in 2024.

That not-so-little number has displayed the amazing potential of Blockchain in the years to come. The mobile app development technologies are now ready to integrate Blockchain into its future. 

Just like other cryptocurrencies, the strengths of Blockchain lay in its transparency, data security, accessibility, and reliability. Blockchain is also an open-sourced technology, and it allows many flexibles alterations – which makes Blockchain perfect for mobile app development.

2022 will get to see Blockchain appearing in all steps of an eCommerce application: from securing data to maintaining logistic factors. Therefore, this technology is likely to be used in “formal” sectors such as identity, finance, governance, etc. For the mainstream users, however, Blockchain remains as a not-yet-discovered treasure, so make sure to keep your business eyes on this one. 


mobile app iot

Imagine a world where you can control everything on your smartphone… Oh, there’s no need to, because this world is already here. And it’s all thanks to a technology called IoT.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is an integration of all things online, as long as there’s a network system bonding them together. Without a doubt, IoT would be an exceptional leading point to the mobile app development trends in 2022 and beyond. 

IoT’s main function is to connect all domestic appliances or personal technology of a user and synchronize data to create a whole experience. Of course, developers are rapidly working on ways to branch out this ability into other tasks such as food delivery, pushing out immediate loading results, protecting a brand’s security, controlling remote facilities, etc.

In a world where app downloaders actively seek out convenience and quick services, it can be a game-changer for an eCommerce mobile app. The graph above shows the steady growth of IoT technology to prove the point. IoT will be an unforgettable opponent in the race of mobile app development trends, with anticipation of earning $190 billion this year only.


5G is no longer a newcomer when it comes to mobile app development technologies, but this year it’s still something you should watch out for. 

That is because 2022 is going to be the year of 5G-incorporated devices, and improved 5G systems. The speed of 5G will raise to 100 times faster than 4G, with a latency of 1 millisecond. What does this mean, you asked? The most obvious benefit lies in the loading speed and quality, and the first ones to jump into 5G for it would be streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. as well as AR-&-VR-using businesses.

Furthermore, eCommerce mobile apps applying 5G can boost their payments and shipping ability to a whole new level. The better processing of biometric data also assists in user identification and managing the customer base. It’s an eCommerce business owner’s dream, really. 

In short, 5G is here to improve every aspect of your mobile app. The technology will make it much faster, smoother, and of course, way more efficient. So get your ideas ready, and let 5G take you to paths you have never been of mobile app development trends.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce, or M-Commerce, is the type of commerce that allows customers to directly purchase items through mobile devices. This is one of the most helpful mobile app development technologies for eCommerce businesses. 

Although M-Commerce has continued growing for quite a while, 2022 is going to be its peak year. The estimated value of the global M-Commerce systems may go up to $22 billion by the end of this year. The ever-changing mindsets and consuming behaviors of customers, along with the inevitable effects caused by COVID-19 are two of the most significant reasons for this stable rise. 

mobile app mobile commerce

So what can we expect from M-Commerce’s impacts on mobile app development trends in the near future? First and foremost, eCommerce brands are going to move major sections onto the M-Commerce platform to take advantage of the booming market.  The features for M-Commerce would also be much more high-tech than they are now, with the assistance of AI, AR & VR, IoT, etc. This means a personalized shopping experience, targeted campaigns, and the utilization of customer data. M-Commerce, without a doubt, is the one direction eCommerce will go straight on. The question left now is: Are you ready?

Looking at this graph, it’s clear that many other companies have been ready for this shift already. In 2021, no less than 72.9% of total eCommerce sales around the world were from personal smart devices. The opportunities really are endless and bigger than ever. 


All in all, these 5 technologies above are shaping mobile app development technologies right now. They are exactly what an eCommerce brand needs to adapt and thrive in today’s world. No matter who you are, and what you are looking to sell, the benefits they generate are undeniable, so make sure to follow the mobile app development trends closely.

How to stay on top of the Mobile App Development movement in 2022

We hope that by now, your wondering about “What are the hottest mobile app development technologies right now?” has been answered. By learning and following these mobile app development trends, your brand’s app will be on its way to being a big shot in 2022. We’ve got here some instructions for you to make sure that happens. Take a look!

Create a unique concept

There are millions of mobile apps released each year. This is why the key to a successful mobile app is to be different from the get-go. We suggest you first come up with a one-of-a-kind concept for your future mobile app. 

To do this, you should envision clearly your current resources and short-term and long-term objectives. Write down some outlining questions such as: “What is your key product?”, “How do you want to introduce them on the app?”, “How can the app benefit you?”, etc., and answering them seriously is the best way to kickstart this process.

In this step, one of the most common mistakes would be trying to input too much into the app. Our advice is to focus on what you really want and need only, then cut down the rest. The more down-to-earth your app is, the easier the developers can make it happen, and the more enjoyable your image is going to be to your customers. 

Target the right audience

Of course, you need to know who you are making the app for, and what they are like. Identifying your exact clientele is something you should never miss during the creation of your brand’s app.

How can you do this, you ask? There are many ways, including organizing surveys, analyzing the markets, sizing up the competitors, etc. The great news is that app stores now offer tools that can help companies to work out the demographics of their own audience through the contents and data of each app. Yay for technology!

Take notice of feedback

Designing and developing are not the only important parts – we also have to pay attention to testing. During this process, you will have the opportunity to witness how your app would operate in a real context, discover all the mistakes, and find out how to fix them. You will also receive many feedbacks, advice, and suggestions from users. Take notes, and apply them if possible. 

Remember, if there are bugs, sudden errors, or negative comments – don’t freak out. It’s normal for any mobile app to run into such obstacles. No app is perfect from the start so be patient. Your customers’ opinions are going to guide you in the right direction – make sure to listen to them well, and you’ll be fine.

Find the right partner

No one can ever say that developing a mobile app is easy. To follow instructions is one thing, to understand mobile app development trends is another, but they are hardly enough for anyone to create an app out of thin air. If you are an eCommerce owner who has many things on your plate, we suggest you find the right partner to help you on this journey.

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Considering how diverse technology is developing these days, one can always expect more for the future of mobile app development technologies. From AR & VR to 5G and IoT, these incredible updates are going to benefit the mobile app industry and the eCommerce scene all the same. 


We can not stress enough how important it is to stay up to date with all the latest mobile app development trends. While doing this, you are also learning how to leverage them in your best interest, and stay relevant in the competitive world of digital businesses. Use the knowledge to cooperate these cutting-edge technologies into a competent app for your company, then sit back and enjoy the fruit.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you. Follow our blog if you are interested in more eCommerce and technology articles. Goodbye, and see you in the next updates!


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