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Magento 2 Mobile App

Community: 2.x.x
Enterprise: 2.x.x

The Magento 2 Mobile App Solution is a ready-to-use tool for creating a unique app for your online store. Creating beautiful & well-praised mobile apps for various industries, including fashion, electronics, grocery, etc., helps to enhance user engagement.

The mobile app can become a valuable sale tool for mobile users since they can quickly download applications using their smartphones and other devices.

Turn your website into a fully native android & iOS app without coding knowledge.

  • Create personalized messages to your customers based on their location, interests, and activities they did in yours.
  • Set conditions to trigger notifications automatically.
  • Provide multiple ways for your customers to search for products: Magento QR/Barcode Scanner, Voice Search, and Image Search.
  • Offer customers various payment options to choose from
  • Support multi-language/currency/store view
  • 3 choices of themes and easily adjust banner & text layouts in the mobile app builder dashboard.
  • Provide ready-to-use mobile app promotion assets: Pre-designed social banners & landing page layouts, etc.

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Automatically create personalized messages to your customers

By leveraging personalized messages, your store can create a positive shopping experience and loyal customers. Thus, Magento 2 Mobile App helps to create personalized messages to your customers based on their location, interests, and activities on the website.

Moreover, knowing the importance of nurturing relationships with your customers, our module offers automated push notifications based on your customers' actions and leads them back to your app.


Provide multiple ways to search for products

There are 3 ways for customers to search for products:

  • Magento QR/Barcode Scanner to go directly to the product detail page in the app.
  • Voice Search: Save your customers time by not having them type. They can just speak to search for the products that they need.
  • Image Search: SimiCart mobile app for Magento 2 lets customers scan the product with their phone camera and get its information.

Provide a seamless path to checkout

No more unnecessary steps. Magento mobile app increases conversion rates by making the checkout flow as smooth as possible.

Ideally, our Android app for magento also supports a wide range of payments. Whatever payment option we do not have out-of-the-box, we can integrate it with our app for you.


Efficiently serve users from different countries

Magento 2 Mobile App offers languages and currencies that your customers are using and ships products to anywhere with the help of popular shipping providers.

  • Multi-language/currency/store view
  • Multiple shipping providers
  • RTL language support

Freely to customize with flexible home layouts

Complete control of your home screen design with 3 choices of themes that are suitable for various industries. You can easily adjust banner & text layouts in the mobile app builder dashboard. Moreover, each theme is flexible enough to be configured as multiple sub-theme designs.

You can also take advantage of our experienced designers to make a unique and interactive mobile app.


Offer ready-to-use mobile app promotion assets

To notify your customers about the mobile app, our module will provide 3 ready-to-use promotion assets:

  • Make your app available on Google search.
  • Add a download prompt when they access your Magento site on a mobile.
  • Pre-designed social banners & landing page layouts.
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Why Choose BSS

Competitive Price
Every merchant needs to survive – we do understand. That’s why we keep the price as low as possible.
Dedicated Support
We are all ears to your problems, either with our extensions or customizations. FREE 1-year support is included.
Open Source
The source code is completely open to inspect, modify and enhance according to your business purposes.
Qualified Code
We have developed a validation tool to ensure that every piece of code follows Magento coding standards.
High Compability
Our modules work well with each other. Even you want ours to be compatible with those of others. We are here to help
Simple installation
We simplify and clarify the installation process, so you can get the extension played for your website in clicks.
Quick Update
Your business and customers’ demands are ever-changing. Our extensions are also up-to-date with new features.
Business expert
Our certified experts get involved from the extension development to support to bring you efficient and budget solutions.
Easy to Use
No need to install bunches of redundant features. We select the most relevant functions to ensure the user-friendliness.


  • Are your apps ready-made or do you develop everything from scratch?

    We have a standard base which is a fully working Magento app with basic functions and from there we will customize and add more functions based on your requirements.

  • Is your Magento mobile app native or hybrid?
    We have both native & hybrid Magento 2 Mobile App Builder options for your business needs
  • Which programming languages are you using to build your iOS/ Android apps?
    We are using React to build our iOS and Android apps.
  • Do you have Magento Mobile App Builder options for Marketplace

    Yes, we can create a custom Magento 2 mobile app for marketplace companies. You can check for further details here.

  • How long does it take to build a Magento mobile app?

    With our Magento mobile app builder, it only takes about 1 week to create a basic app as in the demo. If you have customization requirements, the development process may take longer, typically from 1 to 3 months.

  • Can you convert my current Magento 2 website into a mobile app?

    There are technologies that let you convert your current website into a mobile app, but they either cost greatly or do not guarantee decent user experiences. Our Magento mobile app builder will create a UI/UX design frontend for your app, which is independent of your website design. Meanwhile, all your data in the backend will be synchronized between your website & your app. This ensures a solid hybrid/native mobile app that saves your wallet & stands with time.

  • Do your apps automatically work with the current extensions installed on my site?

    Our apps will automatically work with your backend extensions. For extensions that modify or interact with the frontend, we will need to do some customization on our apps for them to work.