Most Effective Way to Customize Checkout Success Page in Magento 2

Most Effective Way to Customize Checkout Success Page in Magento 2

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1. Limitation of Showing Information on Success Page in Magento 2 Default

In default Magento 2,  when customers place an order, a page called Success Page (Thank you page) is shown to confirm the order. But the information in default success page only includes the order number, notices about a confirmation email, notice about creating an account in the website for guest customers or the print order link and the reorder link for registered customers.

default Magento 2 checkout success page

The success page in default Magento 2

This page is so simple that it looks like an empty page, moreover, if customer refresh thank-you page, the page will be cleared and redirects customers to a blank cart. Almost customers close the success page immediately when it appears because they can not do anything with their orders or get more information on this uninformative page. Therefore, you could miss a good chance to use this page to promote your store if you don’t customize the success page and keep it still like the default.

2. An Effective Tool to Show Information on Success Page in Magento 2

There is no tool in the backend of default Magento 2 to customize the success page, which is the reason why BSSCommerce develops Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension as an excellent way to attract customer attention by improving content in your success page. With this module, you can thank your customers, provide them with full order information, encourage them to consider other products or give them a voucher and whatever makes customers want to back to your store.

We also offer you this extension for Magento 1 version; you can check the Checkout Success Page now.

3. How “Checkout Success Page for Magento 2” Works?

How to customize magento 2 checkout success page (1)
Let’s see how the module styles your success page in the frontend

  • Show all order information on the success page

Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension gives you an informative thank you page that can show all related details of orders. The information that customers submitted like shipping address, shipping method, billing address, and payment method are presented so that they can reconsider whether this information is exact or not and can opportunely fix the wrong things. Moreover, it has a field to display full order summary including ordered items with product thumbnails and product links so that customers can go to the product page of ordered items after clicking. Besides, features of default Magento 2 such as print order link, reorder link and continue shopping link are still retained but this module helps them to be shown for both registered and guest customers to use easily. Moreover,  order number along with order status is also displayed for purchasers to keep following their orders conveniently.

  • Display a thank you message on the top of success page

This module will make your thank you page become more individual with a thank you message. This message is shown to thank customers for purchasing and express your gratefulness to them.

  • Offer more products and information with product suggestion section, CMS blocks and coupon code section.

Customers may be interested in other products in your store, but naturally, they don’t know all the products in your store. Therefore, you can suggest them some products relating to their ordered items or cross-sell, up-sell products which are shown in an automatic slider on the success page.

CMS Blocks allow displaying any content that you want on thank you page: you can introduce your product, show some tips of shopping online in your store or express thankfulness to customers again and so on.

Also, customers can get a discount on the success page for their future orders.

With suggested products, CMS blocks and coupon code in the success page, customers will be more engaged to other purchasing processes at your website to increase your store sales.

  • Conveniently share the purchases on social networks

Nowadays, social networks have been developing quickly when almost everybody using the internet has at least one social network account. Understanding this tendency, Magento 2 Checkout Success Page allows your buyers to share their shopping with friends, which can make more people know about your store. This module supports sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – the most popular social networks at present.

Besides, both guest and registered customers can use their emails to register to receive newsletters from your store.

  • Configure all sections in backend easily

With all features displayed in the frontend like the description above, let’s check how to configure them in the backend:

Although Magento 2 Checkout Success Page has a lot of features, the module is customized to create the convenience for admin to use. Each feature is set in a separate section, and admin can choose to enable or disable either each section. You can build your success page by editing a thank you message, a coupon code, and CMS Blocks, styling buttons or selecting products to be shown in the suggestion section. A noticeable feature of this extension is that you can arrange the position of each section (except thank you message and order information) in the success page to display thank you page as reasonably as possible.

customize position of parts on magento 2 checkout success page

Select Sort Order (1-6) for sections to arrange their positions on the success page.

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  • Preview the success pages of orders from backend

This is a unique function of Magento 2 Checkout Success Page extension. You can test how the success page displays for your customers from the backend promptly. You only need get an order number and fill it in the cell, then click on an available link to go to the thank you page of this order.

4. Conclusion

Why not keep customers on your success page and get a chance to increase sales? Checkout Success Page for Magento2 is doing well this work because your detailed thank you page can impact on your customers strongly and make an enjoyable experience in the checkout process for them. Therefore, this module is suitable for anyone who wants to make their store stand out and customer-friendly.

magento2 checkout success page extension

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