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Top 7 Highly-Converting Magento 2 Checkout Success Page Extensions

The order confirmation page is an absolute must if you want to ensure a smooth ecommerce transaction.

LEARN NOW how to customize a highly-converting Magento 2 checkout success page in both UX and revenue!

However, the default fails to deliver such a detail-oriented and user-friendly thank you page. Unless you’re an Ace in PHP and excellent at front-end mobilization, choosing an extension here is a smart choice.

When you look at a Magento module, it can be tough to tell how seemingly minor differences in features and performance can have a significant impact on your bottom line, but they can.

All vendors say they’re faster, more reliable, better geared for SEO, after-sell, etc. than the competition. But what’s the reality?

Let’s look at each one of them carefully.

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Magento 2 Checkout Success Page – $79 – BSS Commerce

This one is no doubt the best value extension to render your dream order confirmation page. From UX enhancements to post-sales tactics to increase order value, this module has it all!

Here is a simple comparison between the dull default page and the one powers by this add-on:

The default Magento
magento 2 test checkout success page
The Magento 2 checkout success page by BSS Commerce 

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC: Try out the demo for Magento 2 test checkout success page!

You have your answer already, right?

Highlight features:

  • Edit thank you message with your own style. 
  • Clear communication about order details to establish trust.
  • Beautify and advertise with CMS blocks.
  • Sell more using the product-discovery listing and recommendation engines.
  • Generate coupon codes as an after-sales strategy.
  • Preview the page from the backend setting.

There are rooms for improvement, of course. We can look for other additives such as ready-to-load templates for the page, or geared for REST API and GraphQL.

Shopping should feel earned, and this extension will act as an achievement that your customers just unlock when they shop on your website!

Thank You Page for Magento 2 – $129 – Mageplaza

If you reserve a bit more on the budget, this Magento 2 thank you page extension is the right fit for you. 

They provide tools that help create thank you pages with different rules to differentiate customer groups/categories right at the get-go. Such an addition is amazing if you have a more diverse set of products.

However, the rule-based can be troublesome if you’re not taking time with the logic. This gloss-over can lead to overlapping rules, and the thank you page gets rendered wrongly. 

magento 2 thank you page

Highlight features:

  • Map out and design the page as you like. 
  • Request subtleties on Order Success Page 
  • Offer requests from Thank-you Page 
  • Buy in the pamphlet on the Order Success Page
  • Strategically pitch on the thank you page 
  • Offer auto-created coupons on the thank-you page 
  • Show the FAQs square 
  • REST API, GraphQL is prepared

All in all, this Magento 2 checkout success page module is a worthy order confirmation module, and you should check it out for a demo!

Thank You Page for Magento 2  – $149 – Amasty

Yes, this one got the same name as Mageplaza’s take on this field. However, same name – different value.

This one is by far the most admin-friendly Magento 2 checkout success page module. Aside from all the must-have features, the nice-to-have ones cover the track of page designing even if you aren’t familiar with the materials.

The biggest hold-back of this extension is no doubt the price. No matter what way you put it, that’s a steep price for an extension like this. 

magento 2 checkout success page module

Highlight features:

  • Register clients directly on the Thank You page. 
  • Show request audit and strategically pitch squares. 
  • Offer to clients coupons for the following buy. 
  • Supplement custom CMS hinders in a single tick. 
  • Empower bulletin membership to fortify the maintenance.

In short, if you don’t have a budget limit, definitely give this module a try. You will get the most benefits out of the user-friendly interface and make this job done flawlessly. 

Success Page – $119 – Meetashi

The post-buy Thank you page, when introduced effectively in the Magento 2 store, can help sustain leads and develop deals. And Meetashi has a Magento 2 order success page solution to make this easier for you.


Besides the essential designing headliners, Meetashi has stepped out of the norm and given their audiences a new set of advancements.

To be more specific, they put more effort into connecting social features. This direction is breaking because the power of social media is just otherworldly. 

However, this extension is no without-a-flaw one; in fact, there are several of them.

First, there is a severe lack of update since the last one was in Arp 2020, and we still got no Magento 2.4 stamp-of-compatible.

Second, they leave so much configuration to be set instead of connecting logic to reduce your workload.

Highlight features:

Choose the structure and substance of the achievement page of your store from the administrator board. 

  • Permit sharing the request on Facebook by utilizing the Facebook App ID. 
  • Empower the coupon code segment to show the coupon codes and offers that improve deals. 
  • Show custom icons for the social network links.
  • Empower the bulletin membership segment on the Thank You page to develop your mailing list. 
  • Show the item proposals area that urges the clients to check more items. 

Order Success Page – $149 – Aheadworks

Back to the top most expensive extensions, we have Magento 2 checkout success page extension by Aheadworks.

Short review: If it’s up to me, I will choose the kit by Amasty over this one every time. And here why.

While charging the same price, Aheadworks is short in the admin-friendly design and several nitty-gritty features. Such as the price rule for a coupon.

magento 2 test checkout success page

Regardless of all the lackluster, here is the rundown of what they have to offer:

Highlight features:

  • Adjustable page title and subtitle 
  • Receipt printing for guest clients 
  • Utilize a flexible layout with 4 predefined positions 
  • Exhaustive order summary block 
  • Checkout registration option 
  • Pamphlet subscription functionality 
  • Strategically pitches block

Checkout Success Page – $99 – WeltPixel

For an extension under $100, this Magento 2 order success page add-on holds quite a punch.

The most significant advantage of this extension is visual implementation. They’ve created a beautiful order confirmation layout complete with tracking functionality and other essential blocks.

magento 2 order success page module

However, they’re running short in terms of configuration compact. The configurations are scattered around, and it is hard for admin to set up this page effortlessly. 

For example, there is no custom CMS block integration. This lackluster means you have to go to the Content panel to set it up then go back to add it into the checkout success page.

That’s an example on how simple touch can result in significant user experience.

Highlight features:

  • Buy into Newsletter optimization with a client pre-populated email address. 
  • Incredible Custom Block add-in lets you make a rich, significant Magento 2 achievement page for your clients.
  • Full control for each segment with singular perceivability alternatives accessible. 
  • Plausibility of including a Google Map demonstrating the request area. 

Order Success Pages – $89.99 – FMEextensions

The price they set is quite funky, I know. But this extension is worth a mention.

FMEextensions has successfully created a checkout success module that pivoted toward re-sell and registered customer favoritism. These directions are clear with their emphasis on “Reorder’ or ‘Continue Shopping’ buttons.


Moreover, they make a difference with multiple rendering of this page that is free to edit and set up for different demographics. 

As for features that need more work, we must talk about the cross-sell & up-sell logic. You need to add these products by hand, which is a huge disservice and a meticulous job.

Highlight features:

  • Add Multiple Checkout Success Pages.
  • Assign these pages to different products and categories.
  • Use customer groups and store views to restrict page views.
  • Enable customers to continue shopping or reorder the same. 
  • Show related products to extend order value. 
  • Provide discount coupons to customers.
  • Share social media/ make an account/ join newsletter subscription upon order success.

All in all, this extension is excellent if you want multiple order success pages for different objects. Definitely check them out if you’re going to spice up and do A/B testing with your checkout success page.

Wrap up

We’ve run over 7 best Magento 2 checkout success page extensions on the market. We’ve listed down benefits as well as lackluster within each one of them. This way, you can make the smartest decision on choosing the module that suits your needs and condition best!

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services globally. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

What about custom features and other requests? Why don’t you CONTACT US NOW? We’re all ear to listen and take your comment into product development consideration! 


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