Necessary Structured Data For An E-commerce Website

by Robin Tran

Have you been struggling to make your eCommerce store stand out from your competitors? Well, this article might be for you!

There’s no better way to get your site to pop than by adding ecommerce structured data. But what is it, how does it work, and why is it good for SEO?

What Is Structured Data?

Adding ecommerce structured data to your web pages does two things:

  1. Makes it easier for the customer
  2. Makes it easier for Google

It does this by adding snippets of information about your content to the search results. But behind the scenes, it does far more than that.

Here’s the thing:

Search engines use a different language in the algorithm. This means for them to really understand what the content on a page is about you need to use the right vocabulary.

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Most of the big search engine companies use something called Schema. By using this language within your content it makes it simple for the search engine to understand.

It basically turns the content into code, which makes it a lot easier for search engines like Google and Bing to understand. It will then use the code to help display the information in your search result.

In turn, this makes it easier for your listing to stand out.

Take this search for trainers as an example:


Only one of the listings is using Schema data, and it makes it pop out from the rest. And this is because you can see the price range and their ratings without even having to click on the site.

All of this makes the listing look a lot richer, and more importantly, it makes it more clickable. 

And as you can see in this post by Matthew Woodward, attracting customers to your site is the key to success.

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How You Can Use Ecommerce Structured Data For Your Store

If you want to increase your CTR (Click Through Rate), then there’s no better way of doing that than adding structured data to your page.

As mentioned, this ecommerce structured data will help your webstore become more stand out than the other competitors when visitors search for the same type of products. Because it gives you an extra visual aspect that highlights the important information the customer wants to know.

So, here are five ways you can use ecommerce structured data to increase your CTR:

Utilize Reviews And Ratings

It’s a very well-known fact that using reviews and ratings, triggers a physiological response in a potential customers’ brain. 

In other words, it increases the amount of trust a user gives you when purchasing something from the store.


You can see in the picture above they utilized the Schema data code to include the rating of the product and the number of reviews it received.

By utilizing this type of data within your site you can increase your perceived trustworthiness, which is the key to increasing sales.

Add Your Product

It should be one of the biggest concerns for an eCommerce store owner. It’s what helps separate your product page from a blog post. 

Product schema enables store owners to present all product information in one place without requiring the consumer to click on the other page.


This could be things like:

  • Features
  • Size information
  • Colors available

Having this information clearly displayed makes it easier for customers, and can be the difference between them clicking on your search result or your competitors.

Create Video Schema

Video will always be a great marketing tool because it gives the user a better understanding of what the product is and how it works, especially in the absence of physical touch and feels.

Recent studies have shown that over 70% of eCommerce stores are using videos to entice people to their stores.


And this is why adding video schema to your products can be so beneficial. You see they help to explain all the complexities while grabbing people’s attention.

If you already have loads of videos about your products, or your niche is prime for videos, then you should try adding them to your rich snippet.

The more data you can add to your snippets the more chance you have at ranking your sites.

Show Your Products Availability

There aren’t many things that can annoy a shopper more than finding the product they want/need is out of stock.

And that’s why adding availability schema to your product pages can be so important; as mentioned before it’s all about adding extra value.


By adding availability schema you can avoid the awkwardness of your customer coming to your site, deciding to buy, and then not being able to purchase the product they want and leave disappointed.

Having this important data also helps you reduce your bounce rate because it gives the customer the option of finding a similar product.

One of the most significant reasons people leave a sales page is the availability or pricing. 

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Implement Pricing Schema

Pricing is another schema you should implement along with reviews and availability because it’s an important buying decision. 

It’s been proven that price comparison is a considerable factor when it comes to sales.

Having schema data in place allows customers to compare your prices with other companies offering the same or similar products.

Check out this comparison:


As you can see there’s a huge difference in price for similar products. Letting the customer see all this information quickly helps them identify the product in the right price bracket.

Giving the customer this information from the off-set helps them make a quicker more informed decision about your product.

Think of it this way, if people are buying solely based on the price, then they’ll only click on the listing that has the best price.

Add Rich Ads For A Ranking Boost 

This is the final tip, and although it’s not a Schema as such, it does work in the same way. Paid ads are a great way of pushing your products to the first page, and they work well at selling products.

But, it does come with a problem; you have to pay for them. It’s known as Google Shopper. This makes your life easier, but it can put a strain on your account balance. Something to consider.

Wrapping Up 

So, by adding ecommerce structured data to your website you can actively increase your CTR and lower your bounce rate.

Both of these factors will give you a boost in your ranking performance. Start standing out from the rest by adding schema to your pages today. 

For Magento users, here is a quick way to establish your structured data hustle-free!

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