One-Time Payment, No Hidden Fee for All BSS Magento Extensions

by Robin Tran

Amid various vendors on the market moving toward annual subscriptions, BSS chooses to stay and provide one-time-payment licenses for all Magento extensions.

This decision is BSS’s stand on keeping it BSS’s way: Best Success Solution with the best price possible for our customers now and in the future. 


With 9+ years in the business, BSS has made a name for itself for being the reliable yet affordable Magento solution provider.


SHOP BSS’s Extension & Enjoy Lifetime-update With Your Purchase!

The 21000+ clients worldwide are true testimonials to BSS’s standard of excellence. It’s a direct result of the win-win mindset we established from day 1. Your business requirements are our challenges. We do not only try to meet your request – we do seek the best solution to optimize your cost & save our time.

Hence, with Adobe releasing their announcement for product subscriptions and other providers following suit – BSS choose the one-time payment stills. We recognize that this is not a popular approach but aligns with BSS’s value proposition as well as you – our treasure customers.

“Change is inevitable but value is indestructible”


While many Magento extension providers in the world have customized their selling policies with extra other service fees, BSS Commerce still maintains the lifetime purchase license for our extensions and other terms also remain the same. Please refer to this Terms & Conditions for more information.

Here is a quick comparison chart for your convenience!


As always, your purchase at BSS comes with free support, free installation, and free lifetime update. The support period per extension does vary, and extended support purchase is available on request. 

Other providers have standard initial payment for the license with an annual surcharge for a continuation of support and update. Aheadworks, however, decide to charge their extension monthly. 

Furthermore, all the information provided in our Terms and Conditions is clear and transparent. There is no hidden fee in any of your purchases.

Of course, there are no exceptions to this policy. In another way, One-time payment, Free lifetime update, and No hidden fee terms are applied to all BSS Magento extensions.


Q: Will one-time payment be applied for all Magento 2 extensions?


Q: Will be there any costs incurred before/during/after I purchase your extensions?

Obviously not. We constantly make sure that all costs are transparent and that there is no hidden fee.

Q: Is BSS doing this alone?

In the current sense, BSS’s at odds for keeping one-time payment for Magento’s extension license. We will keep updating if others have similar policies. 

In the meantime, here is the list of other vendors who have made announcements to switch to product subscriptions: Amasty, Aheadworks, Mageworx, Mirasvit and Meetanshi.

Q: What will I get from this stay in place policy?

You will receive the same after-sales package from BSS as always:

  • Access to the extensions’ every update
  • Get regular feature updates to enjoy bug-free & high-performance extensions
  • Get the extension compatible with the latest version of Magento 2
  • Enjoy free support accordingly.

Q: How will the fee change?

None. All fees are detailed within your purchase and stay the same without additional charges.

Q: What happens if I purchase the extension from the Magento Marketplace (Adobe Commerce Marketplace)?

We tend to keep our extension on the marketplace one-time purchase license as on our website. However, this will depend on how Magento’s marketplace allows vendors to set up prices. Hence, please wait until there is a further announcement from them.

Q: What about refund policies?

BSS Commerce offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for all of our products. Additionally, we offer a 60-day Money-back policy for the B2B package and products belonging to this B2B package. 

Please contact us if you have any problems running extensions, concerns about the refund term, or support and installation service.

If the extension fails to function properly due to a bug and we cannot support fixing it, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase (within 60 days for the B2B package and products in the package). However, we stand behind our products and will assist customers in solving problems first.

Q: Can I customize and keep using the extension?

BSS Commerce provides Customization services of any extension to fit your own needs. Customers can contact us for customization by sending Emails, Tickets, or through our Live Chat.


One-time payment purchase of Magento extension is here to stay at BSS Commerce. We wish to continue to support your business endeavor with our best solution at the best price from our best team. 

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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