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Our society is following the masses. The most influential person is the one with the highest Tweeter, Instagram, and Facebook followers, and the high-value products are the ones that the majority is using.

The market falls into different customer segments, from “innovators” – the earliest one to try out your products to “laggards” – people who are late to the game.

In pre-launch marketing, your early adopters are crucial to how far you can reach your new products into the market. After the product takes off slowly due to the influence of “innovators”, the early adopters will make it shine to the rest of the market.

In short, they are the parameter that determines the success of your pre-launching campaign.

So it makes sense that once the early adopters/ influencers got their hands onto your product before the launching date, your pre-launch campaign would be successful.


I would hold your horse right there. Early Adopters are not easy to please, and how you cater to their journey might impact your products and brand image.

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Who are early adopters, and how your pre-launch campaign can reach them?

Early adopters are the ones who grab on things first. They started the trends and influenced their community, friends, and family to purchase the product. They’re often young, well-educated, and financially stable, so they are less risk-averse than the later population segments. They usually have impacts on social media and often have strong opinions about their like or dislike products.

Getting early adopters will not only significantly impact the business incoming launch, but also benefiting the business product improvements because early adopters will give back helpful critics.

But it’s difficult for businesses to lure them into their honey pot because as much as the early adopters would “hype” over new products, they are skeptical and critical.


And to market to this unique bunch, you must first understand them.

Doesn’t respond to massive marketing

Early adopters won’t respond to the standard marketing channels. They’re the one who has already understood the problem and are actively looking for solutions. And they want products they possess to be unique and niche.

So to marketing to early adopters, instead of finding on Facebook or Instagram, you should actively reach out to the low-traffic areas like web forums, Youtube, or their own Slack channels. Quora and Reddit are also heavens for early adopters to talk about products they’re interested in.

You can explore all niche channels by using Google search with:

  • “(target audience) community”
  • “(target audience) slack channel”
  • “(target audience) forum”
  • “(target audience) Reddit”

For example, if your target audience is designers, and you need early adopters to test out the product, then one search from Google would reveal all forums you could access:


And even when you don’t promote your product directly through the forums, you can still promote in communities like Twitter and Linkedin.

Research from Zeitgeist Research pointed out that 76% more likely to use Twitter for tech enthusiasts and influencers than other social networks.

Companies have 59% more reaching users intending to make tech purchases on this platform, whether it’s wearable, laptop, or mobile devices. So if your game is technology, Twitter is for you.


Social Risks – Calculated Decisions

Early Adopters, while being early and eager for new products like Innovators, are skeptical and critical. After all, they have their reputation on the line when announcing the new product to their social circle.

They will do thorough research about your products and calculate the risk they’re taking.

They also want to search if the product you’re offering is cutting edge, innovative, and possess unique competitive advantages compared to other products in the same field.

Due to this reason, targeting early adopters for your pre-launch campaign can be a double edge-sword if your product is not up to scratch.

They can tell their social group about the bad experience, and it might damage your product before launching to the mass market.


To minimize the social risks in early adopters marketing, your company can provide insights about products, testimonials, case studies, and innovators’ perspectives to encourage them to try.

You will also need to present them with the plan for the product when it makes it to the mass.

  • Your target customers for this product
  • How does the product benefit the early adopters

Your company needs to convince them that this item is worth their time, effort, and money.

Why Pre-Orders attract early adopters and expand your market?

Let’s say you have already had your early adopters targeted, and you want to attract them to your shop and line up for your incoming product. What now?

This is when the power of pre-orders comes in.

Especially for ecommerce stores, and Magento stores, a long waiting list of pre-orders helps the owner predict the surge of demands for this product on the launching date and create excitement for early adopters visiting the store.

Forecasting Demands

Collecting pre-orders can help you estimate the traffic and orders which will come when you are officially selling your product. You might be making a lot of products, but it can be too few, or too many for the actual demand out there. Knowing the number of customers you might get would help calculate the costs and avoid excessive inventory after product launch.


Furthermore, if you collect your customer payments before launching, you would have the resources to purchase or manufacture the inventory. This might be suitable for small retailers who are not yet stable in finance but need to produce stocks to accommodate the demands.

Create Excitements

Have you heard of F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out)?

It is the anxiety of not belonging, that something exciting happens with everyone else, somewhere else but not yourself. Trust me; it truly is a powerful force.

In fact, 56% surveyed adults answered that F.O.M.O. affected their media usage, which frequently compelled them to look at social media.

Merchants can use this F.O.M.O. principle to create a sense of exclusively using pre-orders, limiting quantity, and time for the “early access” list.

Early adopters and other fans in the market would be hooked on this opportunity to be the first one trying your impending exciting product.


Get Your Magento Site Ready With 6 Magento Pre-launch Marketing Checklist

This is it. This is the big time you have been waiting for.

Indeed that’s what Magento merchants think when their products are close to the launching day.

While there is no denying that launching day brings plenty of opportunities as the product was introduced to the mass market, pre-launch marketing is the real big thing here.

If your pre-launch marketing didn’t go well, then instead of the crowd you expected queuing up, there will only be a few drops of buyers, and your product would fail miserably.

1. Investigate your market

Do not assume you know what customers need. Anyone making a product would want their products to be what their customers need, and they know how to solve the problem consumers are having.

But it could turn out to be that nobody wants your feature, or they need some functions that are simply missing from your model, etc. Doing market analysis and competitor research is the way to ask your potential audience what they want you to deliver, and scanning through your opponents to be sure that you’re offering something unique that others don’t have.


2. Create the hype train and gathers Early birds

To get customers excited before the product launch, you should hype the train weeks ago. Create V.I.P. services, reducing price for early arrivers, using Magento pre-order as a bait to lure customers into lining up for the main event.

Put some teasers out there. Doing event meetings and email hinting about the coming launch.

Don’t be afraid of being creative to get people wanting to try your new product.


3. Influencing through marketing contents

You can also provide interesting content to lead customers to your website. This is exceptionally effective with Magento pre-launch marketing, due to the convenience of just a swipe or click in ecommerce. Here is the list of some content form you can consider:

  • Freebies: A free content distributed to people as a prize or as they left their emails would have been enough for you to reach out and to pitch your product to them.
  • Building a landing page: Even when your product hasn’t gone out to the public yet, having a landing page is an excellent way to get people leaving emails for further updates if they’re interested. This is also a great early adopters marketing strategy because a landing page with intriguing information and a Magento pre-order list for the early birds is the very thing they are looking for.

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  • Give an explaining video: People are more likely to respond to an explanation video over other content types. 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching videos about it. Social videos are also 1200 times more likely to get shared than both text and images combined, as research from 96% of B2B organizations who used their video for marketing has shown. So having a video on your site is one of the best ways to get your words out there for your pre-launch campaign.
  • Blogs & Guest Blogs: Back to the basics. Utilizing keywords and relevant searches will help you gradually build your fanbase, and blogs draw attention to your product’s landing page and website. Pre-launch marketing using blogs and guest blogs is also a good way for you to push SEO ranking on Google search, and more likely for people to see it.
  • Emails: Reaching your audience by using emails is also a great way to capture attention, especially the people you send emails to were already interested in the product, or at least in the field that your product’s ranging from.

The very problem is the Magento platform is not a social media platform. While it functions well as an online store, it’s C.M.S. (Content Management System) doesn’t offer you much, unless you use the Magento Commerce 2.3.

Unfortunately, for young businesses and startups, Magento Commerce can be expensive. In that case, your obvious choice is for integrated CMS systems that can support you with full content management and provide an engaging visual interface.

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4. Set out Goals and Metrics

Stay precise with a vision and goals for your products. Your goals should follow S.M.A.R.T. criteria to help people see where they’re going.

The goals will be the backbones for you to outline the marketing plans and timeframe, influencing your coordination actions and putting your right on track.


5. Get your team ready

On launching day, there can be a massive surge in traffic and orders, and while you’ve prepared your website to handle the sudden incoming heavy load, be sure to train your people to deal with them as well.

  • Know the Product: As the seller, your team should know everything there is to know about the product, and depends on the complexity of the project, they may have to be capable of dumb down the explanation as much as possible.
  • Make a FAQ list: You would probably know the questions that early adopters and other customers might have for your product, considering you’ve researched them carefully. Make a list of frequently asked questions on your landing page to help people solve their queries fast and relieve your team’s service workload.

Other actions could include building a demo version if it’s a product related to technology, pitching, and make sure the sale process is as smooth as possible.

6. Carefully choose your post-launch actions.

Yes, you have provided the Magento 2 pre-order list. You have done the early adopters marketing and got the fanbase that you need. You have built a landing page. You have done the market research and content promoting to get your product’s words spreading out there. You have done everything right and got a triumphant launching moment.

But all of a sudden, your product got returned. Or people just toss it aside and go for your competitor.

A successful launch is not all you need to worry about. You need to maintain quality customer supports, improve, and upgrade your product based on the feedback you’ve gathered from your buyers.

  • Analyze the data and feedbacks: Take the data and listen to customer feedback, make sure you understand and deliver a solution. Improve your product better, and your customers will love you for it.
  • Optimize marketing methods: Not everyone nailed it the first time. Maybe the problem is lying on the marketing methods you use, and not the product itself. Waiting for the patterns like bounce, conversions, CPC, page views, and make objective judgments about the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies. For the ineffective strategies, remove or find a way to improve it.
  • Technical issues can also be your killer: Because Magento pre-order and pre-launch campaign are both based on an online platform, many things could go wrong. Do an all-round check to see if the problem you have lies on technical issues (the server, platform configurations, etc.) Have a team of developers on your back all the time to deal with the issue as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can have a Magento maintenance service to help you attend to maintenance problems, while you focus on marketing for your product.

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Customers who are satisfied with quality service will stay loyal to your brand, and brand loyalty is difficult for competitors to copy.

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Understanding that the early birds are an important part of a pre-launch campaign, Magento 2 Pre Order would perfect the route to get Early adopters to your website and expand your market.

Magento 2 Pre Order extension allows the customer to order products in advance, create scarcity with the feature of setting a timer period for the pre-order, and allows customers to give pre-order notes for anything they would want extra.


During the pre-launch campaign, you want as many people on the waiting list as possible, because that shows that many people are excited about your product coming up. But launching is often busy and hectic that you don’t have time to announce the availability to each of your customers.

Magento 2 Pre Order extension got that covered for you. You can send messages about your product availability, and customers will get an email confirmation upon purchase.


Not only support your Magento pre-order system, but if you have any discount for pre-orders you can also display them in the custom message. This works effectively in Early Adopters Marketing, in which you can create exclusive feelings for the ones who are there early.


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The launching moment is an important one in product life, but some preparations must be done way before in order to have a successful launch. Understanding the pre-launch marketing art will help you plan for your product release, make the right channels for promotion, targeting the early adopters, and building your landing page bustling with information about the product you’re about to launch.

Last but not least, you should always remember to include a Magento pre-order list to lure your visitors’ attention because the early adopters can take your product off the ground if they’re well-served and offered the exclusiveness for being early.

If you have any inquiries regarding the issues we addressed in the post, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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