Best email marketing platform for Magento 2

Explore 4+ Magento Email Marketing Platforms in 2020

by Stephanie Greene

Today, we will discuss Magento email marketing platforms.

Many online merchants just do not send many emails. They argue that there is a bunch of effective ways to connect with customers rather than spam them with marketing emails, from time to time.

Then, is email dead?

No way! Email marketing is important, especially in the context of ecommerce.

Since online customers search and shop in their own ways with little contact with salespeople, you find it hard to keep in touch with them.

For example,

❔ How to turn a window shopper into a real customer?

❔ How to remind visitors of their abandoned carts and convert them into orders?

❔ How to announce potential buyers of your super super super holiday hot deals?

These 4 best Magento email marketing platforms will help.

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#4. Hubspot


What we appreciate the most about Hubspot is their Email Marketing CRM is the Inbound Marketing concept, which can be successfully adopted in Magento email marketing.

It is undeniable that attracting people to your website (with SEO efforts or advertising) is far from enough. You have to keep helping, supporting, and empowering them well, even after they have become your customers.

That time, the inbound philosophy is to approach customers in a human and helpful way to provide good-for-the-customer values. In return, customers are willing to pay good-for-the-business rewards and drive your growth over the long term.

Email marketing of Hubspot, hence, is also built with an inbound strategy in mind.

Hubspot Pricing 2019


You can try Hubspot Magento Email Marketing for free.

However, the price will go up inevitably according to the growth in your database. Hubspot will charge for every 1000 new contacts you have. The amount ranges from $10 to $100 depending on your package.

On the bright side, it demonstrates your business growth.

On the other side, you have to plan your budget carefully

Pros of Hubspot CRM

✔️Create personalized emails without lining up for designers or developers

✔️Make use of built-in email templates

✔️Schedule, send and track sent emails, as well as leads in slick

✔️Support posting on and managing over social media accounts as well

✔️Manage all data from email campaigns, social media, and landing pages in one place

✔️Get insight into inbound marketing right on Hubspot extensive library

Cons of Hubspot CRM

✖️Cost significantly if your business is big or gets bigger quickly

✖️Do not support A/B testing unless you go for their Professional or Enterprise package

✖️Pay extra to get Hubspot integrated with other platforms, say Magento 2


How to integrate Hubspot Magento Email Marketing Solution?

It’s easier than ever to integrate Magento and Hubspot using Hubspot Integration Module that is available in Magento Marketplace.

The module allows you to sync information from your Magento to HubSpot in a convenient way. By integrating Magento and HubSpot, you can gain online sales from prospectives and increase repeat sales from existing customers. The connector passes all customer and order data on an ongoing basis with a sync schedule and provides you with the best control.

More importantly, the module is available at no cost.

#3. GetResponse

GetResponse is among the most common Magento email marketing platform – in particular, and for ecommerce, in general.

This tool allows creating catchy and converting templates; segmenting subscribers to send automated emails; tracking and analyzing your efforts easily.


GetResponse Pricing 2019


You can get the free trial first then decide whether to integrate Response with your Magento 2 website.

If yes, then take the following packages into account.

Like Hubspot, GetResponse charges for the size of your database. The more subscribers you have, the more you will pay.

However, what makes us rank GetResponse higher than Hubspot is, the Basic and Plus plan supports more exciting features at a similar price tag.

Pros of GetResponse

✔️Support rich features at affordable price categories

✔️Drag & drop editor to create emails, landing pages, 

✔️Built-in with A/B testing

✔️Provide free integration with Magento

✔️Offer dedicated support

Cons of GetResponse

✖️Connect with Magento 2.1 and Magento 1.9 only

✖️Take a while to master in GetResponse since there is a bunch of features

✖️Need to improve the deliverability


#2. ConvertKit

It is 6 years since ConvertKit’s first introduction by Nathan Barry – a creator (rather than a merchant) to engage and follow up his subscribers. Engaging content and user-friendly templates lie at the heart of this email platform.


Now this email marketing platform has improved a lot to meet the demands of both creators and even merchants who want to sell products.

So far, it deserves to get in our Top 3.

ConvertKit Pricing 2019

There are four monthly plans ranging from $29 to $4,000, according to the number of subscribers. Almost all features are shared. However, the more you pay, the more available customer services and integrations are.


Pros of ConvertKit

✔️Segment your audience smartly with link triggers, tags, and defined rules

✔️Create logical automation flow to send emails to the right people rather than spam them

✔️Provide a library of customizable forms and landing pages

✔️Have a high deliverability rate 

✔️Report how subscribers react to your campaigns and pages in comprehensive details

✔️Support an easy-to-understand interface.

Spend less time on settings and more time on creating valuable content.

Cons of ConvertKit

✖️Do not support drag-and-drop features like Hubspot, GetResponse, or MailChimp

Actually, it is not always a drawback. ConvertKit recommends focusing on text-based emails with simple templates so that subscribers will feel like receiving an email from their friends rather than a saleable one. It is based on your customers’ preferences.

But overall, the customizability of ConvertKit is somewhat limited.

✖️Do not integrate with Magento 2 by nature. Hence, you need to install an extension.


#1. MailChimp

Is this monkey mascot remind you something?


If you have subscribed to our newsletters, then you already know that we are using MailChimp now. However, this best Magento email marketing platform review is not biased.

Since we use it, we know it is effective to grow and stick to your customer database.

MailChimp Pricing 2019

If you do not sure your investment in email marketing is well-worth, you can start with the Free plan of MailChimp. This is not a limited trial, it is permanent as long as your audience is within 2,000 contacts. You can send up to 2,000 emails per day and 10,000 emails per month.

Paid plans by MailChimp are also affordable and feature-rich. Just pay as you go – totally flexible!


Pros of MailChimp

✔️Customize email templates as you want: drag-n’-drop editor, code your own, import HTML, etc.

✔️Built with ecommerce opt-in automation ideals

✔️Have a high deliverability rate and options

✔️Support A/B testings – best on large audience lists

✔️Be easy to understand and operate

✔️Integrate with a ton of email marketing, as well as ecommerce platforms

Cons of MailChimp

A forever free plan is truly a compelling advantage of MailChimp over other Magento email marketing platforms. When it comes to paid plans, the price is still surprisingly affordable.

However, there are still many parts to improve.

✖️The segmentation rules are quite basic. Even we use the Premium plan (because we do not want to spam our customers), we do not completely satisfy with the segmentation

✖️Sign-up forms are not as attractive as those of Hubspot or ConvertKit

✖️Your account can get suspended or canceled. So, follow the best practices instead of annoying your subscribers


How to Integrate Magento 2 MailChimp Solution?

So, Magento 2 MailChimp is the best email marketing website. Give it a try and you will see.

Exciting enough, MailChimp has built a free MailChimp 4 Magento email marketing solution to get connected to your  Magento 2 websites in several steps.

What to expect

✔️Sync data of list and purchase.

✔️Send emails upon marketing automation, for example, abandoned carts, product recommendations, win back lapsed customers, or purchase follow-ups.

✔️Segment audiences and track the performance of Magento email marketing in a visual dashboard.

✔️Attract new audiences via Google remarketing ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

✔️Embed sign-up form or landing page anywhere on the website to turn visitors into subscribers.

How to connect

Step 1: Check MailChimp 4 Magento 2 release note

Step 2: Download & Install the extension

You must login to your Magento 2 Mailchimp dashboard and run the Component Manager.

Step 3: Configure and Connect

Login your MailChimp account and get the API key in AccountExtraAPI Key => Create API key.

Login Magento 2 Admin Panel. Navigate to MailChimpMailChimpConfiguration.

  • In API Key, enter the key
  • Save Config.

Navigate MailChimp => Magento 2 MailChimp Stores and Create New MailChimp Store.

  • In General => Apikey, choose one key in the drop-down option
  • Input store details and Save
  • Enter the address (contact information) and Save

Bingo! You already create a MailChimp store.

Step 4: Connect to Magento 2

Return to MailChimpMailChimpConfiguration. Select Magento 2 store from the Default Config drop-down menu.


Choose the API key from the API Key (store view)

Go over all the information again and Save Config.

Step 5: Check the connected site in Magento 2 Mailchimp General Configuration

If the sync is properly, you will find Account details as follows:


In MailChimp, check the Connected Site under the Account menu.


That’s it! Now that your store is connected. It is time to start sending converting Magento email marketing.

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