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Set Absolute Cost & Add Quantity To Each Custom Option In Magento 2

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Sometimes, as a merchant, you probably need to add extra charges to your product which is independent of the quantity, base price, and any other related adjustments applied to your product. 

Moreover, in Magento 2 store, there are various custom product options for each item. And if the amount you choose for the primary product also applies to the custom option, this is the biggest minus that will unintentionally make your customers turn away.

Unfortunately, the default Magento with the limited functionality is insufficient to meet your needs, as it only supports two custom option types: fixed and percentage. Hence, today, we’re here to get you through this issue by giving out the essential features – Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Pricing and Quantity!

Does Magento 2 Default Support Absolute Pricing and Quantity Additional for Product Custom Options?

The answer is No. By default, when customers order products with custom options, the number of custom options is similar to ordered products, then its price will be calculated according to the basic price by multiplying its price and ordered product quantity. This calculating approach appears to be ideal for some sorts of custom options, but this does not imply that it is appropriate for all types of custom options.

For example, you allow your customers to choose the delivery date via a product custom option, and it’s reasonable if they only have to pay this free without depending on quantity. Or in several cases, a purchaser orders 1 main product but he wants to attach many units of a custom option. Hence, the default Magento 2 can’t meet all customers’ requirements which are very multiform.

An Essential Tool to Add Absolute Price and Quantity to Custom Options in Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity extension help you solve the limitation mentioned above with ease. By installing this module, you can set the absolute price for a specific product option and attach a quantity box to each custom option. Hence, your customers will get more choices and flexible pricing calculations according to their needs.

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How Does Custom Options Absolute Price and Quantity Extension Work?

Firstly, let’s explore the settings of this module in the backend!

Backend Demo

  • Support applying the absolute price to all custom options types

Besides two default price type, (Fixed and Percent) of custom options, this extension including an additional type is Absolute for all input types of custom options that are supported by default Magento 2. The absolute price can be known as the one-off charge without depending on how many products you order.


Add absolute pricing to a custom option.

  • Attach a tooltip to custom options added absolute price

To alert customers about the custom options with absolute price, Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity extension allows you to edit note to be displayed on a tooltip along with the absolute pricing.

  • Add and manage quantity to custom options

You can add a box beside each custom option to let customers select the quantity as they want, which is a good opportunity to increase sales of your store.


Apply quantity box to every custom option.

  • Be able to set both absolute price and quantity for product custom options

Then, you can check how the useful functions work in the frontend:

Frontend Demo

  • Display product custom options with absolute pricing

The custom options with absolute price in the frontend.

  • Enable the quantity selection for custom options

The quantity box attached to each custom option

  • Calculate the price of custom options applied both absolute pricing and quantity
  • View the absolute price note and number of custom options attached products on the shopping cart

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Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity are one of the must-have extensions to improve default product custom options. After making it visual with Custom Option Image for Magento 2 extension and speeding up the creation with Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension, this module provides the flexible calculation at pricing and more satisfaction by allowing choosing the quantity for each custom option.

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