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BSSCommerce is always ready to tackle all problems and optimize customers’ site speed for a better user experience, which, in turn, brings more sales, conversion, and profit. One of the stark successful examples is our work with Café du Cycliste.


The results:


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About Café Du Cycliste, Their Industry, and Service


Café du Cycliste was founded in 2009 by Remi Clermont and Andre Stewart and was famous for high-quality technical cyclists’ apparel with a little bit of French twist. It is located in a traditional café in the port of Nice, with the address at 16 Quai des Docks, 06300, Nice.

The company offers lightweight clothes, focus on breathability, protection, and versatility, which is most suited for you to go through a long, active ride.

Not only that, but you can also purchase high-quality gifts such as water bottles and gears to bike, as well as book rental bikes for your trip, with various sizes to choose from.



Project Overview

Café Du Cycliste’s online store offers sports products and rental choices for cyclists internationally. They realized that their website wasn’t performing optimally, and was slower in comparison to their competitors in the industry.

To be more specific, when comparing the website score against a competitor also selling cyclist’s equipment, the score was lower for mobile and slightly low in some pages for the desktop version.


Pages Device Café Du Cycliste Competitor
Google Pagespeed Insights scores (With different pages on site) Home Page Mobile 18 28
Desktop 44 57
Category Page Mobile 22 19
Desktop 52 34
Product Page Mobile 17 17
Desktop 28 25



Café Du Cycliste reached out to us, as they require optimization solutions for their website, which could help deliver the text and image contents to customers faster and more efficiently.

Our Investigation and Planning Process

We have our developers investing time to check the site’s speed situation of Cafe Du Cycliste, and with what we have found, we’ve investigated the solution for these problems in speed that the customer’s site is facing. The website has a problem with both mobile and desktop speeds. Significantly, the mobile score is low when putting side by side with their competitors.


The reason for this is because their site is large but lacks optimization. Also, Magento is robust and flexible in function, but it’s a complicated system and would also be slightly slower in comparison with other ecommerce platforms.


After identifying the problem and coming up with the right solution, we sit down with our customers and consult about the possible solutions. When both parties have reached a decision on the next steps and how to speed optimization the site, we start implementing speed optimization.


We mapped out the plan to optimize speed on the customer’s site according to our client and us’ requests and discussion.



The Project’s Goal

Our client aims to increase the score of both mobile and desktop, and resolve some speed issues that are obvious on the site (javascript, unused modules, etc.) They are also concerned about the images and other media content which drags the site’s speed down.

Our solution

What we did for Café Du Cycliste:


  • Optimize Server
  • Optimize Back-end code
  • Optimize Front-end code
  • Updates and Further Supports


Due to the reliance on high-quality images, Café Du Cycliste would only be able to optimize their speed to an extent, but we did resolve some glaringly obvious issues such as unused modules, check and minify the JS/CSS/ HTML scripts and code on the frontend and backend, remove unnecessary scripts, etc.


From our study, we also noticed that some versions of components in our customer’s Magento store, and also the platform itself is not up-to-date, therefore we performed updates for the client’s store.


On the server’s side, we removed all unnecessary files that had been piled up which could hinder the store’s performance.  We also check to see if our client is using a good hosting provider, and if their hosting option could be affecting the speed.


Aside from the solution that we delivered to improve Café Du Cycliste’s performance, we’re also ready and willing to assist our client continuously, check the system if the client requests them, and fix speeding issues on the site.

The Results

After the optimization process, our customer has reviewed the results, and there are significant boosts in speed score on both mobile and desktop. Our client is very happy with their solution and the site’s results.


Page names Google Pagespeed Insight Score
Mobile Desktop
Home 56 85
Landing Page
36 81
Product Listing 42 75
Product Description 40 85







“BSSCommerce has full understanding of both Magento capabilities and e-commerce needs, which has been a big help for me during my website’s project. They are responsive to my requests, have reliable service along with excellent communication.”


BSS Professional Optimization To Ensure Your Site Is Speedy and Lag-Free!

A faster website means better SEO and ranking on Google Search Result, which would translate to larger conversions and sales. From the success story of Café Du Cycliste, we can ensure for you a professional and efficient optimization process for your website.


During the implementation, we will follow the roadmap which was agreed upon by our clients, and prioritize the speed, as well as the user-experience on site.

Our working process is clear and transparent for customers to follow, and our ISQBTs certified testers will make sure that your site runs smoothly and up to your expectations before going live.

With our 8+ years of experience in Magento website development, maintenance, and other related services, we can be sure to cover your Magento website’s requirements in website development, maintenance, code auditing, testing on demand and performance enhancements, etc.


VISIT US and bring your website performance to the level!

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