Successful Cross selling with Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2

5 Coolest Tips People Don’t Tell You About Magento 2 Cross-Selling

by Van Nguyen

Cross-selling is basically suggesting complementary items along with the product customers have decided to buy. This is a sale tactic that increases the average order value (AOV) and extends customer lifetime value if applied successfully. Here are some tips and a recommended tool to effectively integrate cross-selling tips for Magento 2 websites.

Five Elementary Tips to Cross-Sell You Need to Know


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1. Make sure the cross-sell products relevantly

Cross-selling is about benefiting both sellers and buyers. While buyers can save time by purchasing supplementary products at once, the seller can increase sales revenue.

As a seller, you should offer to cross-sell products that customers need. For example, suggesting a phone case for a person who buys a new phone is a smart cross-selling because that is what they need and are willing to buy.

2. Use a cross-selling message that sounds natural and personal

Customers are likely to pay attention to a message that speaks to them, so using an expression that sounds personal like “You may also like these” is better than “We recommend these.”

You will reveal a Magento you may also like an extension, later on, to help you to do so.

You want to make the additional purchase impulsive, not forcing them to buy more. Therefore, using social proof may seem old-fashioned but still very effective. For example: “Customers who bought this item also bought” by Amazon has been successfully used.


3. Don’t offer expensive items as cross-sell

If a customer buys a $100 swimsuit, it is sensible to suggest a $10 tower, but if the customer only buys a $10 tower, it doesn’t make sense to sell them a $100 swimsuit. You should only offer supplementary items that don’t cost more than 25% of the main product.

4. Wisely motivate the customer to accept the cross-sell items

To encourage customers to buy cross-sells products, you may need to apply other marketing incentives. You can use reward points, coupons, discounts or free shipping to make the cross-sell offers seem more appealing to shoppers.

Customers will surely be motivated to pay a bit more if they can earn additional benefits!

But most importantly, you should only cross-sell items that has a high value and can be beneficial for customers. Don’t just use cross-sell to clear out the stock because selling defective product only risks losing the customer.


5. Suitable cross-selling strategy depending on a page

If you notice at the checkout counter of the convenience store, there usually racks of the small item with low prices that customers can easily buy without much thought. This is also a cross-selling technique that can be applied for ecommerce.

You should only offer small items on the checkout page because customers have already had an idea of how much they will pay so small items are more reasonable. However, you can try a larger cross-sell offer on the product page when they still decide what to buy.

How to Cross-Sell Effectively for Your Magento 2 Websites

Magento provides several ways to promote your cross-sell items, but it is still limited.

READ MORE to know to find out the limitations of Magento related products.

Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2 is an effective tool to boost cross-sale by gently promoting items in an eye-catching slider. Different from Magento default, this module allows the customer to quickly add any product in Frequently Bought Together block to cart, and order multiple items or all items in this block to cart without loading new pages.


To access the frontend demo of our extension, click on the button below:


For example, when checking a particular product, the extension will suggest other items that are commonly bought with it.magento-2-frequently-bought-together

A customer can add multiple/all products in Frequently Bought Together block to cart at once. Thus, you can also call our extension as a Magento you may also like.


How Does Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2 Work?backend-demo-button

Frequently Bought Together includes an additional config on Product Edit Page just like related, cross-sell, up-sell product of Magento default.magento-2-frequently-bought-together-backend

The extension can track products commonly bought together from real orders in purchase history (Real Data method).magento-2-frequently-bought-together-general-settings

Admin can easily change set up and customize the design of the Frequently Bought Together block. The Frequently Bought Extension provides two custom designs to display the Frequently Bought Together list. You can either set it to show an integrated checkbox and quantity box, then customers can easily add them to the cart, and the chosen products will be previewed on the list.

The second style will display all frequently bought together products that you set on the slider, then your customer can choose multiple products to add to the cart all at once.

Cross-selling is a simple yet effective way to make the most out of customers who come to your site. Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize sales per customer!magento-2-Frequently-Bought-Together-extension


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