Top 7 Things to Brace Your E-Commerce Site for Black Friday

According to statistic obtained in 2015, Black Friday contributed 2.72$ billion to E-Commerce sales, in which $583 million of sales was comprised by online shopping on mobile phones. These figures are predicted to increase even more in this upcoming Black Friday on November 25th, 2016. Therefore, E-Commerce sites should be well-prepared for the massive flow of traffic this weekend. It is time to roll up your sleeves and go through the checklist of top 7 things to do brace your site for Black Friday.

Generate Social Advertisements

Social advertising is must-have for any marketing promotion so don’t miss out this excellent opportunity to let creative take the lead. Since you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on social ads, make the most of it! Spend your investment wiser and prepare well in advance with awesome banner ads, gorgeous graphics and visuals for your social marketing actions.

Test and Ensure Site Stability

In the hottest sale period of a year, your site will inevitably have to handle increasing requests, which can potentially lead to site crash. An enormous amount of traffic to the site is entirely predictable in this time of year. Therefore, it would be a sensible choice to start testing your site performance and make necessary improvement to ensure your site stability. Remember that, nearly 60% of customers choose not to come back for shopping due to website problems. (58%)

Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Black Friday email marketing campaign

Email marketing also plays a vital role in boosting sale for holiday season, and Black Friday won’t be an exception. Planning out ahead creative email marketing campaigns is the challenge that every business owners take, especially all the other competitors all run their campaign. You need to follow the procedure of planning, creating and scheduling email, but this time concentrating on content targeting. For example, an email announces Black Friday sale, then follow up a reminder of the sale and teaser for what the sale might have.

Think Mobile First

With almost half of the traffic to E-commerce site comes from mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets, you really should consider optimizing for online shopping on mobile. Last year sales have proved the growing tendency of mobile shopping for an E-commerce site with the astonishing statistic of $583 million in the total sale of 2.72$ billion on only Black Friday. Why are you still hesitant? Don’t give customers a good reason to leave early! You can start planning responsive design for your site and make it mobile-friendly now.

Offer Free Shipping/Free Giveaways

Black Friday promotion free shipping

Nothing drives quicker purchasing decision than free shipping, so why don’t you make use of it and turn it into your advantage? With many appealing offers in the holiday season, you may easily lose the potential customers to other competitors who are willing to ship goods for free. You can consider giving out free shipping with orders of more than $60 for example. Free stuff is things that no one can resist. Thus, it is easier than ever to give away inexpensive items for customers who are ready to pay more.

Create Offer Landing Page

Black Friday landing page

It would be a great idea to make a difference on Black Friday from other regular shopping days for customers with an eye-catching landing page just for this occasion. Consumers will expect more than a normal landing page which lists out all the best-selling product in the store. How about creating a landing page offering attractive deals? I bet you can promote higher CTA with deals targeting for individuals.

Target Current Customers

Holiday shopping brings out a great opportunity to get more sales from new buyers. Since the spending per person of current customers is much higher than new customers, it is advisable for businesses to exploit current customers instead of trying hard to acquire new ones. The simplest task to do is to design an email campaign to remind loyal customers to come to your site on Black Friday. This act can convince them to come back to the site and stimulate purchases more effectively than you think.

Good luck in executing a successful Black Friday promotion. Don’t forget to run through this checklist to best prepare for sale season!

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