Adored by millions of users, Odoo / OpenERP covers all of your business needs to run your store smoothly in the simplest way.


All-in-one application

No more complicated apps to integrate into your store, Odoo has specific Community apps to build and manage your ideal website easily from Sale Management, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, HR, Marketing, CRM, etc.


Open-source development model

An open-source environment lets numerous developers and business experts build an active ecosystem and even the highest community to share experience and support.


Easy to use

Odoo offers an intuitive and friendly interface so that accessing Odoo is available at any time, anywhere and on any device. The user's experience is built smoothly with the goal of ensuring seamless adoption.

Why Odoo ERP?










No matter where you're at in this journey, we'll always have a solution with our one-stop services of OpenERP / Odoo for developers.


Based on Odoo technology ecosystem, our Business Analyst with insightful input will map the optimal management system to match your requirements. During the Odoo consulting, our specialists will resolve any existing issues and shape the current operation to be more effective.


Everything you need is integrated in one place: Odoo POS, CRM, eCommerce, Accounting, Inventory,... We are committed to the highest security during development to protect your data and internal access at all cost. We will tailor the management system to suit your business needs.


Our Odoo experts are confident to develop Odoo apps / modules that are user-friendly and versatile product that works perfectly for everyone. Moreover, we treasure the highest compatibility of our module development to other Odoo apps to limit any arising risk to the website performance.


We offer an optimized UX/UI website design and the feature-rich website development to enhance the customer journey. With 9+ years of experience in eCommerce, we apply the latest technology to achieve an adaptable and scalable website that can grow exponentially with your business.


Let's create your own touch and feel design with our Odoo theme development service! We build frontend theme to boost your brand identity and backend theme to help your team navigate the system faster.


If you have a new idea to accelerate your store, we're here to help! We customize the features for a unique customer experience that will surely speak for your brand and optimize your business workflow.


We support you migrate / upgrade data to the latest version of Odoo while ensuring to keep your database safe and sound and avoid any serious harm of data loss. After the migration, we will accompany you through development, customization and integration for your new home.


Integrating Odoo ERP system with your existing eCommerce platform has never been easier. To deliver a unified management system within a store, we strive to implement the Odoo integration so smooth that there is no gap between different solution providers.


Our dedicated team will make sure your Odoo ERP system to perform at its peak all the time. We provide devoted support in a timely manner to resolve the issue with minimal consequences. We also notify the possible risks and propose solutions to mitigate the arising issues.


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Full support and maintenance

You never walk alone! Join us and you can get help from our team from beginning to end, whenever and wherever you want. Moreover, our team always serves you on time but the quality is always be ensured.

High-performing Odoo solutions

Odoo is a cost-effective solution thanks to the free Odoo Community version and all-in-one app platform. With our support, your Odoo ERP system will be full of functionalities that help you easily boost up sales and expand your business.

Strict data privacy

Your data/access will be protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Protecting the personal information of the customers is one of our top priorities.

More time for growth

Accompany BSS Commerce, you can focus on your core business activities. Leave the hard work for us and feel free to expand and boost your growth.

What you get


  • 1

    Email Sharing/ Calling

    We gather information by listening your ideas and requirements


  • 2

    Comprehensive Brief

    You send us a brief description of your ideas and requirements.


  • 3

    Checking and Consulting

    We do business analysis on technical review and consulting so that can give you the best solution.


  • 4

    Build the plan

    We complete extensive requirements document, system requirements and 3rd party involvement (if needed). Milestones and cost estimation are also mentioned.

  • 8

    Maintenance and Support

    We feel pleasured to support you every time, even when your site has launched.


  • 7

    Going live

    Only when your store adapts to our QA testing, it can be delivered to you.


  • 6


    Before delivering the results to your business, our testers will test your store carefully.


  • 5

    Technical Solution

    Your website will be taken care of by our experts with the best technical solutions




Known as a full-service agency such as B2B web development, Magento pwa development, shopify plus development.., we help you overcome difficulties and troubles at any time. What you need to build your Odoo store is all in our services.



With 9+ years of experience, our team can resolve all of your bottlenecks. Tell us your problems, leave the hard work for our specialists, and wait for the perfect result.



We do not offer the lowest price but the suitable cause we are confident in what we can do for your business.



We can adapt your requirements further than you ever thought possible. BSS Commerce always tries to seek the best solution to optimize your cost and even your time.



With passionate employees, we’re proud that we can update you with the latest technology trend and deliver you the best services. Moreover, communicating in English well helps us work with global clients effectively without hesitation.

Why choose Bss


  • What is Odoo?

    Odoo is a suite of open-source ERP business app that has more than 10,000 apps ready to use. Odoo also allows third-party apps integration. You can customize your unique Odoo store easily because of the clear interface.

  • Does BSS Commerce offer dedicated Odoo developers?

    Yes, we certainly do! Our developers, who have 9+ years of experience working with multiple platforms are always up to speed on the on-trend technology, such as Odoo. Share with us your requirements and we will make your dream come true.

  • Is it expensive to have an Odoo store?

    Odoo is known as a solution for both small and large companies. In BSS Commerce, we deliver all of the Odoo services you need to your Odoo store at a suitable cost. Contact us to discuss more detail then we can find out the best solution for your business!