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How Naipo Can Empower the Referral Program with BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty

Founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Naipo is a leading brand in at-home massagers, with 20+ retail locations and an online presence in Germany, France, and the UK. Naipo used BLOOP Reward & Referral for customer acquisition but faced challenges with product-specific discounts. BSS Commerce responded by developing a Custom Pricing rule feature, allowing 20 rules for specific customers and products, enhancing app performance. The solution met Naipo’s needs, with co-founder David Eberst praising BLOOP’s unique features and continuous growth.

Industry: Health
Location: Germany
Features used:
🔷 Referral Program (BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty)

🔎 About Naipo

Founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Naipo is considered one of the leading brands in the field of “at-home massagers.” As a market-leading technology, its mission is to provide an innovative massage therapy method that aligns with sustainable development goals. Besides 20+ retail locations globally, their eCommerce store is supported in three central countries: Germany, France, and the UK. With their continued commitment, they are honored to be awarded an iF Design Award 2020 and a Plus X Award 2021. 

💪 Challenge

The Naipo team wanted to utilize referral marketing to help accelerate customer acquisition and retention goals to new heights. After extensive research among referral Shopify Apps, the Naipo team used BLOOP Reward & Referral to optimize their capabilities and increase visibility into referral program performance.

BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty has helped the Naipo team engage their existing customers to promote the brand and leverage the number of new customers. 

However, problems arose when all BLOOP and other referral apps excluded certain products from the discount code. This was a bummer with the Naipo team when they offered products in different price ranges. They needed a feature to personalize discounts for specific products and customers.

💡 Solution

After receiving feedback from the Naipo team, we carefully considered this feature and tested it on all other referral apps on Shopify. However, Shopify’s feature to exclude one product from the discount code is unavailable. Therefore, we need more time to review with the team and develop the new feature as soon as possible. Based on Naipo team requirements, the BSS Commerce team updated a new Custom Pricing rule feature since it is compatible with all modules. Also, with the latest features, the Naipo team can create up to 20 rules and restrict the program to specific customers and products. We also gave a suitable solution to enhance the app’s performance: 

  • Make the new price show correctly after customers log in to all possible pages.
  • Setup the Login to see prices function so that customers cannot see prices and add to their cart without logging in
  • Suggest the Naipo team change settings in the app to approve manually. Guide how to set up email notifications for new sign-ups and the sender’s email and fix bugs related to the custom registration form. 
  • Suggest and guide how to set up and utilize the function Order Limit (set minimum quantity) and Quantity Increment (sell in a pack)

✅ Result

The result was delivered totally to satisfy the Naipo team’s expectations. When we asked for the experience when working with BSS Commerce on this project, David Eberst, co-founder of Naipo, updated their review: 

A well-made affiliate & referral program aligned with functional referral marketing solutions can be a killer secret for your business growth. BLOOP: Referral & Loyalty brings out the most outstanding features not included in another referral app. With a mindset of never stopping growing, the BLOOP team constantly researches and updates new features to improve it and deliver a high-quality product to our customers.

With 10+ years of experience, our company has been growing continuously in the Shopify ecosystem and has been certified as a Shopify Expert. We are happy to serve you at every step of the journey! Our Shopify Apps and Development Services should be your go-to choice to liven up your website and deliver a high-converting website.

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