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BSS B2B/Wholesale Solution

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BSS: B2B/Wholesale Solution

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Key features

Wholesale pricing, Custom pricing, Quantity break

Registration form for B2B/Wholesale accounts

Advanced features: Tax display, API integrations

Wholesale pricing, Custom pricing, Quantity break

Manage selling prices according to customers with Custom Pricing

  • Control your pricing for Wholesale/B2B customers
  • Differential Pricing with Markets and multiple currencies
  • Highly compatible with Shopify Markets, Checkout
  • Set up the Quantity break for Wholesale pricing
  • Set up Buy One Get One rules
  • Support multicurrency display

Registration form for B2B/Wholesale accounts

  • Verify and approve B2B customer registration requests more easily
  • Add more custom fields to validate business/company registration, such as VAT, GST, ABN, US EIN (Employer identification number), etc.
  • Drag and drop form fields seamlessly
  • Conditional Logic for display of different registration forms

Manage orders/customers better

  • Auto-add tags to customers or orders with multiple conditions
  • Add order notes for better follow-up
  • Apply tags in bulk based on previous orders or customers
  • Integrate with B2B registration form to apply custom fields to rules

Quantity Break/Discount management

  • Unlimited bulk discounts for quantity or amount.
  • The ability to exclude specific customer groups from promotions.
  • Discounts for multiple product variations
  • Set up BOGO rules

Advanced features such as Tax display, API integrations

  • Tax display price excluding tax or including tax
  • Set up tax display condition for guests/login customers
  • Tax exempt on the Cart page
  • API for Pricing
  • Import/Export Custom Pricing rules
  • Customize Shipping Rate, Extra Fees


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Custom prices for variants

Import/export CSV files

Other app integrations

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Public API

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