How do you benefit from B2B Customer Portal

Save time for B2B customer

Speeds up the ordering process with a lot of advanced features like quick order form, bundle kit, net terms.

Fully integrate with other app

B2B Portal work well with all Shopify themes and integrate with our B2B/Wholesale solution, B2B Login/ Lock & Hide Price.

Greate support

Receive a fast response whether you’re troubleshooting issues or looking for business advice. No time zone barrier.

Make B2B order process simple and drive sales fast

Shopify Quick Orders/ Bulk Orders

Shopify B2B Portal helps to save huge customers’ time browsing and adding products to their cart

Easily access to product catalog

Display specific products/ collections or all products on a Quick Order page. Show the Order form in the My Account Dashboard for quick access. Allow specific customers to use the Portal

Speed up bulk orders and checkout process

Allow B2B customers to add multiple products directly to their cart on Quick Order page at once. Easily checkout right from the Quick Order form

Shopify Bundle Kit

Increase your average order value and drive sales by offering bundle product kits with discount

Bundle by products and variants

Build a bundle with multiple products and variants, eliminate duplicated products & variants. For example, sell a Hamburger combo (1 Burger – size M, 1 French Fries – M, 1 Coca-Cola – M)

Track and sync quantity in real time

After a customer places an order, the bundle’s inventory levels and the bundled items sold in real time

Discount flexibly

Discount bundles by a percentage or by a fixed amount. If you want to sell the kit for specific customers/customer tags, you can consider using our B2B/Wholesale Solution

Shopify Net Terms/ Purchase Late

Let customers purchase and pay late in an amount of days. Freely choose customer & product conditions. Purchase late button at checkout.

Offer various net terms

Give certain customers the ability to create an unpaid order directly from their cart and pay within the time frame (e.g. Net15/30/45/60/90).

Manage easily

Automatically assign tag order to manage easily latter. Have a control of order net terms in one dashboards. Besides, the app is fully integrate with Shopify Purchase late feature

Speed up B2B orders with Shopify B2B/ Wholesale Portal

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Need more features for B2B/ Wholesale Portal?

If your Shopify B2B store requires additional functions to make the app work as you require, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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