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BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30

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Product Labels

BSS: B2B Portal, Quote, Net 30

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Key features

Support B2B purchase with Net Term, Quick Order, Re-order

Manage orders better with RFQ, Company Account, Sales Rep

Custom B2B portal
for your clients following your branding

Streamline B2B purchase with Net Term, Quick Order, Re-order

  • Allow B2B customers to pay later within the time frame.
  • Manage orders with options for NET 7, 15, 30, 60, and 90-day terms.
  • Enhance checkout with a customizable Thank You page and auto-tag orders.
  • Provide a detailed Shipping and Tax page for all customers

Quick Order Form for B2B Customer

  • Place orders quickly with a form embedded in the My Account dashboard.
  • Assign specific products to specific B2B customers.
  • Features an infinite product scroll for seamless product browsing.

Request For Quote – Close deal faster

  • Streamline sales processes with an unlimited number of quote requests.
  • Send notification emails to clients.
  • Allow hiding of pricing and standard purchase buttons.
  • Customize quote buttons.

Manage orders better with Company Account, Sales Rep

  • Create and manage company accounts.
  • Allows inviting and managing members or sharing orders within a company.
  • Manages an unlimited number of sales representative accounts.
  • Supports tagging of orders and customers to specific reps,
  • Support detailed sales rep reports and notification emails.

Re-order with ease. Save time for recurring B2B orders

  • Enables viewing and reordering from the last 60 days’ orders.
  • Customers can easily remove or update item quantities in their Reorder List.
  • Save time for quick repeat purchases.


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Save $60 a year

NET Terms 15/30/45/60/90

Auto Tags Order

Company Accounts

Bundle Kit


Request For Quote

Stock Synchronize




Save $120 a year

Advanced Plan+

Unlimited Sales Rep

Unlimited Request For Quote

Multi Product Variants

Private Support


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