Why Shopify Product Labels & Badges is best choice for your store?

Extremely Easy-To-Use

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a pro, BSS’s easy-to-use product labels app has the features you need to grow your business.

All Features Needed

It’s everything you need for a Shopify product labels app, flexible from just a nitty-gritty detail.

Label Customization

Make custom labels in any shape, size, or quantity you need. Upload your own artwork and add your own text, backgrounds.

Very Competitive Price

More for your money. It’s subtle and it’s essential. Engage your customers with a very low budget plan.

Drive sale and boost revenue in the most efficient way

10,000+ pre-designed labels & badges

Our built-in labels/ badges library with 10,000+ samples devided by topics such as Sales, Discount, Shipping Stickers, Out of stock, Boxing Days, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, X-mas Days, Few Left Badges, Halloween Stickers, Pre-order Badges, Trusted Badges, Vintage Badges, …

Custom labels/ badges design

Add custom-text labels

Create your simple text label with any size, content, font color, background color, … You can even set transparent background for your own label if you like.

Design labels with Label Editor

Our Label Editor works like a mini Photoshop, help you design a brand new label/ badge your own style.

Adjust dimensions of labels

Hold, drag & drop to adjust dimension of the label. Display labels in 9 pre-defined positions or Select unlimited position of labels (Depends on each pricing plan).

Set up priority & conditions for labels/badges

Display conditions

Show the labels on specific products, collections, or any pages based on conditions such as Product Tags and Products from Collections.
Show label on first product image or All product images on product page.

Country restriction condition (Geo IP)

Only displays the label when the IP accessing the website has the same country as the country ticked in the system.

Product stock conditions, product price range conditions

Set conditions for labels to display according to Inventory status (In-stock, Out-of-stock); Labels for available & sold-out products, discounted products.

Label visibility within a period condition

Set the label to appear or disappear within a specific time – for example, during your sale campaign, for NEW products, …

Exclude conditions

Exclude labels/ badges from appearing for specific Customers Tags, Product Tags, …

Premium features you don’t want to miss

Label per variant

Configure label on specific product’s variant. Label displays on selected variants on product pages, don’t display on unselected variants.

Show multiple labels at once

Show as many labels as you like on a product; use drag & drop tool to position label one by one.

Unlimited label’s position

With Platinum plan, place your label/ badge anywhere on your product image, not on 9 pre-defined positions like other plans.

Countdown timer for labels & badges

You can choose the variable {start} or {end} and the format of the timer, the label will display as a Countdown timer. This helps create a motivation to purchase quickly.

Polish your store, get attention and increase engagement

Shopify product labels capture customers’ short attention. Powerful app allows you to highlight what needs to be highlighted. Simply place your labels anywhere that catchs the eyes to reclaim the most engagement for your eCommerce business!

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